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  1. Sorry for the late reply. The 2400mhz ram can only be improved by upgrading the ram or trying to overclock it a bit if your motherboard supports it. It's not tragic though, it will work fine just with a bit fewer fps. If you're looking for the most value rather than new one I'd put another 8gb stick with the same specs and call it a day, having 16gb is more important than the speed. I was just pointing to the next logical upgrade in my opinion. As for gpu, 1660ti/super would be right on the money depending on prices in your area. The used market can be great value too if you're willing to go down that route, I can find 1080ti's for 300 bucks used. That power supply looks a bit sketchy though... No visible branding and no 80+ rating. 500w is fine if it has the necessary 6/8 pin power cables for the card you're getting, you can physically check that yourself, but if possible I'd change it. Can't really trust no brand Chinese power supplies, they carry a greater risk of burning up and taking the rest of your pc with them. If you decide to, I'd go with a 500w or so that is from a non sketchy brand and 80+ bronze at least. I have something like that and it's been serving me well for 5 years and counting. Just make sure it has the 6/8 pin cables you need, they differ from one gpu to another.
  2. You could just slap up to a mid range gpu in it and it should be pretty decent, 8400 is pretty good. 8gb is the bare minumum nowadays but still enough for many games. That would be the next thing to upgrade, 2400 is also pretty slow for ddr4
  3. Hi all. At my wits' end with this. Seems like I'm the only one having this problem, lots of people with kraken g12's and h100i v2's reporting success. Booting into windows and checking temps with gpuz shows 93-102 temps before it shuts off. Seems like the block isn't making contact with the die, but I tightened the bajeezus out of the screws and it's as flush as it will be. Only thing I can think of at this point is a dead pump (will test on cpu once new thermal paste arrives), though I can hear it, and the tubes being so stiff that they're pulling the block off the die. But then again no one else on the internet running a similar setup seems to have this problem. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks. PS pump makes a clicking/gurgling noise at startup for a while, I read that it's a common issue with h100i's and air pockets. Maybe it's broken idk anymore but even if it's running badly at least it's running, temps are so bad I'm leaning more towards bad block-die contact. PPS gtx 770
  4. Hello I have a gaming rig with a 4790k that I want to oc, but I've been reading conflicting things about whether slower ram will hold it back and I haven't found a thread specifically on this subject. I have a 2x8gb 1600mhz cl9 ddr3 kit. I can't provide results atm as I need to sort out the cooling first, but I'd like to know if faster ram will be on the shopping list before I pull the trigger on a new cpu cooler and delid. The 4790k doesn't have all that much oc potential as it is, so in order for it to be worth the effort and money I'd need to get rid of the ram bottleneck if there is one. I'm pretty nooby at this so it might seem like a stupid question, but it would be very helpful if I could get a straight answer from somebody once and for all some have said it doesn't matter, others that you have to oc the ram too as you oc the cpu, others that oc'ing haswell chips benefits from faster ram as opposed to other architectures... So yeah. Thanks
  5. Did you manage to track down the problem? I've been doing more research on it and it looks like cooling can actually influence stability at higher clocks. I don't get exactly how they are related, but this may be my problem as it overheats in a few seconds when oc'd even a bit. I'll try better thermal paste and reseating the block as it's currently rotated 90 degrees from how it should be based on the orientation of the logo. Could be that it's not covering the heat spreader properly and that's why it's not cooling as it should.
  6. Nice, 4.8 on a 4770k is pretty sweet. I read that's pretty much where they top out. Yeah I'm not entirely sure what the connection is, but I know you can get some pretty crazy oc's with sub zero cooling so I guess lower temps can improve stability? I'll try that, hopefully it works out. Cuz idk what else could be the problem. Thanks!
  7. Yeah pretty much, I fire up Intel burn test and it freezes momentarily a few times before it overheats and shuts down. I'm gonna do something about the cooling, either try a new thermal paste and re-sitting the block on the cpu or get a bigger aio. Tbh I want to go balls to the wall with delidding liquid metal and a 280 aio (max I can fit in my matx case), but I find it very strange that even with the auto oc option and plenty of voltage it's not stable even at +100mhz. I thought the ram was the issue but if you guys are saying it doesn't matter then I guess not. Could just be a bad chip, but I haven't heard of an unlocked cpu not even being able to take +100 on the clock speed. Really bummed out about it. Could better cooling actually improve stability?
  8. Thanks for the tips, I accept I'm a noob at this so it's really helpful yeah I'd like to do it manually, I have an auto oc option but that would take the satisfaction away and it's really generous with the voltage. Plus even that wasn't stable at 4.5.
  9. Right, the cooling is indeed a problem but only when oc'ing, which is why I wanted to clear things up with whether oc'ing the ram would help my cpu run more stable. At stock speeds it sits at max 65c under gaming load with no throttling so a new rad isn't worth it if I also have do dish out another 250 bucks for new ram as well. Can't afford it atm since I also need a new gpu : / thanks!
  10. A: It's working, I can hear it buzz slightly. B: I tried, but for some reason adjusting the fan curve in the corsair software doesn't work. I can only change the static speed. In any case I tried cranking them up to max and temp still reached 100c. I agree that's weird, it shouldn't be that bad. C: It's still got the pre-applied paste, haven't changed it since Jan 2015 when I built it. D: I don't remember exactly, but I started with normal and went all the way to the max safe rating for the 4790k and I still got freezes at 4.5ghz.
  11. Hello I'm getting my gaming pc back into action and want to overclock the cpu if possible. The issues I've had with this in the past were cooling and instability. Atm I have a corsair 120 rad which works fine at stock speeds, but the moment I try even a 100mhz oc and run a stress test it climbs to 100 degrees in a few seconds and the pc turns off. I can fix that with a bigger rad, but my other problem was that even in those few seconds I had to test the oc before the shut down I could see that it wasn't stable. Freezes galore. Increase the oc and windows won't boot. I read that slow ram can be a bottleneck when trying to oc the cpu. Atm a have 2x8gb of 1600mhz cl9 ddr3 ram. New ram is too big an investment for me atm, so I wanted to know if I can effectively oc my current ram to run at around 2100mhz which I read works well for oc'ing the cpu. I don't care about latency trade offs as based on my understanding I just need higher ram speeds. Applying xmp profile didn't work, it made the cpu oc even more unstable. Thanks a lot!