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  1. Ergroilnin

    is va really that bad

    I personally have Samsung C32HG70, which is 1440p 32" 144hz QLED VA panel and I couldn't be happier with it. Zero BLB, great blacks only beaten by OLED, vibrant colors, viewing angles are totally fine and I don't feel ghosting or input lag much at all. Sure TN panels are way faster and IPS panels have even better viewing angles and better color accuracy so it obviously depends on the intendent usage but there is nothing wrong with going high end VA.
  2. Ergroilnin

    How to decide on game to play

    So lately I have been having problems when trying to choose a game to play. It's not that I am burnt out on gaming. There are tons of games I want to play from different genres etc. and I simply cannot decide on what to play, so I just don't and instead watch cat videos on YT... It feels like when you open your wardrobe and say that you do not have anything to wear/cannot decided between this or that t-shirt so instead you just stay clothed as you are. If that makes any sesne. How do you guys choose what to play and how do you go about it? Do you simlutaneously play multiple games or do you only install one or two and only after finishing them you move on to the next?
  3. "Hello Mr. data recovery company, what is your usual fee for salvaging data from ant infested HDDs?"
  4. Ergroilnin

    Are dead pixels the opposite of rare?

    I am also from Czech republic and I'd say you just got shit luck there. I don't think it's really a problem with Alza as such. Just for info, I bought discounted (new) LG 65" OLED TV (yeah I know, it's a TV, but screen is a screen) from Alza like half a year ago and it was fine.
  5. Ergroilnin

    Possible OC damage?

    Hi, so I tried OCing my Zotax AMP 1060 6gb with MSI afterburner and I got to stable +150 core and +500 memory when the core voltage and power limits are maxed. The temperatures do not reach over 65C even when on 100% load, there is no stuttering or anything but in my 12 hours testing, I noticed white artifacts twice while playing Portal 2 on two small platforms, nowhere else yet though. IIRC artifacts come from somewhat unstable memory OC right? Is there a possibility of harming the GPU in the long term with otherwise stable OC or is it fine? I do not know just how much artifacting I'll be getting in other games (furmark preset 1440p on 144hz monitor was 100% fine) but as long as there is no risk of damaging the card and the artifacting would be as sparse as it is right now, I would be happy to keep the OC just as it is.
  6. Ergroilnin

    Experiences with non-techies

    Is one of the builders from Verge?
  7. Ergroilnin

    What is this. PCIe to hdmi

    I'll take 3.
  8. Ergroilnin

    Your Faults that You Aren't Afraid to Admit?

    I have tons of faults and while there are some I won't admit to anyone (that tbh do not really matter all that much, it's just my own personal look on them), there are some that I will (that do affect my daily life), like: Having an incredibly low willpower (this is actually the thing I hate about myself the most by far.). I have really low self esteem but at the same time I am arrogant (which doesn't even make sense, but that's the way I am) While I am 25 yo guy, it does not stop me from being very afraid of spooky things such as ghosts, abandoned places, very dark places, seemingly eerie sounds in the middle of the night etc. I do occasionally enjoy horrors and I'm not afraid during them, but good lord, the next night after watching is harsh. Being by far the worst singer I have ever met. Seriously half the time I have to cringe at myself when I realize how I sound while singing even when completely alone, knowing noone else could possibly hear me. (still doesn't stop me from enjoying singing when alone lol). I cannot dance for sh!t (but get me drunk and idgaf). Even though I am not exactly afraid to admit it, I feel really bad about the fact that I am bad at managing my finances (not to the point that I'd ever have problems with paying off the basic living expenses or debts, but still...). I don't really care about lots of social aspects of life. As a guy, I absolutely do not care about cars and sports. Seriously the only car I ever had is now 12 yo (had it for like 7 years now and from those 7 years it took me like 3 years to remember the exact type, engine etc.) and the last sports match I watched was in 2001. Not kidding. (though tbh, that is not really a fault, it is just somewhat expected of men to be interested in these two things even if they are by far no enthusiasts). Pretty sure I could go on and on. The nice thing about getting older is that I do not really feel bad about most of my faults anymore, they are simply part of who I am and I am fine with that. The only thing I'd love to change would be my low willpower, but I have been fighting that for my whole life and it is neverending battle considering the fact that for me to change, I'd have to have strong willpower. A bit of a Catch-22.
  9. Ergroilnin


    I just tried undervolting through the XTU and with some testing, I managed to get -0.110V offset to run even with FTTs (yeah I know @LoGiCalDrm said not to use it on hashwell and fair enough I won't be next time, but since I had results from before repasting and after repasting with the FTT, I can have direct comparison right now) so far stable, while -0.125V dropped instantly after just applying it within the XTU without even running the FTT. And I am getting amazing results! Max of 71C with max fan speed now at mere 1400rpm, which is another 200 rpm down.
  10. Ergroilnin


    Well I just repasted with my friends Arctic MX4 and I am getting somewhat mixed results. At the idle the temps are about the same, heck maybe even a degree or two higher, while FTT prime95 was about 4C lower with the fans going from yesterdays 1899 or so to 1620 so it is a bit cooler but mainly quieter by quite a bit under the non realistic load.
  11. Ergroilnin

    Human body vs PC

    So this just came as a random thought... Obviously human body is so complex and so different from electronics like PCs that they cannot be properly compared, but if we take some shortcuts, there are some similarities. So which parts of our bodies you would compare somewhat to PCs? The obvious is brain as the CPU, GPU, RAM (short term memory) and storage (long term memory) combined, as that is where all our memories are stored, also both conscious and unconscious "calculations" are done as well as processing the visual signals we get from our eyes, which in turn would be essentially "cameras". Then we have ears as microphone and mouth (well vocal cords to be more precise...) as speakers. The whole GI tract could probably be compared to the PSU, with the energy stored in fat as UPS? The heart is like a pump in water loop, the blood itself is like the liquid in the loop, sweat glands would probably be like radiators and the whole blood system like a reservoir with tubes. The lower part of colon and the bladder and to lesser extension the sweat glands could then be compared to the trash bin in computer (not a HW part I know...), our immune system like an antivirus. Are there any other anologies you can come up with? Maybe nerves as the PCIe lanes lol? Were any of the examples I made simply wrong?
  12. Since we are on internet diagnosing health problem, one is obligated to say it's cancer. /jk /s
  13. Not that I neccessarily disregard your view on this, but the CPUs are obviously being tested during the manufacturing (QA, binning, etc.) anyway, would it really be that much of an extra work done for the manufactury considering the usage and price of these CPUs? It's not like they would have to actually stress test all the CPUs either, since they are already binning, they could just test like 5% (random number) of the CPUs that hit the right range of requirements for this process. Isn't this actually what was going on with 8086ks? Highly binned, tested for at least 5GHz over the normal 4.7GHz of 8700k while being essentially the same chip? I mean yes, as you correctly pointed out, it is not a problem to check few CPUs, but when multiplied by thousands of them, the actual cost is high, not to mention OCing depends on multiple factors starting with MB, cooling and so on. However, the manufacturer could always say that the tests were done under some specific situation (which it obviously is anyway, but for the sake of the argument...), so noone could go and sue them with "hurrdurr my CPU runs 0.05 GHz slower than advertised".
  14. Ergroilnin


    Out of interest, I just ran Prime95 small FTTs and FurMark preset 2560x1440 no AA for about 15 minutes at the same time and the CPU hit the maximum temp of 84C (ouch, that is really high, I seriously need to repaste as soon as possible... Btw, before I turned on FurMark (about 5 minutes) the CPU did not go over 80C) while the GPU did not go over 62C.
  15. Ergroilnin


    Oh I knew I obviously forgot something very important to mention... The cooler was mounted by the company I ordered it from in like late 2013/early 2014 before I started meddling with building on my own somewhat (I chose the components, they just put it together and put warranty on the whole thing) so I have no idea which thermal paste they used, but obviously no matter which one they ended up using (and its hard to believe they used the higher end one anyway), it is going to be at least partially dried by now, so obviously the easiest and cheapest way to cool down the CPU to somewhat cooler temps would be simply repasting with some Kryonaut or some other current high end paste, which I obviously do plan on doing ASAP. Still if your opinions on the current CPU temps are ranging from little warm to ok for haswell, it's pretty decent I suppose? EDIT: Just so it doesn't seem like I am contradicting myself, the CPU+Cooler were there from the start though they were in another case (some kind of CoolerMaster Silencio case, not sure which one ATM) and the original GPU of that build was 760. I upgraded the GPU and the case about 5 months ago or so but I forgot about ordering new paste and since the temps seemed decent enough, I did not get new one yet.