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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
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    64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400 Mhz
  • GPU
    GTX 680 Lightning
  • Case
    Corsair 800D
  • Storage
    2 x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB Raid 0
  • PSU
    Corsair AX1200i
  • Display(s)
    LG UWHD 29"
  • Cooling
    Custom Loop
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Performance MX
  • Sound
    Soundblaster ZXR + Onkyo Receiver + Custom Setup
  1. Oh ya TTL is awesome been following him for many many years, great guy, true reviews and doesn't give a fuck about sponsors or whatever. Good man.
  2. OC3D Video Review of the Asus Rampage V Extreme X99 Haswell-E Motherboard featuring the Intel 5960X.
  3. Video Overview of the Rampage V Extreme on Newegg. Says its out of stock BUT at least they're finally here.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132262

    Project BLU

    Hey Guys, Could you Please make sure you vote for my build for build of the month in the link below. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/148407-build-log-voting-thread-april-2014/ Thank you!

    Project BLU

    Thank you my friend I appreciate it Please make sure you vote for my build for build of the month in the link below. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/148407-build-log-voting-thread-april-2014/ Thank you!

    Project BLU

    Thanks man, it's a lot of work and you need to be very patient especially with hard tubing since you'll end up using twice as much as you think you need if you're going for elaborate bends and turns, so easy to ruin the tubing if you're not patient. You should see my Server Room

    Project BLU

    Thanks man! I submitted it to Build of the month make sure you vote for it! Cheers.
  8. Thread URL : http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/102741-project-blu/page-2#entry1937488 Description : Hello, I'm Abdullateef from Kuwait and I've been building custom systems for 15 years, this is my first Rigid Tubing Watercooled Rig. Enjoy. Name BLU V Case Corsair 350D Motherboard MSI Z87M Gaming CPU Intel i7 4770K Memory Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 2400Mhz GPU 2 x Sapphire R9 290 SSD 2 x Samsung 840 PRO 256GB Raid 0 PSU Corsair AX 860 Custom Water Loop: CPU EK Supremacy Clean GPU 2 x EK R9 290x Clean Nickel Radiator 1 Alphacool 280 30mm Radiator 2 Alphacool 240 30mm CrossFire 2 x Bitspower Crystal Links Dual Mini Pump Swiftech D5 Vario + Bitspower Mod Kit + Custom Wiring and Sleeving Reservoir Bitspower 80mm + Bitspower Pump Top Clear + Bitspower Triple Inlet Clear Tubing EK HD Tube 12/16 Fittings 20 x EK HD Tube 12/16 Black Fans 4 x Corsair AF 140 LED Blue Quiet Edition 1 x Corsair AF 120 LED Blue Quiet Edition Coolant 4 x Mayhems XT-1 Clear UV Blue Concentrate Misc. Fittings 5 x Bitspower 45° Single Rotary 5 x Bitspower 90° Double Rotary 5 x Bitspower 15mm Extension 5 x Bitspower 30mm Extension 5 x Bitspower 30mm Extension Rotary Bitspower Q Plus Fitting Bitspower Mini Valve Miscellaneous: Lighting 1 x 3mm Dual UV Led 2 x 5mm Dual UV Led 4 x 30cm Phobya UV Led FlexLight Wiring Mod Smart Black + Black Sleeveless Heatshrink Cables Molex to Sata Power Splitters NZXT 10 Way 3 Pin Power Hub Dye 2 x Mayhemx XT-1 Clear UV Blue Dye 15ml HD Kit Monsoon 12/16 Hard Tube Bending Kit Working with Rigid Tubing can be quite tedious and requires a lot of patience and tools, to name a few: Tools: DeWalt 2000 Watt Heatgun Dremel VersaTip Dremel 8200 Black and Decker Sanding Belt and Disk Grinder Tube Reamer Cheers. Picture URL : http://linustechtips.com/main/uploads/gallery/album_1286/gallery_54441_1286_625358.jpg

    Project BLU

    Finally Completed, got my hands on pair of 512 840 pro's in Raid 0 and a fan speed reducer for the top 280s since they can get quite loud.

    Project BLU

    Haha.. No. Goodluck though

    Project BLU

    Thanks man! I appreciate it, took alot of time and effort to put it all together and to actually get it to work the way its supposed to in sync but it's worth it! The build was a fun experience too but exhausting, rigid tubing is a disaster to work with, patience a plenty.

    Project BLU

    Hahahaha.. Enough..