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  1. So, I have a friend who is currently rocking a really cheap-o crappy headset, and is looking to buy a new one. He owns a Blue Yeti, but for some reason wants to get the Astro A40 headset. He says he is in a secluded environment, so I'm assuming open headphones would be best for him. In the $150 range, what open headphones would be good for him?
  2. Hello, my brother was looking at building a new computer for when he goes off to university, and I was wondering what parts would be preferable. He will be doing mostly programs like CAD and other 3d programs, as well as some light gaming. What is a good build for this scenario?
  3. Pros: Aesthetics of the site, no ads that I have come across Cons: No Android app, not much content available as of late
  4. Username: DirtyDan Favorite Videos: 1) https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj 2) https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  5. Ideally, I'd have 2: a K65 RGB with reds probably for gaming, as well as a typing keyboard - a full 104-key topre keyboard, like a type-heaven one. That would be pure bliss.
  6. Hm, I appear to have the same problem as you, but only in my right ear. My M50s have velour earpads, and they should be really comfortable, but in the back of the ear, after maybe 30 minutes, it just aches.
  7. Beetz by Dre. They givs yus the bestest base for the lowsst pricez!
  8. I'm looking for a good entry-level mechanical keyboard for around $75ish bucks, but I can possibly go up to $100 if needed. Brown switches would be very much preferred. I don't really care if it's tenkeyless or not. Backlighting would be fantastic. Thanks guys, BaconComputing
  9. You could attach a ModMic to them. Also AD700x's will pretty much guaranteed have better sound quality than the M50s and the HyperX Clouds.
  10. Se846 for 400 Euros??!! By all means get them. I have heard many reviews saying that they are "next level" and such. The noise isolation is pretty much absolute I have heard as well.
  11. If you want to save some money, you can get the Shure Se215.
  12. I.G.Y by Donald Fagen is a great test track.
  13. Why get a headset if you aren't going to use the mic? You will get much, much, better audio quality out of many real headphones than any crappy headsets. Sennheiser Hd518 get my vote.
  14. Guys, he gave a bad recommendation, just tell him what the audio sub does and blah blah blah. We don't need to insult people just because of this. Sheesh. And HyperX Cloud.