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  1. Hardware or Software, Raid 1 or 5.

    3 TB Windows budget not important not sure about speed Because I'm a nerd
  2. My data mostly includes movies, tv shows, music, pdf e-books, documents, personal photos and recordings. I'm going to be reading from the drive the vast majority of the time, and occasionally adding new e-books, movies, etc. Will that make a difference in which type of raid to choose? (hardware raid vs software, raid 1 vs raid 5)
  3. How to connect my two windows 10 computers

    Is there a way to share an entire drive instead of folders within the drive? I was able to right-click on a folder inside my D drive, share it with everyone, then mapped the network drive on my laptop. Just want to know if I can share the entire drive in the same way.
  4. I have a laptop running windows 10 Home and a desktop running windows 10 Pro. Is there a way to connect them together with a workgroup to share files, folders, and printers? (as I understand it, microsoft did away with homegroups, right?) I just want my laptop to have access to the printer and hard drives connected to my desktop. Thanks
  5. Problem turning External HDD into Internal

    I actually already tossed the enclosure. Oh well. Good thing I backed up.
  6. I had an external hard drive that I wanted to get off my desk. I took it out of the enclosure and made it internal. But now when I go into disk management, it asks me to initialize the disk every time and the entire HDD shows up as unallocated. Is there any way to fix this problem? It's not a huge problem since I have the data backed up elsewhere, but I'd like to get the data back if possible.
  7. If I understand Linux distros correctly, they are nothing more than the programs, features, and packages that are chosen to be included with the linux kernal. But if you know how to install and uninstall programs, change desktop environments, etc, then it doesn't matter which distro you start with, right? You can start with linux ubuntu, change things around, and end up with something like linux mint?
  8. Ubuntu Server versus Desktop

    Are there any stripped down versions of ubuntu desktop that just give you a command line?
  9. Is ubuntu server the same as ubuntu desktop just without the GUI? I thought I might download the server version as a way of forcing myself to learn commands.
  10. What's a good android emulator to use?

    Hey, let's not start a fight guys... lol
  11. What's a good android emulator to use?

    So these will allow me to log into google play store and buy apps and sign into my accounts?
  12. There's a few android games I'd like to buy and download, but rather play them on the pc than my phone. An android emulator will let me do this, right? What's a good one? Where do you get them? Sorry, I just know nothing about them.
  13. I'm going to build my dad a computer. He's going to use it basically for nothing else but internet (youtube, facebook, paying bills) Prefers a desktop computer, not a laptop or tablet. Can anyone recommend a CPU and Ram? (cheap, old, doesn't matter as long as it does the job) Or just recommend specs to look for? (cpu clock speed, core number, cache size) (Ram speed, which ddr2 or 3 etc) I'll put linux ubuntu on it. Appreciate it
  14. What device am I looking for?

    Which companies make them?