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  1. What do you reccomend for my system? Obviously upgrading my Psu
  2. I already bought another memory stick. I think in a couple of years i will build One from scratch. And i will follow your advice for the Psu. Thanks a lot! For the GPU i am a little concerned because i don't want to stress out my Cpu. But thanks a lot! For every advice!
  3. I found a rx 580 armor msi 8 GB OC Is It good for my system?
  4. What can you reccomend as PSU? and an rx 580 mai armor 8gb Is good?
  5. Yes i bought it only for work a couple of years ago but now i don' t have Money for a new One i wanted ti spend max 250 for a new card. I had only 8gb crucial and Yesterday arrived another one that i bought thinking It was good 2400 mhz for my old processor
  6. It Is not a dual channel? I have inside 2x8gb crucial
  7. I have Intel six core i5 7400 with B250M-HDV mother board 500W unknown Psu and 16gb crucial 2400 mhz 1TB Toshiba and 240 Gb Kingston Ssd
  8. Yes i tell you in a while.. The PC is my work PC . Because the thread of coronavirus i am restriced in my town and i work by laptop. I will collect the case in the afternoon and i will write you the psu.
  9. But that depends by the GPU tight? If i change the GPU i also resolve the 2400 hz issue?