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    I work, eat, game, eat, sleep then repeat... Mix in a shower when I need to get clean , a youtube binge of LTT or some creepypastas when I'm bored, oh can't forget some snacks because did I say eat already and that enjoyable government regulated recreational natural medicine.

    That's my life in a nutshell...
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    I7 6700
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    Msi B250 Pro Series
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LpX DDR4 2400
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    Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 OC
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    EVGA DG73 (Modded front pannel & top filter)
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    1 TB WD Blue HHD + 2TB Seagate HHD + 128 GB Agata Ultimate SSD
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    EVGA Supernova 650 G3 80+ Gold
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    ViewSonic XG2701 27 Inch 144Hz 1ms 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor
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    Cooler Master hyper 212 evo black edition
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    Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum (RomerG tactile)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus spectrum
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    Plantronics Rig 500 HD
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit

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  1. Have you checked your temps? Almost all of my old hardware starts to develop thermal throttling issues as it ages out and starts to drop off performance. I notice you've got a overclock on the gpu have you tried lowering it or running at stock speeds to see if the issue continues? There's a possibility through natural degradation overtime the overclock has become unstable and is causing the issue. Just some random thoughts but it could litteraly just be a sign that the hardware is at the end of its life when you're that close to minimum requirements the smallest things can have an impact, background processes like anti virus or cleaning software, mouse and keyboard software for key mapping and rgb even things like msi afterburner use cpu to run in the background.
  2. I ran userbenchmark after a normal start up and then with as many background applications closed as possible. Just with the few obvious programs in my tray being closed my score improved from 43rd percentile up to 57th percentile. Not sure how accurate that benchmark is but from the results I got everything in my system is performing above average except my HDDs and my 2400mhz ram is under performing also as it will only clock to 2133.
  3. Unfortunately ram cant be overclocked, my motherboard is supposed to support 2400 and my ram is 2400 xmp ram but even with xmp enabled my ram runs at the stock base 2133. From my understanding I'd need a Z chipset in order to overclock the ram with a non k but at the time of purchase a Z chipset didnt make sense as I already had the 6700.
  4. Benchmark: Fire Strike 1.1 Cpu: I7 6700 (non k) 4,002mhz max boost GPU: Asus ROG Strix Rtx 2070 OC (stock) Core: 1995mhz Memory: 1750mhz Score: 16976 Score link: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/19403000
  5. Yea so sounds like basically everything I listed explains my performance issues, going to have to try running some full system benchmarks and drive tests to see if the drives are causing any of the issues. Also going to have to look into killing dome apps and processes that are unneeded and try to limit background software. Really not sure how my system managed to run Haven in 8x on ultra in 1080p smoothly even just the one time if you have issues with an 8086k and a 2080ti.
  6. No artifacts just textures going blurry or lagging like you look at a zombie in the distance through a scope and it takes a second before the textures load and the one thing looks like it's on low settings when everything else is on high. I've also got the occasional screen tare if I get a bad drop during a stutter, I've had some textures on walls kind of moving if you view them from certain distances or angles. Then nioh just looked horrible but that could just be a bad download I think I could possibly be just pushing it to far and turning up or on the wrong in game setting causing the cpu to bottleneck underload I have been turning most game to the max, like I click ultra and then see if there's other settings still disabled and turn them on to in most cases.... Gonna try turning a few things down and try some more games over the weekend hopefully to better results
  7. Would cpu bottle necking explain the stuttering, graphical errors, framedrops and the variance between Haven scores? For the past few years I've been living with gpu based bottlenecks, now that I'm dealing with a gpu that's more powerful than my cpu this is a whole new situation I know very little about. If it's a cpu based bottle neck would stepping up to a 1440p display possibly improve performance by putting more load on the gpu and lifting some of the cpu usage?
  8. So I'm running an I7 6700 (non k) with 16GB DDR4 @ 2133 and a ROG Strix Rtx 2070. I've only managed to test it in a few games and I'm gaming in 1080p but I'm not seeing the Fps I expected, I'm also getting stuttering as well as other minor graphical issues when I turn the settings all the way up in some games. I don't think it's the card as I'm not getting any artifacts, bluescreens or regular crashes and in fire strike the card seems to be well within the range of 2070 performance. https://www.3dmark.com/fs/19403000 Off hand what I can remember Ive played farcry 5 1080p Ultra with hd textures and was only getting between 70-90 fps probably averaging closer to 75fps Valley 1080p max settings was only getting 60-80fps Agony unrated 1080p max settings ran at 144fps but was stuttering and had a weird trailing effect in some of the graphics and some of the textures almost seemed to lag a bit and would look weird Nioh 1080p max I didn't even check the Fps the graphics looked horrible everything had rough edges, textures were blured, lines looked jagged. No idea why as I did not have the time to troubleshoot mind you this is a cracked copy as I had previously refunded it on steam due to fps drops on my old gpu not sure if that could be part of the issue. I also ran Unigine Haven benchmark 1080p 8xAA d3d11 Ultra details twice the first time I saw graphical stutter and a few frame drops I think my score was around 2800 with a high of around 250fps and a low of 9.1fps. The second run right after same settings there was no stutter and I scored 3004 avg fps 119.3 min fps 29.1 max 258.9 Some other details that may or may not be important... I did a fresh driver install after updating my gpu, and have not changed any of the default settings. I have 2 hard drives in the system from 2 other systems both have several hundred gigabytes of games on them how ever they also have windows on them and had all the old software and drivers from when they were in the previous systems. Both are fairly full and are a 2tb 7200rpm drive and a 1tb 5400rpm drive. I spent the last bit of time deleting all the old drivers and software as I thought they maybe conflicting some how. I have a few different softwares running such as Logitech gaming software, Aura sync, gpu tweak, avast, malware bytes and plantronics rig mixer from what I can recall that's it but I may have missed one or two. I thank any of you who took the time to get through all of the details, anyone who could shed some insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping it's just a over site on my part or some background process hitting the cpu or ram but I'm thinking it could be a bottle neck or I just expected to much out of the gpu upgrade...
  9. Does between 70 and 100 fps sound a bit low for FC5 1080p on ultra +hd textures? I'm only hitting between 60%-80% cpu useage so I don't think I'm bottlenecking the card there. I was honestly expecting 100+ fps not sure if I was just expecting to much or if I'm not getting the full potential due to some user error.... I mean I didn't DDU my old drivers, and I'm running the last windows 10 before the most recent build, I also have a few more background applications then I'd like but I don't think that would impact performance to drastically I think I'm using maybe 3gb ram in idle which seems normal for windows 10.
  10. I assume not but I had everything turned down as my 760 was a blower card and hit 80° instantly so I was running lower specs then most 760s would run
  11. Thank you for the detailed responce I appreciate it greatly. I'll have to download a couple of those games totally forgot how demanding the new AC games were I'll have to see how they run. Also have to see how farcry 5 runs now that I can turn it up past low.
  12. Just upgraded my gpu yesterday I went from a Zotac Gtx 760 2gb blower card to an Asus ROG Strix Rtx 2070 OC. Now I'm sure this has been asked before but are the white LED lights near the PCI power connectors on the gpu supposed to remain on all the time even when the system is turned off? I would also like to know if there are any specific warning signs of a bad card to look for aside from crashes or artifacts, as I'm a slight bit nervous with all the people online boycotting RTX cards for being "defective". Lastly I've been stuck on a 760 for quite some time, so now that I have a bit more power any game recommendations you can provide that would be a good showcase for the upgrade I've made would be great. I've been on low settings for so long I stopped really following anything that had high end graphics as my specs were to low for most things. So my current library has more older less demanding titles, I game 1080p and have a 144hz monitor and will try pretty much anything.
  13. Oh I know all brands got hit just with the amount of negative reviews on the gigabyte cards vs on other brands and the fact people are still writing negative reviews of bad cards that were just recently purchased. It seems like either gigabyte has a very large number of defective boards or newegg just happened to receive a large amount of the bad cards and are still sending those out to people.... Basically my concern is, is it something that's been addressed and fixed or is it something still widely happening with the cards. The thought of buying a brand new fairly expensive GPU that might fail after a few months is as unappealing as buying a as is GPU off Ebay.
  14. So basically I'm looking at buying a Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce. First I watched some YouTube reviews including the few about the early 2070s, 2080s and 2080 ti failures, but they seemed to stop after the first few months. After that I checked reviews at different retailers like Canada computers where I intended to buy the card to sites like Amazon.ca and then newegg.ca Most sites didnt have any reviews or only had a few reviews and none were very detailed nor did they have overly bad ratings, but on newegg the card has an extremely low rating. The majority of the 130 some odd reviews are of having cards fail many after a month of use and needing to send cards in for RMA. Some even claim to be on their 3rd or 4th card inside of 6 months and having to wait upwards of 3 weeks to go through each RMA process. Basically I'm just trying to figure out if this is a on going problem with the gigabyte rtx 2070 windforce cards or if it's just that newegg happened to get more of the defective early cards and people are unfortunately receiving those cards still and that's the cause for the large amount of negative reviews on newegg... Any input from anyone who's had a bit of time with a gigabyte rtx 2070 windforce who could share their experiences with the card and overall opinion on it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Yea I'll probably have to go that route I was hoping someone who had experience with one or both brands could provide so insight on the backlight glow and if one company has a issue with it over the other. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to hook them up and see the picture before buying tho as it's a warehouse where you pickup online purchases. A side by side would make things so much easier, atleast no matter which way I go it's a 144hz display for less than $300.