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  1. Dope. Thanks!! I knew that was posted somewhere but In couldn't locate it.
  2. 2, 4, & 6 or 1, 3, & 5 I think is the correct answer.
  3. I am looking to bring some computer shelves to LTX BYOC but I need to make sure they fit the footprint for Dreamhacks table space. Can anyone provide me with what each BYOC ticket entails as far as table space? Or a link to the info? I have been searching but couldn't easily come across it. Thanks!
  4. I have 1 maybe 2 to sell. I'm coming from Chicagoland and my friends are bailing on me so... I'm not looking to make any profit on them so if you or anyone is in need hit me up. I already reserved the spots
  5. 2 people bailed on me so I have TWO BYOC tickets for sale at face value if anyone is still looking. If not I may end up just giving them away as a Miracle to someone while I'm there. I also have FOUR 2-day passes if anyone is looking for those. But I'm still making the trip alone Chicago---->Vancouver
  6. Is this going to be like Penguicon where different buttons means different levels of engagement wanted?
  7. Remember when Laser James tried to make a "Monoprice Gaming Battlestation" Haul video with Linus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgyzDUbmAhU&t=9m5s I have heard about people having their GPUs, RAM, etc stolen right out of their cases at events. I figured the door/window sensor could be put to use monitoring the side panel and alerting if anyone were to tamper/remove it. Seems to be working pretty well.
  8. Make friends and use your neighbors to help keep an eye on things. You could always setup something like a live cam stream monitoring your stuff while you walk away, but you're not alone with this concern. I installed a door sensor on my panel in case someone attempts to open and grab some hardware...
  9. So pack a network switch and a powerstrip! ..Among your other items
  10. I would like to procure that ticket.
  11. Nah, you won't. I got $$ planned for this dude. I'll double whatever you think you're doubling. If you want a bidding war, I'm there for it.
  12. Can we still apply to volunteer?
  13. Just the best most fun things to do and places to visit while I am there...
  14. I could be down to carpool. I'm from Chicagoland. Was going to just fly it, but if I can get a BYOC I'd prefer to drive with the computer. Otherwise I'm probably shipping it Fed-Ex. Hit me up if you want and let me know your travel dates