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  1. DezGalbie

    Favourite MoBo Vendor

    I've only ever had MSI and Gigabyte motherboards. I have never sought out a specific brand, it has been price more than anything which has been the deciding factor, and they were simply the cheaper boards compared to the other manufacturers at the time in the places I was looking. Never bought a brand new motherboard either, I shopped second hand. Despite going for the cheapest (still working) second hand boards of the right socket and chipset I could find, I have never had any motherboard problems. Never had any problems overclocking either. Maybe I have just been lucky? Only ever having used boards from these two manufacturers, I'm not really in a good place to weigh up which is the best out of them all. Plus, like I say, I've had no issues in terms of functionality. But if I had to choose between these two then I would say MSI just edges it due to a generally slightly nicer aesthetic (according to my own personal tastes).
  2. The scenes rendered look to me like the kind of thing you would have seen in a mid-90s detective show when they did their one episode about a software engineer working on an "advanced" virtual reality system who got murdered for his code. Doesn't matter which show, they all did that episode at some point.
  3. DezGalbie

    Recommendations as to what I should do with this drive

    If it was me, and I genuinely had no other use for a SAS card and cable, then I would just sell the drive on to someone else. Unless I knew there was likely to be some really interesting stuff on there. But chances are it's been wiped anyway, right? A card and cable won't be super expensive, but probably won't be worth it anyway. You would likely get another 2 second hand 1tb SATA drives for that cost.
  4. Yeah, it won't accept question marks in a file directory. Replace them with something else like regular letters or words.
  5. DezGalbie

    Is a GTX1060 6gb still a valid card??

    I have a 1060 6gb and it's working just fine for me in everything I need it to do, but if I was in the market for a GPU I probably wouldn't buy another one. There seems to be better value elsewhere. Like maybe a 1660 ti.
  6. Is your home 0 degrees in temperature as well? Because if your home is a normal temperature (i.e. well above 0 degrees), and your GPU is 0 degrees, then your laptop will die from condensation buildup. In reality, your GPU is not 0 degrees. More than likely, your monitoring software simply reports a 0 when your GPU is not in use. This is not the same as your GPU being 0 degrees.
  7. So are you talking about temperature or power when you say that your GPU was 0 before? They are different things but you seem to have used them interchangeably here. Regardless of whether you have integrated graphics or not, your discrete GPU will not have been 0 degrees in temperature. It may have been using 0 watts of power though.
  8. I'm pretty sure it wasn't 0 degrees before. It would have been at least ambient room temperature, surely? And if it was doing anything at all, even the slightest bit of current passing through it, then it would be above ambient room temperature.
  9. DezGalbie

    Case upgrade

    The Q300L is a decent cheap case, but it's not tempered glass, is it? I think it's an acrylic side panel
  10. To be fair, he never said "get yourself a better consumer GPU". Just "get yourself a better GPU". You added the "consumer" part.
  11. Well, depending upon how many rips he has and what capacity they are in total, that may not be the cheapest option. It may not even be a feasible option at all (irrespective of cost).
  12. Isn't it amazing how you can make someone responsible for your mass murder simply by mentioning them before you carry it out? If the next guy who does something like this gives a pre-shoot shoutout to this nobody Andrew Todd then would that make him liable? I'm sure Andrew would change his stance on that somewhat.
  13. DezGalbie

    Motherboard screw problem

    I remember having a similar issue when I built my system last year. But it was just one of the screws. I eventually realised that I was using the wrong screw. The case I was building in came with mobo screws, PSU screws, and HDD screws (to affix HDDs into drive cages etc). I was using an HDD screw in error.
  14. DezGalbie

    Possible dumb mistake?

    These are two very similar boards. If it was me, I would just build with the board I have instead of returning it. Unless there is some feature which the MSI board has and the Gigabyte doesn't which you desperately need.