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  1. Will give restore a try, I have been getting high ping from the past 3 to 4 days thanks btw
  2. so, i play pubg a lot (700hrs) and i used to get like 100 to 120 (on average) ping always. which was acceptable from the place i live and considering i use 4G. but there were never major ping shoots it was always stable, lately the ping i am getting is 300 to 350 on average and its laggy and unplayable,now the real problem is i use outfox to measure ping and earlier it used to show 300 ping if outfox used and 100 if not used .and now it says 100 if outfox used and 300 if not used. now what did i do wrong with my pc .again i never had 300 ping in my past 700 hours. i hope i was able to explain it you . sorry for my bad english
  3. Well it's frustrating I tried to boot my computer ,everything is normal ,the windows logo pops up and those small dots spin for a while (nearly 5 minutes)and it boots up to a black screen with my mouse cursor on it. And that's it it's there for 45 minutes . I tried reboot but it didn't work,I tried pressing ctrl+alt+del again it didn't work please help me ?
  4. so i have been playing pubg for 5 months now and this happened twice as i was launching pubg steam said it is verifying files and then suddenly its allocating space for download and starts downloading all 13.4 GB again.i checked the steam folder and it is just 6GB which is size of my other game, so now i need to download pubg again? and i cant cause my ISP charges a lot .is there anything i can do beside downloading
  5. But I had ping in between 100-150 (playable for me) .the problem started on 22-03-2018 before that it was okay
  6. Hello people, I have been getting huge ping spikes in pubg .the ping is nearly 150 which is okay but it goes up suddenly to 1200 ping and I don't know why.its sad that I use mobile hotspot for gaming because there's no broadband service near my house because of wiring problems.and my sim card provider gives 4G 3Gb/day for a month at just 5$ with decent download speed of 3 to 4 MBPS what should I do.i was about to buy a router which uses sim card and turns it into WiFi and can be used as USB tethering for pc .I don't know weather I was able to explain properly or not but that's how it is! thank you in advance BTW i live in India
  7. hey guys, i don't know weather i will be able to explain this to you or not .still i am getting tired of using internet over my phone hotspot.so i wanted something that uses my 4G sim card and routes through ethernet cable to my pc .please don't suggest buying a broadband connection .as my 4G service provider gives 3GB/day at nearly 5$ in my country .and does that type of device even exist .thank you
  8. things i have noticed is whenever the game gets annoying and boring .i don't feel good
  9. Getting straight to the point .I don't know why but whenever I try to play games on my pc my stomach starts churning .yes it's because of motion sickness .but this happens during particular games like dying light,far cry series etc and that's not the case with games like Pubg. I play for like 4 to 5 hours without any break and I don't feel anything. Am I doing something wrong .or should I consult doctor. btw I play Pubg in first person .any help will be appreciated EDIT:- just bought metro 2033 and last light redux as a bundle for 2$ on steam .played metro 2033 for 45 minutes and boom motion sickness hits hard
  10. if you don't want to help then please don't. nobody asked you
  11. i was expecting someone suggesting cutting it down. but i agree with both of you and thanks. i have never received answer this fast on any other forum
  12. hello everyone now this is my first time here on linus's forum. anyways coming to the question .i bought a gaming headphones(kotion GS410) from amazon recently. and for my taste the audio is pretty good and that's not a problem here ,the problem is it's cable which is way too long which people may say good but it really makes me be careful as it gets stuck under the chair .and i don't want to damage my headphones because simply i cant afford them what do i do now.