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  1. I just put the latest edition of ubuntu server on an old computer that I want to turn into a server. Here's what I want to be able to do: 1. read, write to, create, upload, and delete files on the server from any on my network and from outside my network 2. access/stream my music/movies/pictures on the server from any device on my network and from outside my network What types of servers should I install? A plex server? A samba server? A NAS? VPN? FTP? All of them or some combination? I'm confused about the difference Thanks
  2. I noticed that I TrustedInstaller is the owner of my windows and program files folders. Is this the way it should be? I was unable to make a simple edit to the hosts file a couple days ago without removing inheritance and giving myself full control of the file. Would anything get messed up if I made my user account or the administrator's group the owner? Trusted install owns: C:\, C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, and others System owns C:\users, C:\users\chris My user account is part of the administrator's group C:\ (my account has read/execute and lis
  3. Regarding transcoding: I'm not sure I know how to answer that. It will be just for me to watch. I'm the only user who will be using it. Budget, I'd like to keep the whole build under $300. I already have the storage.
  4. I'd like to get advice on what kind of CPU I should get to handle everything I want to do with a server I want to build. I plan on using this server as a file server for all my devices, ftp server, plex media server, and a vpn server. Will an i3 be good enough, to handle all this, or should I go with an i5?
  5. +These are the connectors on my power supply. Do I need to get a certain type of tester, or would a standard power supply tester work?
  6. I bought a logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard with touchpad and I'm using it on my desktop computer running Windows 10. Does anyone know how I can adjust the speed of the touchpad? The cursor moves kinda slow. I can't find any way to do it in the control panel or in settings>devices.
  7. I'm looking for an alternative to onenote that I can use on my linux laptop and my windows desktop that will sync and update notes between devices. Anyone know of anything I could use?
  8. How does wine work? Can I try any windows program with it, or is there just a list of compatible programs. I really like Microsoft Onenote, and If I can get that working and sync up with my other computer, I'd switch over to Linux on my laptop entirely. A few more programs like kindle and google drive too. Would those work?
  9. So if it's the ram timings, I'd probably have the exact same issue if I ordered an identical crucial stick?
  10. I have an acer aspire. I tried to go into the bios to see if I could change anything with the ram to get them to match, but the bios is very simple and I do not see any options to change ram settings.
  11. Yes, trying for 16. Best to stay with same brand as well?
  12. I just bought some new ram for my laptop. My current laptop ram is 8GB Hynix 2400 DDR4. I bought 8GB Crucial 2400 DDR4 ram. My computer blue screens with the new ram in. I ram memory diagnostics on the new ram and it appears to be fine. Is this a fluke? If I returned the Crucial stick for another Crucial of the same kind, will I most likely have the same issue? Or should I try to get the exact same kind of ram?
  13. Might be dumb questions but the usual "add to cart" button is not there. There's a download button. When click the button to download it a black download window pops up. Nothing else.