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  1. I'm going to build my dad a computer. He's going to use it basically for nothing else but internet (youtube, facebook, paying bills) Prefers a desktop computer, not a laptop or tablet. Can anyone recommend a CPU and Ram? (cheap, old, doesn't matter as long as it does the job) Or just recommend specs to look for? (cpu clock speed, core number, cache size) (Ram speed, which ddr2 or 3 etc) I'll put linux ubuntu on it. Appreciate it
  2. What device am I looking for?

    Which companies make them?
  3. What device am I looking for?

    I have 3 computers and 1 logitech 2.1 speakers with a single 3.5 mm jack. I want to be able connect all three computers and speakers to some switch device and be able to choose which PC is outputting audio to the speakers. Everything I seem to find seems to be for stereo equipment or has rca connectors. I'm not looking for a kvm with audio because I want to be able to switch audio independently of the other devices. (using mouse and keyboard on one computer while listening to audio coming from another computer) Thanks!
  4. Why do icons sometimes disappear from my taskbar?

    No. These are my personal computers.
  5. Why do icons sometimes disappear from my taskbar?

    I'm talking about the launchers. (google chrome, steam, vlc media player, file explorer, libreoffice) Those are just some of the icons I put down there, and every once in a while, one goes missing. I'll add that it doesn't happen while the computer is on, but after shutting it down and turning it back on later.
  6. Does anyone else have this problem? I have Windows 10 on my laptop and on my desktop computer and I'm noticing that sometimes icons will disappear off of my taskbar. The other day, I was looking for chrome on my laptop taskbar and had to put it back, and just now I'm on my desktop computer looking for microsoft onenote only to find it's not there. Those aren't the only times it's happened either. What's going on here?
  7. My graphics card is an MSI GeForce GTX 1080 ARMOR 8G. I have a 27" 1440p monitor connected via HDMI and a 24" 1080p monitor connected via DVI. I'm thinking about buying a 21.5" 1080p monitor and connecting it via a DVI to Displayport cable. Is this perfectly fine, or will I lose monitor performance or something else? I only use the main, 27 inch monitor for gaming, the others are/will be used for non-gaming purposes.
  8. Does anybody know of an app that will allow you to mirror you phone to your computer screen so you can see notifications and type out text messages that will work while the phone screen is turned off? I downloaded airdroid but never use it because every time my phone display turns off, the connection is lost and I have to set it again. Side Questions: I don't have have the phone display always on because I obviously don't want to drain the battery, but what if I was using airdroid with the screen always on while phone is plugged in, charging? I don't know how batteries work. Will that overcharge the battery, shortening its life? I want to play an android game on a bigger screen. Should I run some kind of emulator on my pc or airdroid? Which is the better option?
  9. A lot of entry level IT jobs will mention that they require 1-2 years of experience troubleshooting or repairing computers. How can I get my foot in the door when even the entry level jobs want experience? Any ideas of how I can get that experience? I have a bit of book and classroom knowledge, but pretty much 0 hands on experience troubleshooting a broken computer or walking someone through a solution. I've thought about asking to work for free at a computer store, but they probably can't or won't go for that. I've also thought about posting a craigslist ad saying I'll attempt to fix a computer for no charge. Any ideas welcome.