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  1. Thanks for the answers, case solved. Feel free to close the thread.
  2. So basically in a way it is similar to G-Sync compatible monitors. In theory they all should work, but those labeled as such are tested by the company and guaranteed to work flawlessly is it?
  3. So I just seen someone post a picture of buying a RAM labeled "(for AMD Ryzen)" in the "Show off your latest purchase!" thread and it got me wondering... I know that first gen Ryzen had some problem with RAM compatibility (IIRC it is because speed of the Infinity Fabric for inter CPU communication is directly related to the RAM or something like that right?). But IIRC second gen Ryzen mostly dealt with that problem and I have not read anything about this problem still being the case for the third gen Ryzen. So is there any reason to look for RAM labeled as such nowadays when going with Ryzen or is it all marketing BS now? Like is there even any difference between say 3200 MHz 16 CL "normal" RAM stick vs 3200 MHz 16 CL "for AMD Ryzen" stick? Of course I know that there is also a difference between the chips (like the "holy grail" Samsung B-die etc), but I do not know if this relates directly to this question or not. Thanks for responses.
  4. I mean the idea is neat if you are so much into tech and if you like it, it's great. As a whole it looks pretty nice, but to be honest, the inside part of the CPU looks pretty shitty to me, which is a shame, because the traces are really nice.
  5. It is Benihime. Zanpakuto of Urahara Kisuke. It is from Bleach.
  6. I know that usually quoting images is a no-no, but I hope you can let this one slide (or if it is just not acceptable at all, please remove the image and give me a warning for the future). Personally I do not care about folding phones right now (I mean, I can see how trifold phone having the option of basically turning a phone into a tablet and how that could be useful for many people, but I am one of those, that never ever found tablets useful for me at all anyway) and I even openly dislike the concept of phone having touchscreen on both front and back, that's just a no for me. I like having big screen to body ratio and all, but I want to have one safe side on which I can put my phone on, without worrying about damaging it (either by using a phone case or even without phone case, I really do not exactly mind microcuts on the plastic backside of the phone, however damaging the actual screen? Hell no!). But this one and I am not sure if it is only a concept or actually planned to release in the future, that looks like an awesome usage of foldable screen technology. Obviously any moving parts are always an additional point of failure, but I do not need my phone to last 10 years, so if it would break in 5 years due to the fold? Oh well, by then there will be tons of new technologies and so on for me to be able to accept getting a new phone at that time. I am totally being subjective about this, because I absolutely loved the old motorola razr phones from back then. There was even about half a year or so when one of my smartphones broke and I dug the razr out of storage and totally enjoyed it even without the smart functions I was used to already. Not to mention this actually seems really smart on the front of having a big screen when used but small enough when closed for just about any kind of pocket to fit easily.
  7. Download 270-280 Mbps, upload around 1/10th of that. It just is like that with ISPs in our country for common internet connection usually, however since I am not streaming or uploading anything much, that up speed is absolutely fine for me. As for the download speed, I am on 300 Mbps plan and this is on 5 GHz wifi with the router being beneath my couch and my computer behing two walls and closed doors, around 12-15 meters away, not fluctuating either. So I am very happy with that. I was used to "shitty" internet much of my life at like 10-25 Mbps download and even that was fine for everyday usage, just downloading stuff was annoying. The current speeds I have are absolutely lovely for me and even though I have been enjoying them for more than half a year, I still find myself in awe when things download so fast. Sure It's still far cry from 1 Gbps optics, but for totally stable wifi and the price I pay, I could not be more happy.
  8. Oh okay then, did not know something like this even existed. That makes it fine then Nice job.
  9. That poor Falcon on it's side
  10. Real diamonds. There is basically zero difference in high quality natural diamond opposed to artificially made one other than much higher price and the "story" of the stone. Looks the same, acts the same, is the same. Just costs way more. Not even gonna go in the whole blood diamonds... RGB. In almost all forms. I am a big fan of RGB (RGB /= unicorn puke) and I use it instead of lights in my gaming room. Continuing with RGB, Nanoleaf panels. And I am saying that as someone, who actually has 30 of the original triangular panels. They are really expensive for what they basically are, I do very much enjoy them, but god, are they Apple of the RGB industry...
  11. I have read countless articles about talking about genious improvisation in movies, but is there actually any list or any proof of the true ones? I mean even if the original script of the Thor 2 (I think it was that one) did not make Thor hang the Mjolnir on the hangs, it does not mean that the actor just did not improvise one time and the makers decided it was worth keeping it in the movie, so they remade a bit of the script, so it was not like they necessarily shot the scene on the first time and kept it, but just that the actor improvised once and they decided to keep that in the movie after few more takes on it, right? Things like Heath Ledgers Joker ones. I read on many sources, that this one was actually true, that the script was made so Joker just activates the button once, while keeping on going and looking forward, but the detonates did not either activate on the first press or it was delayd and Heath Ledger made it a genious one time only shot. However I suppose a lot of stuff like this is simply a rumors or made up only for marketing, since I guess the filming guys would keep up with the pace in the script and not necessarily lock down on one character (in this case, Joker would obviously keep on walking, while in the improvisation he decided to stand still for a few seconds to tamper with the detonate button). Or things like in IIRC second LOTR, when Viggo Mortensen kicks one of the helmets when his character thinks the hobits were dead. Apparently he broke his toe and kept playing on his role afterwards or something and the incredible scream of pain was actually true and it made it to the final cut. Obviously the actor would not keep breaking his toe again and again. Was this only really an accident, did it happen at all, did it actually happen but was cut in the scene really well? There are tons of supposed improvisations like these like... Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean where he started to "sing" a jar full of dirt; Guardians of the galaxy where the Starlord drops the infinity gem; The Godfather, where in that one scene the Don is petting a cat, which apparently just randomly walked on the stage at the right time and so on? Is there any website/list/place/whatever, where this stuff is in kind of TL;DR format and with obvious rating of something in line of Truth the first time/True but took few more retakes/False or something like that?
  12. Was this a case of both "do not repair what isn't broken" and "the more stupid it is, the harder it is to tamper with it"? To be honest, I do not really care. If someone decides to start a nuclear war, then we are all fcked and it seriously does not matter, if it was through floppy or quantum computer. I only hope that history will kind of repeat itself on this one as in there will always be someone with a very good instinct and in high enough position to just not let it happen. Once it does, welp it was nice reading and writing on this forum with you all xoxoxo.
  13. Thank you very much for the TL;DR, not that I did not read through the reply, but this simplification made it way easier to understand what it going on with the PCIe lines. Won't ever probably be my own concern but there is one more technicality that I want to ask about. I know that different CPUs provide different PCIe lane count (most obvious difference is between HEDT and normal consumer stuff) and then I guess that different motherboard also offer different count with varying chipsets not to mention having different setups in their direct CPU lanes dividing between higher and lower high numbered lanes? So if I were to plan some relatively high PCIe usage, do I need to balance the CPU vs the motherboard or the direct CPU lanes are completely differentiated with the chipset ones? So in no case I can actually bottleneck chipset by using too much direct lanes from PCIe slots?
  14. Ahh so that's how it is, the lanes are distributed while booting, okay get it. Thank you
  15. I want to ask if just plugging in additional PCIe cards (be it some secondary GPU, wifi, raid, whatever, does not really matter) take up PCIe lanes by default, or do these cards actually need to be used at the moment by some task to change the lanes setup? I am just curious because there are few additional cards I could probably put to use in some cases, but I would not like to hinder the rest of the cards when I am not using the others. Though right now, most likely it would not even matter but still the question is the same.