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    PC(obviously) old and new, cars, music, gaming, weird stuff


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    Micro Star Internasional B350M Mortar
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    HyperX 8gb 2400
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    Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce x3 OC
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    InWin Mana 136
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    Kingston A400 1024000000000Bits (AKA:128gb)
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    Corsair TX550M
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    2x Dell 2208WFP @1680x1050
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    Compaq Internet keyboard 18-key Nordic layout
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    Razer Abyssus 2000
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    (Compaq) JBL Pro + (Dell) harman/kardon sub
  • Operating System
    Win10 H
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  1. for now the mx330-g is my favourite case. it has good airflow, good looks, PSU shroud, and room for a lot of drives, 2x3.5", 2x2.5", 1x5.25". There is only one problem with it; it does not have room for a big air cooler like the nh-d15 or dark rock pro 4. That's the only reason I'm hesitating on it. if anyone knows of a case with the same qualities but a bit wider let me know.
  2. and another thing, can you burn more files to a half full disc?
  3. Hi, I have an optical drive (i know its obsolete but its handy the 2 times I need it..) that I have two questions? problems? issues? with. the first is that it is mounted with a tool-less design and if I don't have a finger or something else pressing on the optical drive it vibrates moar than the fans on the mac pro g5 scream. the second question, I want to burn a DVD and give to a friend with a game on it but it only takes up half-ish of the DVD so if I could fill the rest up with mods for the game or something like that (this is hard to xplain ) is there a way to do that? any help and tips would be appreciated btw why is there not an (almost said subreddit but that is not what it is called on ltt.com btw you (yes you Mr Sebastian) should add ltt.com to redirect to linustechtips.com) for optical drives?
  4. Anyone knowing about some weird peripherals the world needs to know about, post it here you can also ask if some random image with a peripheral is actually for sale somewhere on the web, for example, I can ask if this product (see image)is for commercial sale anywhere Good luck fellow carbon-based living organisms!
  5. Not to hate, but have you seen linuses review of the samson meteor mic?
  6. If you like Movie music my uncle makes music that should/could be in movies
  7. it is from a movie called ready player one Recomended!
  8. Pc Specz: CPU: AMD R5-2400G Graphics: igpu (For so long...) RAM: 8gigas hyperX 2400 SSD: kingston A400 120gb Keybord: Compaq internet-keyboard 18-key (will only replace it, if it dies, i don't find the drivers for the fancykeys at the top or if i find a free mechanichal keyboard with fancykeys) Mouse: generic Dell mouse (does anyone know what it's called?) Monitor: 2x1680x1050 22" Dell monitors (2208WFPt) PSU: Corsair TX550M ODD: generic dvdrw cdrw with lightscribe, just for the gags... Headset: Koss Porta Pro Sound: (Compaq) JBL Pro + (Dell) harman/kardon sub hk695 Cooling: stock OS: Windows 10 upgrade path: moar RAM, g502, graphics card, wd blue 1tb, noctua nh-d15, stickers and high refresh rate monitor Pics:https://goo.gl/b5N6Au if i forgot anything ore you have any questions just ask