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  1. So I've a monitor that includes AMD FreeSync upto 75Ghz. So should I buy rx 560 for FreeSync or wait for Gtx 1050 3GB. Which one would be more future oriented and give better gaming experience? However I'm not a professional gamer, but I must want smooth gaming experience!!!
  2. My plan was to buy lg but recently, a few days earlier hp has released hp 22f which has amd FreeSync. So now it confused me which one should I buy. Lg or hp !!! Both look good on review but i want to pick the best one. Pros and cons: Both have amd FreeSync. hp has 300 units brightness, low blue light feature where lg has 250 units but it has black stabilizer feature. Hp has 6bit+ frc total of 8 bit where lg has 8bit. So which one should i pick.......
  3. It's updated ! The thing is sometimes my display become normal, rarely !
  4. I've not found any adaptor driver for this particular monitor on web besides I've lost the disc and not it night mood !
  5. I'm using Samsung SyncMaster SA100 for 4-5 years now and recently I'm having issue with my display. It becomes yellow. I disconnected my vga cable and again connected it after cleaning but didn't work though!!! ? Currently Using AMD 6670 gpu (vga port) What can be done to resolve this issue.. Thank you.
  6. Ok thanks a lot !! Though i was hoping if i could manage i would buy 1050 ti !! Let's see !!
  7. Can't return 1200 now. And over here 1050ti will cost me around $75 more. In that case I've to wait till price drop ?
  8. Full configuration? R3 1200, 8GB DDR4, psu 450W, what else?
  9. 1050ti has higher price in my country. It will cost me around $70 extra!! ? So what should I do ? Wait ?
  10. I bought a LG monitor which has the leverage of AMD FreeSync (40-75Hz). Now I'm willing to buy a GPU. Which one should I buy weather 1050ti or RX560 which will get FreeSync on my monitor. Note that I'm not a heavy gamer but i want my game playing smooth .... The gpu has to be near future game proved ! I play game on medium setting, 40-50 fps recommend !