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  1. Hey. I know it's been a while but I'm having almost the same issue and I don't want to throw another thread at it. Here is a shortage of the situation : I've upgraded the case-fans with 3 Enermax TB RGB (and their controller) I'm operating on a MSI Z370 SLI PLUS, MSI Mystic Light compatible I have plugged the Enermax's controller to the M/B RGB 4-pins correctly and everything works fine ... but : I'm having troubles with the MSI Mystic Light software which doesn't discover the fans. When I set those fans to the "M/B" option with the included IR Remote they synchronize perfectly with the light-effect, but the color stays with a strong (and ugly imo) green, no matter what I do. It seems the fans' light-effect is considered as part of the mobo, but the colors stays independant. The only workaround I found is to focus on the remote-controlled colors and forget about the light-effects, which is a shame because the fans are advertised as MSI Mystic Light compatible. If somebody has experienced this issue or something similar and found a workaround or even a fix, I'll be pleased to hear about you Thanks !
  2. Just watched the video and wanted to overclock my monitor, but how do I know how much more Hz I can set ?
  3. So I'd definitely need 8 slots Or maybe I could mod the bracket ? Thanks
  4. I guess there's no way to make it work with a Wifi Card on one of the PCI-E slot ?
  5. Well if you want to use the same wireless headset with PC, Phone and tablet make sure it is bluetooth compatible before you purchase it. It is sadly not the case for all of them, most of them work only with a USB dongle
  6. Well I guess, but that's not handy Looks beautiful tho
  7. Holy crap it looks amazing, but how does it work for video output ? I mean, where do you connect your monitor(s) to the graphics card now ?
  8. Do you absolutely need wireless ? You could out the Arctis 7, it's pretty much the same as Arctis Pro minus a few improvements. FYI, HWC made a video on wireless headphones:
  9. I was thrilling to get the Corsair vertical mounting solution until I realised I need one of my 7 PCIE Slots for the Wifi/Bluetooth card (and I sadly really do need it), does anyone know if there's still a hope for me ? The card is kinda low-profile btw, if that's a bonus... ^^
  10. Thanks for the information I couldn't manage not to notice that you nerds know everything about memory, but how about cereals and milk uh ?
  11. Looks like I've got a lot to gather information about, thanks
  12. So that's the first thing I overlooked ! Thanks Thanks to you too Because I wanted a dual/quad-channel kit for specs, maybe I was wrong. Will definitely consider this too Now that it is clear, what would happen if I stick in a quad-channel kit ? Run it in dual-channel ?
  13. Hello everyone ! I recently built my very first own gaming rig and I am already planning on a Memory upgrade: from a lonely 8Gb G.Skill Aegis 2400MHz stick to anything faster and 16Gb, but when I went looking around for something with 4 sticks (since i've got a shiny MSI Z370 SLI PLUS motherboard) and then remembered that "multi-channel" thing, so I made my researches, scavaging dead forum threads and old Quora topics but I could'nt find anything to build my trust on, so I've got numerous questions, easy ones for you guys I'm pretty sure ! The tough ones: How faster is quad-channel than dual-channel ? Can I buy today a 16Gb dual-channel kit and in a few years buy the exact same 16Gb dual-channel kit, stuff it in my mobo and expect it to run nice and cool ? (That's the information I need) If yes, will it run in quad-channel ? If no, what are the hazards ? The less important ones: Why are premium 2x8Gb Trident Z RGB kits around the same price as usualy-non-premium HyperX Fury 4x4Gb kits ? Do you pour milk before or after cereals ? I've been following the youtube channel for quite a long time, and yes I have watched this video while doing researches, but this was in 2013 and since i've heard a lot of contradictory stuff I'm wondering if things haven't changed nowadays... That's why i'm confused and need this awesome community's advices !