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  1. NameOfNoInterest

    Could 'They' Sue Me?

    Call it the 8th Ceiling
  2. NameOfNoInterest

    Flappy Doge

    I... I can't...
  3. NameOfNoInterest

    iPad 2 broken?

  4. Yeah it's troubleshooting and if you want to reply to somebody hit "quote" or mention them with @lecreuset or whatever their name is
  5. NameOfNoInterest

    Which R9 290X should I get?

    Yeah, I'm gonna go for a 290X especially with only $100 difference for 200 KH/s more (using 2 of them)
  6. NameOfNoInterest

    iPad 2 broken?

    I'll try that then
  7. NameOfNoInterest

    Rubik's cube

  8. NameOfNoInterest

    iPad 2 broken?

    Well the thing is if I back it up it'd over ride my phone.
  9. NameOfNoInterest

    iPad 2 broken?

    I haven't, but it isn't backed up to iCloud..
  10. NameOfNoInterest

    Which R9 290X should I get?

    Well that works I suppose
  11. NameOfNoInterest

    iPad 2 broken?

    It's on iOS 7.0.3 On the lockscreen it shows the App Store (as in minimized to delete the app from recently used) The App Store doesn't have any names or pictures for apps it's just completely white It won't power off. The power button doesn't do anything Other than the app store it only shows the background and the top (battery, servicer, and time) and it won't pull down It won't move in anyway It can't be unlocked since it can't move So, what the heck is wrong with it?
  12. NameOfNoInterest

    Which R9 290X should I get?

    Getting two Asus 290X is $100 more than two Gigabyte 290 (USD)
  13. NameOfNoInterest

    Which R9 290X should I get?

    To be honest it really doesn't