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  1. You could use a Virtual machine on your current computer. You can use VM managers like Virtualbox or VMware. It runs great if you have a powerful PC
  2. I too had this issue. All i did is updated my pc & done. It worked. Maybe this will work for you too
  3. I agree but it was $750 a month ago & now it's around $850 due to increase in Tax. But people do buy them. I'll maybe consider that one. My mom has a 11 pro max, so I'm familiar with that. Thank you btw
  4. Then basically IPhone XR is worth the buy right. All I'm sacrificing is the performance over SE as it's a generation older than SE & others. Then everything is a pro. Thank you so much
  5. Hey guys So I've been an android user for several years & been planning to switch to an IPhone. I bought many android phones since many years & had issues with updates & compatibility. Like few of them had worst UI or had no OS updates. My mom broke her galaxy S9 last year during December(She dropped the phone & broke the back glass & again dropped it into a water bucket which killed the phone). So she now has IPhone 11 Pro max which she's taking good care of & she's happy with it as she doesn't switch her phone very often. So i too needed an iPhone which can last longer, is a bit cheap, has frequent updates etc. But in my country, buying an iPhone is a nightmare. Like a base model IPhone SE costs $580. Base IPhone 11 for $800. Base 11 Pro for $1300 & 11 pro max for $1450. And IPhone XR for the same price as an IPhone SE. So i found it a bit cheap though. I can buy an 11 pro or something but i don't want to waste my mom's money. I have an IPad 7th gen though which i bought from dubai for $290 & brought it back here. But now due to this pandemic, i can't import anything. So this is the only option to do rn So guys plz help me buy one Sorry for my bad English. Thank you.
  6. Hey guys So my friend gave me Adobe Premiere Pro cracked version as he had one. I was about to buy one myself but i wanted to try out before buying it. He said it works perfectly for him. But the issue is while installing, it gives out an error with a error code 127. I just checked i out on adobe's website & it claims that i'm having extraction issues. I tried on my Laptop with 7th gen Core i5, 8gb ram & geforce 920m. I even addressed this issue with my friend who gave it to me. He again installed it on his system & worked for him. But not for me. So please help me.
  7. I have an old laptop. So tried to run retro games like cod, gta sa & 3, counter strike etc. It lags on windows 10 due to stupid updates. Then adobe photoshop, premiere, audacity etc.
  8. like There's no wine32 installed. you should install wine32 etc. But winecfg opens, but not the apps
  9. Hey guys So i recently installed pop os on my pc & tried to install wine. It refused to install through pop shop. Then the command line method too failed. But i managed to install it through synaptic. But it doesn't work. I ran winecfg command & it shows up. But Windows apps don't work. So i tried to troubleshoot it, but still a fail. So guys, please help me configure wine.
  10. It was, but not now. It crashed last week for opening xsplit vcam & obs together. I just reset the user data & that's it. It's fine. Thank you
  11. I updated the drivers a week ago. I sorted it out & i fixed it. All i had to do is type %APPDATA% in windows explorer & rename obs-studio folder to any other names & try. It worked for me even if my templates & settings are gone. Webcam works fine. It actually crashed before that due to the fact that i had xsplit vcam & obs opened. Now it's fine i guess. Thanks
  12. Hey guys So today my PC started crashing somehow while opening OBS. It crashes everytime i launch OBS. Before that problem didn't existed. But today, it's behaving very badly. How should i solve this issue. I uninstalled it & reinstalled it again but the problem still persists. The crash code was different everytime. Today like the first time, it worked like a charm. But then, it screwed up. I've enabled Intel Virtualization technology before that. But it should crash immediately at the first attempt. Now i can't record my videos. I'm having a huge trouble rn. Specs: Lenovo Ideapad 310 Intel i5 7200u 6GB ram Geforce 920m 1tb hdd
  13. Oh that's why. What's your YouTube channel's name?. I would like to check it out
  14. Try other benchmarks like occt, aida64 & if needed, measure the temps using hardware monitor. I don't have any overheating issues on my Ryzen 7 3700X. If the problem still persists, clear the cmos, downclock it for troubleshooting if there's an overclock or check the thermal conductivity on the block if you ever want to clean up your loop
  15. Is it the pixel slate?. That pixel slate review where it gets thrown into trash & Riley narrates it. I just remembered it lol
  16. Is it pixel slate one?. I remember that video. Pixel slate review or something
  17. Hey guys So i recently installed ubuntu on my old laptop alongside Windows 10(dualboot). That's my first time installing Ubuntu ever as i used on VMs. But i screwed up. I installed ubuntu 17.10 which is poorly built os which i installed before in a VM 2 years ago. Like it doesn't have much support for apps. I had a hard time installing grub customizer & wine refused everytime i tried to install it. And it's support in the community is very rare & irrelevant. So i did some research & found out that Pop-OS is one of the best distros based on ubuntu. And it pretty seemed good to me. I already have downloaded the iso. But i already have ubuntu installed on it. So I'm confused whether installing it over ubuntu won't conflict the grub or it won't affect Windows 10 installed on it. Can i just update to Pop-OS through ubuntu?. I'm a newbie to Linux personally but i know to use it. So guys just help me out please. Thank you
  18. Bruh. I don't have a 10gb system. I meant i have a pc with 10gb more ram than my laptop has. And no. I didn't find anything suspicious. I'll reset my laptop & try.
  19. 10 gb?. I have 4gb ram laptop, 6gb one which has this issue & my 16gb ram pc. The 6gb ram laptop only has this issue. Maybe I'll reset the system
  20. Yeah but my 10yr old laptop with 4gb ram has about 35% usage. That's why it seems a bit suspicious Here's a screenshot
  21. I know to manage task manager. No startup apps except dolby tray icon & conexant tray icon is enabled. Before the ram usage was significantly less. But after that update, it has high ram usage.