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  1. 1. does anyone sell it? (converter 12v to 5v) or have to custom it? 2. hows about this picture? corsair fan ll operating voltage 7v-13.2v btw thank you for responded my message @miha929 appreciated it
  2. i already read this post, it work, but looks like my board rgb header have a diffrent volt
  3. excuse me, i'm new here, i want to ask how to sync all my items? maybe some1 can help me asus - corsair - steelseries ? my specs: Intel i3 8350k Asus strix b360f Corsair vengeance rgb 2x8gb 2666mhz & lpx 2x4gb 2666mhz Asus strix 1050ti Corsair h100i v2 Corsair mp500 240gb Corsair le200 120gb Corsair ll120 rgb triple pack (2pcs) Corsair rm650x Corsair crystal 460x pheriperals: Steelseries sensei 310 Steelseries apex m750 Steelseries artic 5 dota2 edition Steelseries qck prism tha