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  1. Why would it be an issue though. Personally I wouldn’t use it much. The only reason I would slow the footage is to either find some kind of easter egg or to try and catch a better peek of some naughty scenes. When are they adding these feature anyway?
  2. Still using my GTX 760. Nowadays it’s struggling a bit too much to keep up with the frames.
  3. Save a bit more and build more until the new line up of gpus comes out and then build a new system. Otherwise spend them on cheese puffs
  4. Yeah me too but the next one is still a bit off. Really need an upgrade on my gpu. Still using my gainward gtx760 and its starting to show its age. That msi gtx 1070 ti is one heck of a beauty.
  5. Prices for pre-builts are not as high as they used to. An Core i7-7700 1TB 8GB GTX1070 costs around 1300 euros. Yeah the case is nothing nice to look at but personally I do not care that much for the case as long as the internals are good.