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About TechSam

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  • Birthday 1997-02-19

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  • Interests
    - Cars especially JDM scene cars
    - Computers old or new hardware does not matter i love all of them
    - Collecting tech stuff
  • Biography
    Generally nice guy from finland that would not do anything bad to anyone. Gets bullied but still cant find fucks to give.Has a heart diesease ;_;.
  • Occupation
    Ict engineer


  • CPU
    i5 4670k OC 4,3 sometimes 4,5 in winter lower ambient temps
  • Motherboard
    Asrock something something cant remember
  • RAM
    Same as moba cant remember
  • GPU
    Gtx 650 that is soon nearing the graveyard
  • Case
    Corsair carbide series 300r windowed
  • Storage
    2 really old hdd like 10+ years
  • PSU
    Corsair 600w CX
  • Display(s)
    one 29 inch Samsung monitor and one 21 inch random acer monitor whit 1600x900 res
  • Keyboard
    Razer deathstalker < got it for 50€
  • Mouse
    Razer naga < got it for cheap
  • Sound
    Razer kraken < same as the other razer products
  • Operating System
    Win 7 sp1
  1. TechSam

    Side panel cooling

    oh wow i didnt even think about the custom fan curves since i never was able to use the feature because of my old gpu being really old now im getting 64 on msi kombustor stress test
  2. TechSam

    Side panel cooling

    welp it seems my gpu reached 73c underload. thinking of trying to reapply the thermal compound any recomendations for gpus???
  3. TechSam

    Side panel cooling

    showing 39c idle looks good
  4. TechSam

    Side panel cooling

    hmm i dont think its the thermal compounds fault since this gpu is only 1 week old. might also be that my rooms ambient temperature is quite high atm. but yeah im gonna put the fan and see if its helps it
  5. TechSam

    Side panel cooling

    im running two monitors but i dont think it should increase the load that much or should it?
  6. TechSam

    Side panel cooling

    So im considering of putting one fan on my cases side panel since my gpu is hitting 50c idle and when gaming 78c which is too close to the 80 mark. Only problem is if i put the fan to the side panel my gpu almost hits the fan is it safe to put it there? im noob when it comes to cooling pcs. Also the gpu is Msi gtx 970 4g and the case is corsair carbide series 300r windowed
  7. TechSam

    Need help OC gtx 650

    So i have gtx 650 as my gpu and dont have any money atm for a new gpu. So im thinking of ocing i tried it 2 times already whit msi afterburner but it crashes at certain clock speed and the clock speed varies where it crashes im thinking its the psu that is holding it back as i have 600w corsairCX psu but is there any other possible reason its crashing? also is it even worth oc gtx 650 as how much i would even potentially gain whit oc
  8. TechSam

    How to play Need for Speed (2005)?

    except it is on pc do you even wikipedia bruh dont google whit the name need for speed most wanted go whit need for speed most wanted 2005 you will see it is on pc as a matter of fact my friend had the game case for the pc version and we played it when we were kids do a bit more research next time m'kay
  9. TechSam

    What shoes do you guys wear?

    Been wearing these for 2 years best shoes i have worn
  10. TechSam

    How to play Need for Speed (2005)?

    pc is the best platform to get it on the console version suffer from pretty shitty graphics and load times i have the ps2 version and its just garbage also pc version has modding
  11. TechSam

    How to play Need for Speed (2005)?

    because there is newer version on the market that is shit its called most wanted 2012 evry store threw the old one out of the window. Just to note the newer versio is not a hd version or anything like that its a completely new game whits its own story only problem was that it was called most wanted too >.<
  12. TechSam

    What Are YOU Playing Right Now?

    playing Final Fantasy XIV just got done whit no break lvling 42 hours sad part i didnt even get max lvl whit one of my classes T.T
  13. TechSam

    How Many Quests/Side Quests Are There In The Witcher 3?

    oh man now i really want to finish witcher 2 and buy witcher 3 and play it only problem #shittygpu also im pretty picky about fps i can never play 30 >.<
  14. TechSam

    Bionic eye implant promises a lifetime of perfect vision

    i hope this technology will become reality and will actually work personally i had perfect visions allways but i want ppl whit poor vision to see as good as evryone else
  15. if you got it from GoG then you are good to go. i know that some steam games are finicky about save files but still most of them have accepted pirated save files from my experience