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  1. Hey thanks for the response nad sorry for a late reply. Obviously this would mean that the warranty would be void but do you think this would be enough to RMA it? And if I do decide to refill it myself is this something that is easily done? I never worked with non AIO coolers myself so I am not sure what kind of water mixtures need to be put in etc.
  2. Nope. There was an audible noise whenever the pump "pumped" but it never made a noise like this it was usually much much more subtle.
  3. Hello there, We have a PC that is making a very weird noise with it's pump. The AIO in use is a MasterLiquid ML120L RGB. It's not that old about 1 year and performance wise it seems to be fine. Temps and everything are where it should be. However it seems that whenever the pump pulls it makes this really weird noise and I'm afraid that means air somehow got inside of it and there being a potential of a leak. Check the video to hear the sound and please let me know if anyone ever dealt with anything similar. The AIO is still in warranty so if I am unable to find any way to fix this I will just RMA it. Videos of the AIO producing the weird sound: https://photos.app.goo.gl/M45GEWCKNBgJdbWV8
  4. Sadly no (unless you do some sawing and case destroying). These Optiplexes are small form factor machines so you would need to go for a SFF graphics card. Probably best to simply sell the GPU you have on hand and try looking for a SFF one. These usually include "low profile" (LP) or "small form factor" (SFF) in their names. For the 750ti specifically I know that there are gigabyte and MSI version of it. You might also want to look at GT 1030 as these are meant for office PCs and can probably be found in SFF easily and their performance is practically on the level of a 750ti.
  5. Might be something is simply wrong with your PSU. Not sure what return policies are in where you are from but I'd definitely return the PSU. There is definitely something wrong with it considering your problem started after you switched it out. But just to make sure, grab your old psu and swap it in to see if it boots normally.
  6. But I mean is this a normal occurrence on such PSUs? Like there are plenty more PSUs that are still below the tier of this one. I mean I'm trying to get a RMA on this one but I'll see if they will get it as i'm sure I can't get my money back for a coil whine and i'll just upgrade when I'll be able to.
  7. I know it's a poor one, I was an idiot and didn't really have a clue about PSUs at that point D: Lesson learned, harshly I guess. Rest of the specs are: i5 - 3350p, R9 Nano Fury 4GB HBM, 8gb DDR3 Ram @1600hz + 3 120mm fans. So 500w (since it's still an 80+ psu) should be adequate for this. The noise is currently still persisting. I'm going to be contacting CoolerMaster support in regards to if they will honor the warranty for this.
  8. Erm so I suppose you ahve the same problem then. I read some people managed to fix it by running OCCTPT Stress Test for an hour, didn't help here really. I should not that my screen randomly went black for a few seconds tonight while gaming and it froze once. It might be the PSU not delivering enough power (while it should) or it could be the undervolt on my GPU but it's so slight (-25mV) i find it hard to believe.
  9. Hey all, so today I noted some weird buzzing ish sound coming from my PSU while playing WoW so when the pc was kinda under load. I think this might be coil whine but I'm not 100% sure so I'd be happy if anyone would help me indentify it. In case it is coil whine, would this be a good enough reason to go on with the warranty and if my understanding is correct coil whine is not dangerous neither to the PSU or any of the PC components, correct? The power supply in question is Masterwatt Lite 500W https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOt8KKXHtpNaRvCjOHjM-11RI_zzNNpW9MIYSUi3xzSyKeo6coUSpK6fMzQn-XvrQ?key=a3VXaGJNSkRJcnNyVVNwRzFLLTk1blhvWm84NHdR
  10. Would you mind posting the full specs? What temps are you running at? And ofc good job on the mod!
  11. Holy cow I didn't know about that! So it's literally they were shooting for gold and then just locked cores that would sometimes work or what? I've been reading a bit about FX-9XXX series and that boggled my mind. A CPU that was released in 2013, required 220W, you literally had to watercool it and then the performance was sub i7-2700k. It's just mind boggling why they even released it, I get that you will have die hard fans but I mean come on its just so freaking weird. Then, from my understanding, there were just chips that weren't event close to the FX8350 for 5 years. There are also some Athlon buldozer CPUs for AM4 and in a world where you can literally spend 20€ more and get a Rzyen 1200/2200g their existence is as confusing as it gets.
  12. I just wanted to hear what CPU generations you guys find interesting and why. I've always been intrigued with the FX lineup from AMD as it's existence itself just feels so redundant. On the Intel side, Lynnfield is really cool imo. It's so old yet it feels like you can still squeeze a lot of power out of it in terms of gaming and in non video editing productivity tasks aswell.
  13. I know this isn't your original intent of the post but you might consider modding the Socket (not hard) and getting an e5450 Xeon as they go for a few bucks usually and are basically top of the line CPUs you can get on 775 sockets.
  14. Thanks for the answers! I've been playing around with he combo and so far it's been working great. I am CPU bound in some obvious places like Novigrad in Witcher 3 and later down the line I hope I'll be able to find a reasonably priced i7 3770
  15. Is that just because of the poor optimization of WoWs engine?