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  1. Linker

    Phenom Cooler vs Wraith Spire

    Really... that disapointing. Thanks though.
  2. Hello- A friend gave me a box of his uncle's-friend's-something's old computer stuff from like 2010. There were some interesting things in there, like some blue light-up sata cables (you bet those are in my system right now), a steam code for Darksiders that expired from 2011 (it worked) and a "1A02WAN00" Phenom cooler. [Picture Link] I am currently running a Ryzen 5 1600, with the included Wraith Spire cooler. I noticed this new (old) cooler looks quite a bit like the Wraith Prism/Max Ryzen cooler, except with a smaller fan, and was wondering if it would out perform my what I have now. I don't really have the thermal paste to spare to test this scientifically, so I was hoping I could get an idea for how well it would do. I can almost assume it will be a bit louder, given it's much smaller sized fan, but noise isn't really a concern for me. I'd rather have more cooling and overclocking headroom. Thanks for any help.
  3. I still have the plastic shell, both sides have nothing touching the board, and the VRMs would be airgapped. I'll still try to cool them in a bit.
  4. VRM's do not look actively cooled. Though the chassis was plastic, I don't think it would do much to help dissipate the heat. I can try cooling them through an ice pack in foil or something like that.
  5. Couldn't get thermal readings. I have been testing it as a bare motherboard partially because I plan to use it as a compact desktop if it works, and partially because I took it apart troubleshooting originally. It has no visible dust, and I have already repasted everything. That's why it seems weird that it'd be a thermal issue.
  6. I've run it with only the battery, and it still turned off with a charge left. It lasted quite a bit, and booted into windows (a very slow and bloated install unfortunately), and then shut down. I turned it on again, and it everything spun up, but it still died, much quicker this time. I want to check temps again, because the time before it shuts down seems to decrease the more times I attempt to boot it.
  7. No it's... not very hot at all actually. Like the plastic is about ambient. That doesn't seem right. The cable looks a bit beat up (you can see it's shielding as it exits the brick) though, so I wonder if there are any issues. Of course the battery could be filled up already, and it isn't really charging it, but it's been about 30-40 minutes. The battery is 5600 mAHs no idea how big that is relatively, I don't do a lot with laptop batteries.
  8. Thanks! This is immediately more progress then last time I tried many months ago. I'll let it charge for an hour, and get back with the results... wish me luck.
  9. Sorry! Crap, I meant I was originally running it without the battery installed, with the power brick. I wrote the complete wrong thing. To summarize: I was testing it without battery on brick power originally, getting shutdowns. Now I tried it without the brick on battery, and it lasted the entire length of what little the battery had stored (like 2 minutes), but I am unsure if it booted into windows as I did not have a display up.
  10. I was originally running it without the power brick. The battery is old and was crappy even when it was new. That said I plugged the battery in and ran it without the CMOS battery to power drain it. Additionally I completely screwed up and forgot to screw down the cpu cooler, so the copper was very loosely touching the cpu -_-. It lasted like 2 minutes until the battery gave out (Hadn't been charged in months). Do you think it might be the power brick then? I am going to charge the battery and then run it with that, as it seemed like it lasted a bit longer (though I didn't check display to see if it posted).
  11. I can't quite remember I originally checked many months ago, but wanted to try and get it working again though. I think they weren't any higher than 60 C though. I try to get another reading, but it will be a bit as I have to fight with it.
  12. Can you boot into safe mode? Sometimes booting into safe mode and restarting helps.
  13. I have gotten hold of an older (4th or 3rd gen intel CPU I think) Sager laptop from my dad, as it hasn't been working. It has had a long history of issues, and I ended up gutting the motherboard to see if anything was wrong. Nothing appears wrong on the surface (no corrosion, etc.), and it boots up just fine. But between 30 seconds to 2 minutes after booting up it just randomly shuts down. I managed to run hardware monitor once before it rebooted, and temps looked fine, so I don't think it was overheating. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Linker

    Is it okay to touch gold connectors?

    I'd rather use an FX chip, at least then they could have a purpose. obligatory-this-is-a-joke-fx-chips-aren't-completely-useless-etc-etc
  15. Well it's nice to know the CEO cares. Unless this is just PR. (I hope not)