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  1. Hi... you have an rgb headder... its12V im using the add header.. this one is 5V.... you will need a 12V to 5V converter maybe.... if it's strong enaugh to hande the current....
  2. Yes... the LED limit is quickly there... so the arduino option is not bad! my motherboard has yust 1 ADD header... but the Maximus has 2... so you are good to go with 240 LED's i'm happy that i could help....
  3. BTW.... Nice rig So... First you need Aura Addressable Strip Header(s) (ADD Header) Search for them! They must have the same pins as mine.. 5V, data, Ground - Scroll up to see how they look on my MoBo Then..... Disconnect the 3 pin Cable from the Commander PRO that goes to the RGB hub ( I used the cable that goes to the small remote from the fan controller... ).... and Connect just the middle pin from the cable to the MoBo "ADD Connector" Data pin!!! You only need this one to work the lighting wit Aura Sinc. The RGB Hub has room for just 6 LED Fans.... so maybe get some connectors and Splitters, or buy a second RGB hub to connect the remaining Fan LED's... Parallel Solder the wire for the Data pin on the ADD connector and Cable to work with more Fan LED's and maybe 2 RGB Hub's....( IF YOU GOT MORE ADD HEADERS!!! USE THEM INSTEAD ). But the Fans LED's probably wont work for them selves... because they get parallel signals... and will be the same color and Effect as the other parallel Fan ( in the case you got only 1 ADD header.... maybe this wont happen if you got more than 1 ADD header on your motherboard. i do not know that... because my computer has 5 Fans... and 1 ADD connector. Maybe you can connect the FAN POWER cables to the Splitter of the Kraken cables... you can connect 4 fans on that... the rest connect to the motherboard Fan Headers (Case Fan connectors) and ditch the Commander Pro....... Keep us Posted
  4. Hi... the pump is already runing of the CPU fan header... and al the fans are going thru fan headers on the MoBo... not the Kraken prowidet splitter... so the speeds can be controled from Bios or Fan xpert4 it's just the lighting from the pump.... thers little i formation if the LED-s are 12 or 5V hitch pinns from the pump are going for the lighting.... thats a big one now maybee il try
  5. A little old post... i hope you guss see thaht... there are 2 ways you can "tacckle" this Go to this topic.... on this page ""Syncing RGB fans / individually addressable LED strip with MBO RGB headers""
  6. Sooo...... project completed.... first... Computer specifications: Intel core i7-8700k (OC to 4,8GHz) Asus strix 1080 OC G.skill trident z RGB 2X8 GB (3200MHz) Asus Z370 F-gaming Samsung 960 PRO 512GB, 960 EVO 1TB Corsair RM850X white Fractial design meshify C TG Noctua NH D15 + Noctua Case fans 4x120-2x140 (NF-F12, NF-A15) Them the RGB "update" CPU Cooling swaped to NZXT Kraken X52 Radiator and Case Fans swaped to Corsair HD 3x120-2x140 All Fans were connected to the RGB Hub, and the Hub remote was dissasembled and the cable is used to connect the Hub to the motherboard ADD header (the ADD connector Data pin -works with the HD fan LED-s) So all lighting (except the NZXT pump ring and logo) can be synced thru Asus Aura And it works like a dream (except the NZXT Cam software- that suchs.... -..- ) Cheers
  7. Ok.... good news for my project.... so the GND is provided thru the Sata connector.... Data pin in the middle to the Data pin on the MoBo... what's with the 5V?? Is it needed?? Or is it yust for the small remote to get power (corsair remote for speed color,... of the fans) i disasembled the thing... to get the cable and original connector for the RGB splitter... and soldered a RGB connector to connect easy to the MoBo... i'm doing all the mechanical stuff in work.... beacause at home i don't have the tools for that.... I will try i't at home... and keep you posted if someboddy wants to se the result later...
  8. HI.... i'm looking forward to do a similar thing... I'm using a ROG Strix Z370 F motherboard... and all lighting in the computer is on Aura Sinc I want to add Corsair HD Fans to light up the computer more. My idea is this.. Corsair HD120 (140) fans got the LED WS2812 type, so the LED's are 5V!!! "directly" i can't use a RGB header because it's 12V... But the Motherboard has also a 4-1 pin ADD_HEADER - Addressable RGB header with 5V output.... Sooo... is this pin usable for controlling the RGB from the Fans thru Aura ??? That would be a great solution for me if the pin outputs work with the LED's! So the Corsair commander or whatever could be ditched.