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  1. Is this a hardware or software issue?
  2. I do not know what I need, I have a prestige x570 creation motherboard with onboard 10gbe so I don't know what is on there I plan on hooking up the smart home hubs, the nas, my pc, printers and laptop and router/accesspoint to the network. I just do not know what I absolutly need. I don't think I need anything too large
  3. Hey I need advise my pc has a 10gb Ethernet port and my nas has 2 1gb ports and does link aggregation I’m wondering which switch I should use for my home office and gaming setup I’ve looked into the Netgear nighthawk switches I don’t think I need a 10gb switch since only my pc has a port and I am the only really using it other than my girlfriend who’s only using Internet
  4. I have watched nearly all of the NAS videos on the channel but I am still wondering what I should do to have reliable storage for all my photos that I accumulate as a Photographer. Should I buy a prebuilt nas or should I build my own? I want the data to be safe so i was thinking raid 1 or 6 but i also was curious if you can mix and match hard drive sizes etc. i would think the answer would be no. also if i build what should i pick up? I built my pc and I know how to upgrade it to some extent but I am nervous how different a nas unit would be.