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  1. I mean, are you overclocking? I could be very wrong, but I don't think you get any significant performance boost (assuming you aren't overclocking) from better cooling than the stock cooler on Zen+ chips. Also if you plan to overclock, unless you replace your current ram sticks with a 2x8 config, if you upgrade to 16 gigs through 4x4, you probably will lose a bit of overclocking potential from using all 4 ram slots. Replacing it with faster ram (3000-3200 mhz) should give you decent gains though if you opt to replace it. I went to check the 2700 on newegg to find out which stock cooler it had, and holy crap! It is $160 on Newegg! My R5 1600 cost $170 when I got it in 2017. Edit: 100% get an SSD, it's a life changer, and you can keep your old hard drive for bulk storage.
  2. If for some reason you do manage to go with the Stealth +eGPU, know that the option without the dedicated GTX 1650 Max-Q actually has faster CPU performance, because it has a higher power limit. (The 1650 model gets out performed in cpu performance by last year's 8th gen model iirc), so depending on how often you want to game without an eGPU, it is probably a better option.
  3. PSA: You can save $180 on a non 2-in-1 XPS 13 if you search for the "Developer Edition" on Dell's site under "for work". However, it comes with a Dell configured Ubuntu preinstalled instead of windows. If you are up for the work, you could always snag a cheap OEM key from a reseller (assuming you don't have a key lying around), and still save >$150. I managed to snag the laptop on sale for $220 off (in addition to the $180 discount) and got it for only about $1000 (before tax) with the i7 10710u 16 gigs ram 512 gig ssd, and the 1080p panel option, which would be around $1400 normally, and am running Arch Linux on it now. Do note though that the Developer edition lacks a fingerprint sensor (there are no Linux drivers for it, something about encryption making homebrewing one impossible), and you are limited to the Silver + black color option. I was a bit bummed about the fingerprint sensor, but honestly it was worth the money I was saving.
  4. Hard disks are fragile things... It isn't a matter of if they will go bad, it's when. It is quite possible both are failing drives. Normal software shouldn't ruin them though.
  5. Ahh, finally a use for my old AMD cpus...
  6. 2133mhz is pretty slow for ddr4, but I don't think it should make too much of a difference on Intel, but don't quote me on that. (Though if you were running Ryzen that would be a different story)
  7. Linker

    IPS or TN

    First of all, manufacturer claimed response times are almost always BS. Don't trust them, and search for 3rd party reviews. Next, a quick comparison of panel types: TN panels have the best pixel response times, and are cheaper, especially at high refresh rates. But their colors and viewing angles suck. They are best to get if you have a low budget, or are pretty much an esports competitor. VA panels have probably the best color, and have great viewing angles too. The only issue is the pixel response times can be slow, and there is often ghosting. They are a little more expensive then TN panels I believe, but are still pretty cheap. IPS panels are probably the best of everything. They have great viewing angles, color, and pixel response times. Though this comes at a literal cost, as they are the most expensive of all three. A TN panel is faster, and a VA panel is more colorful, but it really shouldn't be that significant. I can't tell too much about the amazon listing as it is not in english, but I'd recommend getting the IPS panel if both are the same price and have the same features.
  8. The CPU is last gen. 100% get the new 3rd gen Ryzen chips, it is a huge improvement. Though if you stick to a B450 motherobard you might have to have AMD send you a cpu to update your motherboards bios with, as it might not boot immediately with your motherboard. Can you tell us what you plan to do with this build? Currently, the GPU looks a bit weak, and the hdd storage overkill compared to the ssd, but the current configuration might make sense given certain situations.
  9. You did manage to remove the undervolt right? That could easily be the issue.
  10. I'd love to help, but I am a Sorcerer, not a Wizard. They are totally different. Sorry mate. In all seriousness though I'll hopefully get back if I find anything.
  11. This is important, if it is a good price, go for it, but there seems to be a lot of extra baggage that seems like it'd bring the price up (You really don't need a sound card, and the AIO is probably overkill unless you are overclocking or you just really like how it look) The specs look fine, great, but it would be hard to recommend if it was very overpriced.
  12. This sounds like your motherboard hasn't received the BIOS update needed to run 3rd gen Ryzen chips. What motherboard do you have? This could make things easier or harder. Depending on your model, you have a few ways out of this, but worst case you should be able to get a loaner cpu from AMD to update the bios. You can learn more here: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/pa-100
  13. This has been driving me crazy since yesterday. I temperately unplugged my main gpu for a test (or rather the riser cable from the motherboard as it was vertical mounted for space requirements.), and then my computer suddenly refused to boot! Even when I plugged the riser cable back in it still didn't work. When I boot, The troubleshooting light gets stuck on VGA, and it starts a beep code I haven't been able to find online. (2 beeps, a pause, and then 4 beeps. All the same duration) I did manage to get it to boot once, after plugging a gpu in and out over and over, but on reboot it didn't boot again. I have tried: Mounting (every) gpu without a riser cable Checking each individual ram stick in each memory slot Unplugging all the gpus but one (trying each individually) Checking each gpu (and a GTX 950 as well, making 4 total cards tested) in every slot. Unplugging the ssd and hdd Resetting CMOS... numerous times The error is the same with no gpus plugged in as well. I can only assume the motherboard cannot detect the gpus and won't boot because of it. Is the motherboard somehow broken? Specs: Ryzen 7 2700x G.Skill 2 by 8gb 3200 Gigabyte x470 Aorus Ultra Gaming (such a stupid name) GTX 1080ti & two R7 250x Samsung 970 Evo 250gb Seagate 2tb Drive 750W PSU I am completely out of ideas... Any help is appreciated.
  14. If you are spending that much money and really care about RGB, I would buy the same brand gpu as motherboard. At the moment you would need two different rgb programs, one from MSI, and one from Asus. I know, first world problems, but it can be annoying. Usually parts have things like "Aura" or "Mytic" rgb compatibility logos on them to show what software supports it. Edit: you also need corsair software to control the AIO cooler rgb.
  15. Any 9T Pro I get is absolutely meant for another market, as Xiaomi does not sell in the US. The best I can do is get the EU/Global version, I don't think I'll easily be able to get manufacturer warranty, as I'll most likely be getting it from a reseller. Does that forfeit the manufacturer warranty though? Edit: So far I am looking at gearbest as a seller as the price is very low, but it seems like the only issue is that they usually put a vender rom on it (not a personal issue as I will be putting a custom on anyway).