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  1. Yea, its odd they don't add more...I have this extension that I like, but I guess it steals all my data....Sigh this world...Convenience for your privacy =/
  2. So, has chrome still not made it possible to save more than 10 websites on the landing page? For many years I used an extension to give more choice, but I wanted to see if they had fixed it....nope. So, is there really no way to get more webpages saved? Aka 2 rows with 5 each only.
  3. Thanks a lot guys, always good help here on LTT forum. I forgot my HDD, I can ofc just re-use its power and sata cable...not thinking straight since its 1 at night and I wanna go to bed, got home from parents at 21 and then my HDD died...so it's been one of those nights...:P Will see tomorrow if I cant boot into windows, and if I unplug my HDD if it helps...Sure hope my trusty old 256gb 850 evo aint the problem - I managed to benchmark my drives 2 days ago and their read/write performance was normal...I did all the usual troubleshooting, but could not find any reason why my HDD was acting up...It got so bad I cant even open programs or copy files off my HDD - After the last boot up windows did not even recognize the drive, and I just gave up on booting into windows since it hanged for like 3 mins, when SSD was usually 30-40 sec (Which I had noticed had gotten much slower lately as well, which started 1 year ago or so, first few problems)... Anyway I was hoping 2-3 days ago when problems started that my HDD just had bad sectors, cause yesterday my PC was pretty much all normal until tonight when I got home. Thanks!
  4. So...sigh. I know that it can happen, but its only 5 years old, and I have no bloody money to spend. So...sigh. Anyway, I have done all the troubleshooting that I could, but last 5 days it only got worse. Frequent 100% disk usage, and after another windows drive scan, it did not get better, could not even boot into windows, which I don't get because windows10 is installed on my 850 evo ? So what gives? Why do I have boot issues / very slow boot issues, if OS is not even installed on my dying HDD? Anyway I need the space, so I think my choice will be a 860 evo 1TB, but I don't usually mess around with inside my desktop a lot - I know my H440 nzxt case has another "area" for 1 more SSD, but do I have another header for it as well on my motherboard? An Asus Z-97a, rather old hardware these days. Just wanna feel safe before I order, that I can easily install the SSD...So anything I should know? I guess its just reinstalling windows, make a partition to get the new drive recognized, and that should be that? Thanks...so pissed, hate spending money and I just wanted to game this month or w/e...
  5. ...Crap. Ok so its my harddrive :8 I managed to check some more stuff, like benchmarking my SSD and HDD in magician, read/write all normal, but I still could barely open games (Even if the games were installed on my SSD)...Few hang up's later, and I boot my PC down again on the power button, and...Bingo, Windows disc checker popped up. Sadly the estimate for this check is like 30 hours...so far, yikes.
  6. Hello guys, going through some tech-issues. Nothing seems out of the ordinary - I checked bios settings, temps, malware scan, background running app's...nothing, cant find any reason. So now with me entry-level work done Im a bit lost. So my PC last 1 year some-times has boot issues, just minor things like slow boot, or maybe I haft to reset it. But what I have today is way weird...My system boots up slow, and doing anything on it is also very slow. Like I can barely open a game or an app. But no weird CPU/GPU/RAM usage going on...Its just slow. Im fairly sure it could be hard-drive or SSD issue, but when I look at Samsung magican also nothing seems out of the ordinary..my SSD says "good health" etc. Edit: Going through music / video files, my hard-drive also seems fine, but could it maybe be dying? I ofc use the SSD for boot drive. I also rance benchmark test on both of the drives, and they have normal read/write speeds. One thing I could mention is over the last 1 year or so my normal boot-up time has gotten a bit slower, maybe like 25-30 sec's, where it was around 15 before? Full specs: NZXT H440 - Asus Z97 A Mobo - Corsair RM 850 - Intel I5 4590 CPU - Evo TX3 Cooler Master - Asus 970 Strix - 250GB SSD 850 Evo - Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD - Windows 10 Thanks for any help, hope its Microsoft / OS problems and not hardware. I have never also updated bios or re-installed windows, so maybe thats 1 issue, but doubt it.
  7. Thanks man, guess thats my answer, cause windows has never given me alerts, or notifications about it before. Im quit happy with my system as it is, so gonna try keep it for some time still.
  8. Oh wow fast replies, thanks guys. So I useally sit at 80% usage in Resolve, its dual channel 2x4...Also I had the speed wrong, its 2133 mhz g skill ram IIRC.
  9. Hello guys, as I dont plan to upgrade my current desktop (money), I do however some-times consider picking up 2x 8 GB DDR3 ram. My current system rolls with some 2133 mhz ddr3 8 GB ram, and I think it some-times holds back my performance. I game with medium/low settings, but I also casually video edit with Davinci resolve, and IIRC they do say they need 16 GB minimum on windows10. I can live with very slow performance in Resolve, eg slow scrubbing, playing back at 50% quality and so on. BUT! Would 16 GB solve my problems and also help in games? Full specs: NZXT H440 - Asus Z97 A Mobo - Corsair RM 850 - Intel I5 4590 CPU - Evo TX3 Cooler Master - Asus 970 Strix - 250GB SSD 850 Evo - Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD - Windows 10 I think my motherboard was rather entry-level, nothing to fancy also.
  10. Yea I think that as well Its fair man! But damn it works - Even for gut damn laugh tracks in videos you watch...Im not kidding! Try look up "wind sound" on youtube...everything is muted. Pick RTX voice as speaker in default devices...This is hilarious.
  11. Anyone here tried recording with it using OSB? I found the voice quality drops to much using an yeti mic and 970 asus strix. Sound is muffeled and muddy, but ticking RTX voice off on OBS you can go back and forth, and RTX off is much better for me, but ofc more background noise if I was using my keyboard etc.
  12. Was asked to post here; Please feature B & O products. I never see any online influencers (sorry, but its the best term besides youtuber :P) feature these products. B & O has a long history, but today in 2020 its not doing well at all. It might end up being sold soon enough. They we're design and sound pioneers making high-end speakers and also TV's, but slowly the high-end business has started to fail. Look into the headphones like h7i or h9i or p2 bluetooth speaker and similar. They have done many consumer friendly products last few years, which dosen't cost the living soul out of you You once did this video for Meridian also, so maybe you could take a look at another premium brand?
  13. Bump, this forum moves fast :o maybe as fast as Linus energetic personality.
  14. Describe the problem: Update error to Windows 10, version 1903 - Error 0xc1900223 - I also have recently had delayed boot up time. So when I boot my PC from my fast 850 samsung evo ssd, screen flickers for a bit, then comes the black windows icon, before it gets me to the normal desktop. So like...10-15 sec slower boot time than normal? Include your operating system including version and 32/64 bit. Danish local langue. Notice version says 1803, but...Im getting updates for 1903...which seems to be normal updates and not the first time around major install or no? Include your entire system specs, including the wattage of your PSU. I5 4590, Z97-a, gtx 970 asus strix, 8 gb ddr3 2133 mhz ram, 1 TB HDD seagate, evo 250gb ssd, PSU was...IIRC a corsair RM with 800 watts. Had it for about 4 years now, no issue since then really. Tell us which BIOS version you have. Never updated BIOS on it. I dont really believe that its critical to the function of my PC, but it could be considered...had it since like 2015 now. Include any software running when it crashes (if applicable) Nothing is running. Give full details of any error messages and screenshots if possible If needed I could provide a quick video of my windows update proces or boot up? Thanks for any help. Tried google the error code etc, but didnt find much luck. This has been going on for like 10 days now.
  15. 1 final bump only, maybe others has the issue too