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  • CPU
    Intel i7 6700
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG G20CB
  • RAM
    16 GB
  • GPU
    Nvidia 1070
  • Case
    Asus ROG G20CB
  • PSU
    Asus ROG G20CB
  • Display(s)
    Vizio M-55

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  1. I agree. It also seems too many folks don't account for the value of their own time professionally when evaluating a purchase.
  2. nick name

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    The only way something like this would fly is if someone like Qualcomm or another ARM CPU manufacturer posed a large enough presence in the market. And as far as I know -- they aren't even close in the PC or Server market.
  3. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    How awesome is that.
  4. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    As a gift? How'd that happen?
  5. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    Lol why is the better card sitting on the desk?
  6. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    Right on. I use a Thermaltake Core P3 so all you would see is white if I had the stock fans on the front of the AIO.
  7. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    I had an older gen 4 Asetek 360 AIO (Thermaltake Water 3.0) and the S36 reduced temps quite a bit. And I had those same 6 Corsair SP120L fans on both. I never really used the stock fans by themselves because I don't like that the blades are white.
  8. No, problem. I think it's really just a function of higher-end boards so I don't think there is really an "issue" to be solved other than manufacturers finding a way to speed up the process. The Prime Pro was fucking quick to POST -- the Crosshair VII is slower than my old laptop.
  9. The ASUS X470 Prime didn't have that problem, but the Crosshair VII does. It takes forever to POST and nobody has found any significant way to speed it up. So I imagine you're probably in the same boat if the delay is the board trying to POST.
  10. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    I feel ya on that.
  11. nick name

    Dont like my wife ;)

    Bahahaha that's hilarious. @Kenjo Can you wait until Q2 and see what AMD presents? If anything prices might go down and then you might get her to agree to some more new toys also.
  12. nick name

    cpu edc 2700x

    Do you manually set the voltage in BIOS? I know on ASUS boards that will make the CPU behave as if it's overclocked in that it doesn't reach all its p-states.
  13. nick name

    cpu edc 2700x

    One thing that makes EDC constantly sit at 100% is not having Minimum Processor State set to a value below 50%. You can use any power plan you'd like, but Minimum Processor State must below 50%. This allows the CPU to reach all its p-states. I use Ultimate Performance and 20%.
  14. nick name

    Simple question about SSDs

    Is your SSD new or is this issue a new development?
  15. nick name

    162% EDC usage in ryzen master

    Ummmmmm nothing on that screenshot makes sense.