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  1. Best GPU for my build?

    If I decide to save up to buy a new PSU as well with the GPU, if I want to go for futureproofing, what PSU wattage range should I get? At least so I have a general ballpark, what kind of PSU (tier 1/2 gold, fully modular) wattage should I get if I want my future build to be on the high end like current say I7-8700k @5Ghz, single OC'd 1080ti, 1 sata ssd, 2 ddr4 RAM modules? I am for certain not going to ever go for SLI as well as no full custom water cooling loop (at the most I would think of getting AIOs and even then it is likely I won't). Would high quality PSU be sufficient with 650W rating, or for double OC'd build like that I should get 750W one?
  2. Best GPU for my build?

    That's what I was kind of looking at myself, the 1060 6GB version and RX580. However while I am pretty sure even my PSU can handle 1060, I am not so sure about RX580?
  3. Best GPU for my build?

    Hello, I planned on getting a whole new system before the end of the year, but things happened and I won't have nearly as much money as I would like, so for now I am putting the new build further in the future (like 2 years+). However while the computer as a whole is still going strong and I am happy with it, I am starting to hit serious bottlenecking for my usage with my current GPU (GTX 760 2GB) such as being limited to 120 hz on my 144 hz monitor or not being able to handle 4k@60hz with 4:4:4 sampling on my TV etc. and so I want to at least get the best possible GPU as an upgrade for my current setup which is as follows: Bought in 2013 by the way. CoolerMaster Silencio Case Enermax Naxn ENP500AGT 500W PSU ASUS Z87-PLUS Mobo Intel i7-4770 CPU with aftermarket cooler (Btw yes, that is non k version on z series motherboard, I was stupid back then) Kingston HyperX Blu 2x8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM Kingston 250 GB SATA3 SSD GTX 760 2GB GPU With these parts and no overclocking of the new GPU in mind, what is the best possible GPU I could get as an upgrade? My main concern is of course the not very good PSU and I am still kind of lost as in counting the max watt my system can use. I tried few calculators sure, but I know everyone here and everywhere else is always saying, that these calculations are absurdly overestimated, often as much as twice as high, so I am not really sure. That's why I am asking you guys, since many of you have tons of experience and can ballpark this pretty easily. Also one more thing to perhaps consider, my 144Hz monitor supports freesync so switching to the red team sounds pretty good, but then again, AMD GPUs are even more power hungry than Nvidia's so I am not too sure. Thank you beforehand for all advice on this.
  4. Show off your setup!

    Updated station:
  5. Show off your latest purchase!

    Since it is late here in Europe and my phone's camera is at best sub-par, I apologize for not actually taking a photo, but just today I bought a new desk. http://www.arozzi.se/product/arena-gaming-desk-black/ And in the first few hours I have spent with it, I am extremely happy with the purchase. The desk replaced my somewhat common Linnmon and Alexa IKEA setup, which was absolutely awesome, for the price. But I just wanted to go to a higher level with my desk setup. And since my whole setup is and was red and black for many years now, it fits awesomely. Not to mention that I simply cannot get enough of that full desktop mousepad, feels great! And while it is somewhat adjustable in height (manually, that is), I eventually plan to (not this year to say at least) replace the legs with some brand electrically adjustable height legs and replace the originals with them, since I do enjoy standing in front of my PC every now and then.
  6. Can I wash my mouse pad?

    So is it fine then, to put it in washer is it's the cloth + flexible plastic or whatever is that anti sliding layer?
  7. Two different monitors?

    Hello, I plan on eventually getting a widescreen as my main screen and using my current 16:9 as a secondary. Now the question I have is that my current screen has freesync but I do plan on getting G-sync widescreen since I am and will be using nvidia's. Will there be any problems with using g-sync on the supported monitor, while the other one has a freesync and thus no sync with nvidia at all?
  8. Best freesynce 1440p monitor?

    C32HG70 from Samsung is really great, I had one for half a year by now and I cannot praise it enough. Beautiful colors, very decent blacks (VA panel), good viewing angles as well. It is 1440p 144hz freesync curved QLED 32".
  9. Logitech G560

    Anyone has a first hand experience with these? Of course, I get that they have some premium price added for the RGB and RGB software, but how well do they fare in actual audio when compared to similarly priced speakers? The reviews I have read about them all say that they sound really good, so as long as I don't mind the premium price tag for RGB (don't judge pl0x), are they good? Mind you I will be upgrading from Genius SW-G2.1 1250 which are really good considering their price point, but they are definitely lacking.
  10. Show off your setup!

    So today I finally gave in and got myself an RGB LED strip for the back of my desk and I must admit, that I do love it! Specs: Samsung c32hg70 Logi Master MX2 Genius SW-G2.1 1250 ROG XXL mouse pad ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel i7-4770 GTX760 2GB 2x8GB DDR3 1666MHZ RAM Kingston 256GB SSD INB4 yes, I know the build is stupid. Weak GPU to strong CPU, that's not K variant on Z series board. Facepalm. Rookie mistakes. Next build will be much more balanced. Sorry for the bad photo quality, but my phone's camera is not good :<
  11. Any caveats with PC to TV?

    So, thanks for all the info guys. Since noone mentioned anything about GPU or overall system load, am I to take it that as long as it is pure movie watching or streaming, it basically does not matter what GPU I use?
  12. Any caveats with PC to TV?

    If I do not mind paying for active repeaters, is there any problem with cable length?
  13. Any caveats with PC to TV?

    Oh I totally knew I forgot about mentioning something important at the opening post. I am NOT planning on playing on the TV at all. It will be meant purely for media consumption. And even if I do game on it sometime, I am NOT playing actions games on it, only RPGs and RTS. For action gaming, I would 100% of time use my 144hz monitor. The thing I have sitting in my mind is that since using PC2TV is basically TV acting as a monitor, I suppose it does impose a serious load on GPU, does it not?
  14. One drive or more?

    Hello, so I am almost set on using only one SSD in my new build but before I go all out on this, I want to clarify something. I will be honest, even with the most quiet of HDDs I can still occasionally hear them spin and click when under heavy load, which is truly annoying to me, that and the speed of them is basically what got me into thinking about single SSD at all. I have read some posts and articles saying that having two discs is superior to one, with no proper explanation why and no proper comparison about one vs two and more. I mean, I know that if I run both OS and everything else out of one disc, obviously the OS is always taking a bit of the read and write speeds for itself, thus the speeds for the rest of the applications will be cut down by that. But is having two discs, one dedicated to OS, one to everything else going to really matter? As far as I would guess, there is also some latency etc. for "talking" between more physical units to be accounted as well. To also clarify something, I am only considering this on standard SATA3 SSDs, no NVMe. And I do have one SSD from my old rig, that could serve as the purely OS disc, so other than cable management and some minor heat, there would be no downside added for having 1 vs 2 SSDs in my new rig. Also before anyone mentions this, I find 1TB SSDs extremely affordable and for stuff like long term backup of both the Windows bit copy, photos and all the important data, I still will be occasionally manually backing them up on external 2TB HDD that I already have.
  15. Any caveats with PC to TV?

    So, I am planning on eventually buying a TV (at least 55 inch, though that does not really matter as far as I know) at 4k, HDR would be welcomed but I certainly won't need it for my normal use, that I am NOT going to watch any channels on (I do not even pay for cable or sattelite TV, in fact, I haven't for years lol) and I 99.9% won't be buying a blu-rays to watch. The TV would basically be my "big monitor" for watching movies I borrow from online sources, for my own videos and for streaming services like Netflix, Crunchyroll etc. Are there actually any caveats that I am not possibly thinking about for this kind of usage for PC2TV? The TV would need at least 10 meter long cable going from my GPU too.