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  1. I was wondering what the future of apple phones would look like since they announced that there would be a portliness iPhone in 2021. Would the icloud become the sole means for data transfer to computers which then would further integrate the user into the apple ecosystem, or would MagSafe become more advanced and be able to not only charge but provide data transfer as well? Another thing I was thinking is if there would be some kind of usb dongle that would have a wifi connection to directly link an iPhone to a Mac or something so provide more reliable wifi transfer or potentially just link u
  2. I am looking for a TV that is around the $1000 range plus or minus a few hundred dollars. I’m not too fond of OLED because of the risk of burning in. I was looking at Samsung Q 70 due to its 120 Hz refresh rate but I was also looking at the Q80. My question is are there other TVs in this price range that are better than these two TVs? I like Sony and LG brand TVs as well. Black Friday deals are going on so some of these more expensive TVs are in my price range
  3. I have a MSI x570 Prestige Creation with a 3900x and 64gb of ram and a samsung evo plus 970 m.2 for operating drive. Continue to have a d9 error but it posts and runs fine. No idea what is wrong. should i reinstall windows? my boot order is fine. I do however have many drives isntalled
  4. Is this a hardware or software issue?
  5. I do not know what I need, I have a prestige x570 creation motherboard with onboard 10gbe so I don't know what is on there I plan on hooking up the smart home hubs, the nas, my pc, printers and laptop and router/accesspoint to the network. I just do not know what I absolutly need. I don't think I need anything too large
  6. Hey I need advise my pc has a 10gb Ethernet port and my nas has 2 1gb ports and does link aggregation I’m wondering which switch I should use for my home office and gaming setup I’ve looked into the Netgear nighthawk switches I don’t think I need a 10gb switch since only my pc has a port and I am the only really using it other than my girlfriend who’s only using Internet
  7. I have watched nearly all of the NAS videos on the channel but I am still wondering what I should do to have reliable storage for all my photos that I accumulate as a Photographer. Should I buy a prebuilt nas or should I build my own? I want the data to be safe so i was thinking raid 1 or 6 but i also was curious if you can mix and match hard drive sizes etc. i would think the answer would be no. also if i build what should i pick up? I built my pc and I know how to upgrade it to some extent but I am nervous how different a nas unit would be.