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  1. PC suddenly quit. i7-6850K, Asrock Taichi X99

    My hunch would be the PSU or Motherboard. You could attempt a rebuild with clean. E.g. pull it all apart, make sure all connectors and sockets are clean of dust (use compressed air or similar), and re-seat everything. I would pay particular attention to PSU connectors to the motherboard and RAM. There is also the slight possibility there is a short of some nature if the motherboard isn't grounded properly to the case. But unless the tower was moved around prior to this occurring, there really isn't likely anything to have cause this to suddenly occur.
  2. SSHD or SSD?

    I have a SSHD in one computer and a WD Black HDD in another. I get similar speeds out of both. However the Black drive is much more consistent. The benefit of an SSHD Is quite limited. If you need large storage and you want speed, I would recommend a higher end mechanical HDD. One that runs at 7200rpm, has a decent cache size, etc. I would strongly recommend a WD Black drive if you are wanting a fast mechanical HDD. And if your PC supports it, you can compliment it with Optane!
  3. More information would help people make suggestions on troubleshooting, such as: - Internet speed and type - Router and other network equipment information - Other devices on your network that could be sucking up bandwidth - Speeds occurring on other devices at the same time you're experiencing speed issues.
  4. Suggest a NAS setup for backup?

    It sounds like your needs are fairly basic. Synology systems have a great UI that is really easy to understand for those not experienced with NAS systems. I would recommend going a 4 bay NAS to allow you more RAID choices. Even if it is their entry level model - https://www.synology.com/en-global/products/DS418j As long as you aren't needing to transcode 4k media, this should do just fine. This happily plays back 1080p content over my network. I picked it up to play around with as I had some spare drives and wanted a new toy to put them in. So I am running 4 x 1TB drives in the unit. Streams media over DLNA just fine and supports a few different backup methods also.
  5. is a NH-d15s enough for a i7-7820x

    I used a Noctua tower fan on my 5820k. It ran nice and cool. But only did a low overclock (4ghz from memory). Got to mid 50 degrees but nothing higher. I just recently built a new PC with a 7820x. Cooling this with a H115i. By just adjusting the CPU multipliers and not touching voltage or any other settings, I have it running stable at 4.6ghz. Have not seen any of the cores go above 45 degrees under load. I suspect it could clock higher but would require more involved OC process which I am not familiar with and haven't had the time to look into properly. Very happy with the CPU and the H115i.
  6. I need a cheap home server

    As above. https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Network-Storage-(NAS)/1-4-Bays/61025-DS216se A good recommendation given budget constraints. Synology OS is really easy to use. It'll handle DLNA for you and has tools for remote access. Going to be simpler and more efficient than trying to build your own. I have a Synology 416j which I picked up to throw some old HDD's in and to play around with. Their cheapest 4 bay from memory, but it's not doing anything serious. Handles media streaming fine. I also have a Netgear ReadyNAS 314 the same as @Cyanara. It's a great device and works really well for a number of different tasks. And last week I only just realised (after a year of ownership), that it does NIC bonding as well. I do have an ancient Netgear Stora NAS. It's usually switched off these days as it is just so damn slow. But modders have done some fun things with this one if you can be bothered.
  7. Floatplane Support

    And that worked. Cheers.
  8. Floatplane Support

    Hello there, Recently signed up for floatplane and have been able to access the content on the floatplane alpha site for a couple days. Today however it seems to have ceased. When visiting the site it is stating I need to subscribe and pay again for access (I am logged in correctly). I attempted the FP support troubleshooter as well as the script at the beginning of this thread. Both failed. To clarify, I can access the videos through this forum just fine, just not the alpha site.
  9. SSHD vs. Regular HDD

    In the past I purchased two different drives for comparison purposes (I needed the storage for two different computers, but couldn't decide so went one of each). One was a 4TB Seagate SSHD. The other was a 4TB WD Black HDD. Both give about the same performance, however the Black drive is more consistent. Based off that, if I had to buy more, I would simply go the WD Black. Nice and fast mechanical drive for storage.
  10. X299 Mobo Recommendations

    Cheers mate. The final build ended up being. - Intel Core i7 7820X - Gigabyte X299 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard - Corsair H115i PRO RGB Liquid CPU Cooler - Corsair Obsidian 500D Mid-Tower Black ATX Case, T/G Window, No PSU - Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK32GX4M2A2666C16 32GB (2x16GB) 2666MHz DDR4 - Corsair HX850i 850W Power Supply - 500gb 960 Evo - NVME PCIe - 500gb 950 Evo - SATA - 4TB WD Black HDD - Gigabyte Auros GTX 1060 3GB Very happy with the way it came together and performance. Looks nice too. Love the Obsidian 500D case. This wasn't designed to be a gaming PC, but will still do quite well for the odd occasion. I did look into TR as an option. And it was a pretty close call. My reasoning is essentially that I am partial to Gigabyte boards (have been using them reliably for a good 15 years). The only TR mobo's that Gigabyte offered (pretty much the Gaming 7 for x399) didn't give me some functionality I wanted for the appropriate price. The other part probably just came down to comfort and familiarity. All my PC's i've built for the last 15 years have been Intel based. Some pretty epic builds you have in your signature. When I finally upgrade this PC in a few years I think i'll have a crack at a custom cooling loop too.
  11. Overclocking skylake x

    Without doing anything other than changing the CPU multiplier (no voltage tweaking), I managed to get all 8 cores running at 4.6ghz stable. 4.7ghz worked most of the time but wasn't completely stable. Since changing to 4.6ghz, not a single crash. I am using a Corsair H115i cooler and during light loads it sits around 29 degrees average.
  12. X299 Mobo Recommendations

    I just finished a build with a 7820x. Went for the Gigabyte X299 Auros Ultra Gaming. Was at a decent price point and had the features I needed. https://www.gigabyte.com/au/Motherboard/X299-AORUS-Ultra-Gaming-rev-10#kf
  13. Apologies. I worded that poorly. Yes, a root cert is still needed to be installed. I was referring to a combination of tools like these from Symantec. SSL Visibility - https://www.symantec.com/products/ssl-visibility-appliance Security Analytics - https://www.symantec.com/products/network-forensics-security-analytics If these are properly deployed within an organisation, there is no hidden traffic.
  14. Can Admin Identify Me while on VPN

    Mikesan is spot on. VPN traffic isn’t hidden if they have an appliance breaking SSL using multiple cipher Suites. Just assume they can see what you’re doing.
  15. Without any config on the endpoints, with the right tools a company can see anything you are doing. Even SSL (https) can be decrypted and traffic viewed. Right down to sent text and images loaded. Now, some of these tools are very expensive so not every company will have them. Secondly, they are unlikely to bother looking at what you’re doing unless something prompts them too. E.g. a request from a manager, web content filter continually setting off alarms, DLP solutions being triggered, etc. even with great tools, they will still be targeting a specific timeframe. Going through all traffic a user generates on a day takes a long time. Just dont ever do anything on a work computer that could jeopardise your job.