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  1. Ergroilnin

    31.5 LG 1440p G-Sync 144hz monitor

    I have to agree that as of the moment, 31.5", 1440p, 144hz 16:9 is absolutely the best for me at the least. I unfortunately do not have a G-sync one and I use gtx but even without the adaptive sync it is phenomenal. I personally have the samsung c32hg70 and even though it is VA panel and not IPS, the colors with the QLED filter look outstanding.
  2. Ergroilnin

    Should i get a 144Hz monitor???

    I have 1440p 144hz samsung paired with non OC'd 4770k and 1060gb and it runs just fine. Stuff like LoL is constantly with no dipping below 144hz at everything maxed.
  3. It's kinda similar for me as well. My PC is over 5 years old by now (damn time does fly fast) and since I am not into triple A titles, it can still run easily everything I want it to very decently. Decently enough for me at least. The only thing I went and did this year was upgrading from 760 2gb to 1060gb since the 760 couldn't do 144hz, only 120hz, which felt like wasting my monitor and also got 4k TV which I sometimes do use for light gaming, so the better graphics helped. Even then this is a small upgrade since while the GPU boost is significant, I only went for the "same" gpu only 3 generations newer. I did not even go for higher end card like 1070ti but the 1060 6gb has been serving me very well so far, so whatever.
  4. Ergroilnin

    Which movies brought you to tears?

    Hachi: A Dog's Tale. I cried like a little bitch to that one and I am in my mid 20s.
  5. Ergroilnin

    Logitech MX Master 2

    I have been using this mouse for few months now, but I've been wondering... When the mouse is connected through cable for charging, does the cable also make the mouse act like wired one, or is it strictly for charging only? I didn't find this info anywhere so I am curious about it, if anyone knows!
  6. Ergroilnin

    One audio to two outputs

    Anyone please? I managed to get double output when I set the default device as my headphones and the speakers listened to them through stereo mix, but the sound coming from speakers themselves was very muffled and unnaceptable in quality. Anything else I could do?
  7. Ergroilnin

    One audio to two outputs

    Hello, I need to have Windows 10 output one audio input to two outputs at the same time, but I am having trouble setting this up. The thing is that I am using Logitech G560 speakers through USB (for their LED capabilities, so switching to 3,5m jack is out of question) and I recently bought Nanoleaf Rhythm module for my lights and I want to use that for direct audio visualization, so I have it connected through 3,5m jack directly to my PC. But the thing is that when I do that, obviously the audio goes through the USB and not the jack connector, so the Rhythm module does not pick anything up. I do have headphones connected through jack though and I do have jack splitter, so if I have the audio output go to the headphones, the Rhythm does pick that up and works properly. But there are times, when I want to listen to music without headphones, while still enjoying the light show, so I need to output the music to both outputs at the same time. I tried using the stereo mix listening and outputting to the headphones, but unfortunately that did not work for me. Is there any other way to do that in Windows 10? I do not mind using third party program, if that would solve the problem. Thanks for any advice beforehand!
  8. Ergroilnin

    Whisk(e)y Appreciation Thread.

    The best whisky I ever drank was Yamazaki 12yo single malt. Got it on my 18th birthday (legal drinking age in my country) and even though I am now 25 I still cannot forget it's delicate, smooth and smokey taste. Too bad it is now too expensive for me to buy. It was to this day not only the best whisky I ever drank as I already said, it was hands down the best alcohol at all.
  9. What? The USB ports in IO shield (the ports you actually see on the backside of the PC) are directly connected to the motherboard. You simply connect the USB drives to the USB ports on the IO and that's it.
  10. Ergroilnin

    How to clean cloth on electronics?

    @RyzenDoctor Well I tried it with wet cloth but since it was sugary drink, it is not really working. Somehow using soap on speaker seems not such a good idea? What about Isopropyl alcohol, could I use that?
  11. So, unfortunately my friend spilled some drink on one of my G560 satellites and though thankfully both the RGB and the sound output are completely fine, the cloth on the satellite has visible darker shade where it was spilt on, which is annoying. Is there any way to safely clean the cloth on the satellite, since it is not removable? Sorry if I should've posted this somewhere else, I was not sure. If that's the case, please move it to correct section.
  12. Ergroilnin

    Show off your setup!

    It is Air cooled by Zalman CNPS10X OPTIMA, I was just confused by the "*when people have an 8700K, 32 GB DDR4, and 1080 Ti SLI but an Intel stock cooler*"
  13. Ergroilnin

    Show off your setup!

  14. Ergroilnin

    Show off your setup!

    Well rearranged my room and bought some new stuff so here it is! Love the Arrozi Arena desk so much! And the NZXT H700i case is great as well. The full specs are: CPU: Intel i7-4770 GPU: GeForce 1060 6GB ZOTAC AMP! MOBO: ASUS Z87-PLUS (Yeah, gotten Z version for non overclockable CPU, dumb) RAM: 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz HyperX Blu SSD#1: 240 GB Kingston SSD#2: 1TB Samsung 860 EVO Case: NZXT H700i Monitor: Samsung 32" C32HG70 144Hz Speakers: Logitech G560 Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2S Keyboard: Gigabyte FORCE K85 The acoustic foams are mostly for aesthetics and also so I do not accidentally scratch the back of my new DXRacer, but they do offer a bit of utility as well since the sound is pointed at them, roommates in next room say they hear less, so that's also great. And god, are the Nanoleaf panels expensive, but I immediately fell in love with them. Yeah since my computer's back is pointed in space, the cable management is not the best, but I can deal with it. Especially that hanging HDMI cabel will be removed for a longer one so I can put it to the ground. My new 65" TV LG OLED65B7V with LG SJ9 soundbar for watching movies, anime and playing games like Final Fantasies from my PC. Also that is the Millenium Falcon lego, love it
  15. Ergroilnin

    Every PC builder was once a noob. What is your noob story ?

    I was just last week changing my PC case and thus rebuilding the PC for the very first time myself. I started it up and it booted up, I was like yaaaaaay, then it went to BIOS to tell me it cannot be booted and I was horrified, spent good 20 minutes trying to see what I did wrong... Turns out I did not connect the SATA cables to the SSDs themselves. Facepalm.