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    16GB DRR4 2133mhz
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    GTX 960m
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    512GB M.2 NVME SSD
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  1. I am in the market for a 360mm aio and I really like the looks of this one, but pretty much every review on Amazon says that the software support for the RGB fans absolutely sucks, but most of these reviews are from 2017. what is the state of Thermaltake software in 2019?
  2. there should be a 4 pin rgb connector on your motherboard, look in the manual to see where it is
  3. I have a hdd with an issue that I can't access my data, when I look in disk management it says there is a healthy "RAW" partition, I googled what that was and an article said it was when there was something wrong with the formatting, it said that a I could fix it with software, I found like a gazillion different applications for this, which should i use and how do I use it?
  4. thanks for replying, i'll see what I can do
  5. I once dropped a scissor I was using to cut cable ties on my mobo
  6. I am looking for an all black or all white desk than can support a 22in monitor, a 27in monitor and a pc in the fractal design meshify c mini + 2.1 audio + mouse and keyboard (of course) should have at least one drawer
  7. thanks for the help everyone, I honestly JUST built this desktop so I have absolutely 0 important files, I will try this sooner or later, if it works I will post it here
  8. so how do I get from here to there? (note that this is on my laptop, not my desktop)
  9. wait, so I have a partition with windows 10 on it, one with ubuntu, and one for a general file system? (i think this is wrong pls clarify)
  10. I'm a complete noob when it comes to linux, just trying it out for the first time, one last question, should i make another partition specifically for the linux file system or could I use the same partition for both the linux and windows 10 file systems? also, since I am doing it on the same drive, how will I be able to choose which os to boot into?
  11. that isn't terrible, but if you want to go cooler should buy an aftermarket cooler, btw this is very helpful for me to see what temps you get at different voltages because i'm planning a build with the 2400g, just waiting until the new b450 chipset i released
  12. does everything run cool at that voltage? and if not, and what cpu cooler are you using?