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  1. I dont use tradizionale legos, i mean Lego technic
  2. I am building a Lego PC case, Just asking if there's any risk of Fire and/or melting
  3. Question: can i do the third step with the sodimms?
  4. it does not work. i will create a new discussion to address the fix that i found. you seem pretty smart on mobo & memory, so please, go read it
  5. sooo... after the third part i thinked a lot and finally bought GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-S2P Rev 1.3, and it seems that will work. i have a question tho. on the info page it shows memory supports,http://download.gigabyte.eu/FileList/Memory/mb_memory_ga-g41mt-s2p.pdf, that both double and single sided, with a frequency from 2200 to 1333 that auto-downclocks to 1066, and 1066 to 800 that will work without problems. the problem is tho, i have 1066 double sided SODIMMS modules, and SODIMM to DIMM adapters. i want to ask if it will work or i am doing something wrong. thanks ps the mobo hasn't arrived, but when it does, i will try to connect all the shit togheter and press the switch.
  6. Corsair CM3X8GSDKIT1066 this SHOULD NOT be single, since has 8 chips for 4 gb sdick. sooo, going to use that one
  7. Intel Core II Duo E8400 is a stupid processor. that's why i ate it

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    2. TheAlePower2
    3. LukeSavenije


      i guess it is the mobos pcb that's the problem... guess that's why it's so cheap, because it is

    4. TheAlePower2


      well, i am buying 2x4 DDR3 SOdimms, 1066 mhz, and i hope it werks

  8. stupid china, you invented plagiarism and hentais (no wait that was japan) apart from jokes, i am sick of that. so i will go in pcpartpicker + ebay and find some crap.
  9. strange enought, my 1666mhz sodimm ddr3 dont work with a mobo with same chipset, that is also unbranded. i tested it, all lights are working but no display output or usb power. tested, cleared cmos, tried to change jumper positions, nothing those that i have are two-sided, so nothing should block me. buuuuuuut not working.
  10. This is part 3 of a discussion started on tomsharware, and i hope that is the last. Sooooo, i want to buy a new mobo for mah IC2D E8400, a Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0. And here is the riddle, two choiches, only one, or two is correct. i use THIS PDF as reference I have lying around two SODIMM DDR3 1600 GHz Ram, but is not supported, so i wasted two sodimm to dimm adapters. I have the option to buy it + DDR3 1333, but on the pdf it says "Supports DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800" and that OC, i dont understand what is. i want to know if i can poot a ddr3 1333 on it, or i should go with a 1066 or 800. or i have the option to discard mobo+ processor and build new shit. forgot to say that i need a 3ghz processor, as TF2 does not demand for my 1030. thanks
  11. Still laughting for the frog video, taran cant speak italian. "Baci Perugina" has become "bachi..."

    1. TheAlePower2


      Also i speak italian so not saying shit

  12. I have a "cheap" build, and i want to know if there is bottleneck. Cooler:GOLDEN FIELD Illuminazione Ray Intel versione dissipatore di calore e ventola a basso rumore blu Halo LED per raffreddamento ad aria CPU radiatore Psu:Tecnoware FAL505FS12B Alimentatore interno per computer da 500W [Italia] Cpu:Intel Core ® ™2 Duo Processor E8400 (6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) 3.00GHz 6MB L2 processore Graphics card:Palit GeForce GT 1030 2 GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Low Profile scheda grafica – nero Mobo:Dailyinshop CPU G41 Computer Desktop della Scheda Madre LGA 775 DDR3 Supporto Dual Core Quad Core ram:2x4 SODDR3 sorry for my bad english, i am italian