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    Intel i7-2600k @ 3,8 GHz || HD6950 2GB || 16GB Vengeance @ 1600 MHz
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    Student at the university of Halle (Saale), Germany

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  1. Yeah right .. crap: http://www.giga.de/wp-content/gallery/crysis3-field-screens/crysis_3_-_explosions_beneath_the_liberty_dome.jpg
  2. GTX560TI Kudan by COLORFUL. Front: Back: With additional heatsinks:
  3. If you already have two different drives you wouldn't even need a dedicated one for fraps. Als long as the game is installed on the ssd, you can record to the 1TB hard drive without any problem. But if you want to spend the money, go with practically every hard drive you want. You can search for HDD rankings on google (depending on the country you live in, makes shopping easier) and look for a good one in your budget. Nothing special to look for.
  4. My favourite GPU is the Radeon HD 6950, because when i got it, it had the best price/performance ratio. 200€/270$ for a gpu that powerful (BF3 on ultra with smooth fps) is just awesome.
  5. As long as you're using a quite regular HDD (read/write over 100MB/sec) there is no problem recording with fraps. Just make sure that the game isn't installed on the same drive you are recording to, that means that you need atleast two drives in your computer.
  6. Hey there, i'm planning on buying two 3TB HDD's for a raid 0 array because i'm working with big movie files and need to speed things up a bit. I've read that raid slows down the access time of the drives but don't really know to what extend this is even noticable. So know i'm struggling on getting seagate barracuda's, because they already have slow access times. Should i go for other drives with better access times or is the difference ignorable? Greetz
  7. I have the Sandisk Extreme Drive and it is incredible! I got the 64GB version in early January for 62€. Instead of writing stuff about it, i'll let the numbers do the talking. AS_SSD-Benchmark goes first: ~165MB/sec - copying a movie file from my SSD to the Flash-Drive: ~150MB/sec - copying League of Legends from my SSD to the Flash Drive: The drive get's recognized immediately on every device i've used it on so far and as i can say is very reliable. On my laptop i play LoL off of the USB-Stick because it is faster than the 5400rpm hdd and the game loads up to two times faster now! As i already said: I'm truly impressied by this drive and Sandisk doesn't even lie with their numbers. As you can see in the benchmark it nearly reaches the 190MB/sec advertised. Greetz
  8. Needed a username for BF3 that sounded manly and stronk. :P bravest, thebravest and bravest1337 were already taken so i went with the number. brav3st.
  9. I also made the mistake to start doing computer stuff for my friends and family. Everyone i've ever helped now thinks that i'm their personal support guy for everything. My top 5: 5) Friend bought a SSD and installed it (he's not that of a noob). Still asked me why it wasn't reading with 450MB/s as promised, so i asked him if he used the fast sata-port on his board (labeled blue). He told me that he used the blue one, so i drove over to him, just to see that be had his HDD in the fast port and his SSD in the slow one. 4) My mother told me that she wants a new computer, so i asked her if i should build her one. She said no and went to "Saturn" (like best-buy but in germany) and got a complete system there. She payed about 800$ for a system with an i3, a gtx 540, 4 gigs of ram and 500 gigs of harddrive space.... 3) A friend of mine made a steam account with a fake e-mail-adress. After buying 3 games with his pay-pal-account for ~120$ he restarted his computer, just to realize that he couldn't play the games because his mail was fake and he couldn't get into his steam-account anymore. 2) After i built a computer for a friend of mine, he started complaining about the system bluescreening all the time. While checking his rig, i realized that he had removed the cpu-cooler (out of curiousity) and cleaned off the thermal paste because he thought it was dirty. So obviously his cpu got too hot and made his pc crash every time he booted up. Because he tried to boot up his system uncountable times, his 300$ i7 was broken too. Good job on that. 1) My ex-girlfriend got a macbook pro. She turned it on for the first time and played around a while, after about 10 minutes she asked me where the Internet Explorer is because she wanted to surf the interwebz. I lol'd.
  10. I'm not using vsync in most of my games because so the fps in special situations go down from 110 to 100 instead of 60 to 50. In League of Legends i set my Framerate to "high" what means about 120-125 fps. Doesn't load my gpu too much and i don't notice framedrops in big fights. In BF3 my fps are around 45 anyway so vsync wouldn't do a thing for me. It's under 60 fps yeah, but i want to go all ultra just for happyness. :D
  11. My PC heats up my room from 20°C/68°F to 23°C/74°F over the time of a whole day. Overclock is only at 3,8GHz with an i7-2600k.