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  1. Okay, so I've recently moved apartments however my ISP is being slow with activating my line, so I was wondering if I would be able to use my mobile as an ethernet hub too my pc. I know you can connect your android devices to a modem etc through ethernet to connect to the internet but can it work in the opposite direction and if so how? My 4g is spotty inside the flat so the plan was to leave my phone in an are with good connection (which is in another room) and run the ethernet from there to my pc Thoughts?
  2. BanksC

    i7 vPro

    im waiting for photos in the add it states its a Hewlett Packard desktop so i was trying to find one of there prebuilts with a vpro sticker but nothing seems to have turned up
  3. BanksC

    i7 vPro

    so i can see the vpro line up on google but everything seems to be a laptop? i just saw an add on facebook with a i7 vPro in and i cant seem to find any desktop chips for sale anywhere? anybody have a refernce of what theyre like and if they use standard sockets etc? Its going for 75 pounds and has a 1tb harddrive, 16gb of ram and comes with a monitor keyboard and mouse ? it seems like its completely underpriced so i feel like its a scam
  4. BanksC


    Im looking at trying my hand at a raid 0 ssd array and was wondering what would be the best size? 1tb seems too large when looking at the price i was thinking of 4 x 500gb ssd or would it make more sense to do 2x 2tb ? the array is for general use, nothing important but id like to be able to back up my data onto a hard drive relatively easily is there a free software solution for that? Also if i were to change systems with the drives would i be able to rebuild the array ? or would i have to build it from the backup?