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  1. I'm having very hard time to notice enemies on call of duty warzone. Graphics took time to load when I look far or while running . Also my graphics kinda laggy when I lock my fps (I've a 75hz monitor so I lock it 75 fps) where else unlimited fps give a bit smooth gameplay but low fps around 50 -60 . Recommend me any best graphics setting for such issues ! Thanks !
  2. I reinstalled whole gpu driver, now it's 43-45° using 38-40% gpu fan speed. Maximum 79° degree while playing rainbow six siege 96% usage, fan speed nearly 70-75%
  3. I use msi afterburner. As far as ik it's running correctly !
  4. It's around 31 degree in my room . Haven't check my max load gpu fan's speed !
  5. I do use Gigabyte GTX 1660 for last 2 weeks. My room temperature is high. On ideal my gpu has 50° degree temperature when gpu fan speed is 49% Maximum it got 79° degree on 96% gpu usage (on rainbow six siege) I'm really concern of my gpu fan and temperature. I Know if the temperature gets more than 80°c might be a issue but on ideal temperature it's too high. Is there any way to check if my gpu / gpu fans are fine or not !!!!
  6. On my ryzen 3 1200 i used 2400 mhz ram and while gaming it gets max of 52° temperature. But after installing 3200 mhz ram my cpu gets around 60°c temp . It is okay ?
  7. I'm in the same confusion. 3300x vs 2600. So what did you choose ?
  8. Yes I'm confused af ! For a ryzen 3 1200 (with a320 mobo) user which one should be better ? No plan to upgrade my cpu for next 2 years !!!! (until Q3 2022) I do play games but no video editing or rendering but want a cpu that would give me a smooth gaming experience for next 2 years ( I've a LG 75hz monitor/ gtx 1660 OC ) Tbh, as a 4C/4t user I'm confused to update for a 7nm 4C/8t. Shouldn't it be better to take 12nm 6C/12t for future !!! It's like core vs technology ! In my region 1600af is not available and 3300x is $15 cheaper than 260
  9. Ik this mobo is rubbish ! But no plan to update now ! Regarding gpu I'm not so pro on this stuffs !
  10. Heard in few games 2600 has better smoothness than 3300x !
  11. I updated the lastest bios few days back already. It's gigabyte a320 hd2 .
  12. I only play games. No editing or video rendering !
  13. I use bitFenix enso as casing , gpu: 1660 OC, and ryzen 3 1200 ; on idle mood my gpu run on 50° temp. (non AC room/ around 25-29 degree room temp) i use msi afterburner fan curve 40% and it reduces temp 50 to 46 degree. while gaming gpu temp increase around 75-79 degrees 80% usage. is it okay ? any recommendation on msi fan curve ? i have 1 intake and 2 exhaust fan. Another thing 2600 and 3300x have same price in my region. I do normal gaming (apex, R6, SOTTR, COD warzone) but want fast apps opening and all. Which one will be better ?
  14. 3600/ 3600x is expensive in my region. 3600 is around $80 expensive than 3300x and I'm in a tight budget !
  15. Ryzen 3 3300x or Ryzen 5 3500x ; Which one will be better ? Currently using 1300x with gtx 1660 ; Main purpose fps gaming (apex, R6, COD warzone) and few games like battlefield, Rise of the tomb raider, Metro .. ; I don't need the pc as workstation but I do multitasking while gaming.
  16. What about buying 3300x ?? it has same gaming performance as 3500x. 3600 is costly in my region, on the other hand 3300x is $27-30 less than 3500x / 2600x
  17. Yes resolution set to 100, and always it sets to 66 when I open the game.
  18. Thanks and personally wanted to try Aorus m2 !!!
  19. I use Logitech g203 but it has double click issue, already replaced it with warranty but new one has the same issue ! At moment wanna buy something cheap. Which one will be better A4tech bloody v3M Gigabyte Aorus M2 Corsair Harpoon I mostly play R6, Apex, COD warzone
  20. I recently bought gtx 1660, which i paired with ryzen 3 1200 @3.1ghz, 16GB 2400 mhz ram. In game i get 35-55 fps (all low/ 1080p, SMAA1X) On fight it drops more to 24-30fps !! Gpu temp: 61-65° Latest Nvidia driver. Latency: 130-170