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  1. I'm more concerned over the board failing because its expensive to replace, even more so considering its a MSI Big Bang Xpower. Trying to pick up another board of that level for a decent price will be neigh impossible. I bet its $200+ for a comperable replacement.
  2. Troika

    Black Friday

    Anyone go yet to see whats on the shelves?
  3. I need a better cooling solution first before I can push it more. This is also my only computer so I don't want to break somethink I can't replace easily.
  4. I got my i7 970 today, picked it up for a nice $27 on ebay. I knew it was gonna be better than a i7 920, I just didn't think the difference was gonna be THIS massive. 50% over my maxed out i7 920. https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/21047394/fs/20401988 I managed to get to 4.33Ghz but it crashed as soon as temps hit 85C so it could be that I don't have enough Vcore or its just getting too hot, could be both. Either way, I'm gonna need better cooling if I plan on pushing over 1.35 Vcore. Right now, 4.14Ghz is plenty fine at 1.3V. Some other numbers: CB R15: 950 @ 4.33Ghz | 891 @ 4.14Ghz CB R20: Failed @ 4.33Ghz | 1877 @ 4.14Ghz
  5. Were you considering picking up a MSI Big Bang Xpower?
  6. I like the board, it has nearly all the expansion I need aside from a usb 3.0 header so I could use my front usb 3.0. I plan on picking up a USB 3.0 card because I do actually need three more usb ports, along with a few other expansion cards I plan on picking up. I have my eyes on a LSI SAS Raid controller card that can support upto 8 sata drives at 6gbps so I can have all my sata storage running at sata 3 speeds and a pci-e two slot m.2 riser card one sata and one nvme for boot and for high speed sata storage. I have decided that I'll want to run a three way SLI or crossfire setup for this rig, though, since it'll be my primary rig for some time, I'll be getting a powerful single gpu first. I'm thinking a GTX 1080 Ti will be the most powerful thing I'll need for 1440p @ 144hz for quite some time. When I upgrade back to Ryzen, I'll get the three gpus I want to use for the multi-gpu setup. I was thinking either triple GTX 580s (most powerful single Nvidia GPUs when the i9 990X was released), GTX 680 (The obvious upgrade for the GTX 580s) or potentially the GTX 780TI (reasonably the most powerful set of gpus that could be used without a major cpu bottleneck would be a concern with more powerful options). I considered the GTX 590 and GTX 690 as options since those would allow for quad SLI but they technically aren't the best when compared to just using two single cards (580s for the former or 680 for the latter) In the case of the GTX 590, it has less memory bandwidth in its stock configuration in comparison to a reference GTX 580 due to lower memory clocks as well as lower core clocks, In the case of the GTX 690, it just has a lower core clock. That said, those dual gpus do add a certain level of "Badassness" that simply using single gpus don't on top of the fact that the stock coolers do look nicer, especially the GTX 690. That said, if I want to do any extreme overclocking, I will have to figure out how to liquid cool them and I doubt that I can find any waterblocks specific to these cards anywhere. On AMD's side, the ideal choice would be the Radeon HD 7970, specifically the 6GB model. Why the 6GB model instead of going for two HD 7990s? Because the 7990 only comes in a 3GBx2 configuration despite having faster core and memory clocks. Its hard to justify going for only a total of 3GB usable vram when the 6GB single card models exist. On top of that, the HD 7970 is extremely powerful. It definitely mops the floor with the GTX 580 and traded blows with the GTX 680 frequently and that's comparing the 3GB 7970 and the 2GB 680 at 1080p. The 6GB 7970 would probably do decently well at 1440p as well. I'll come to that particular hurdle once its closer in sight, there's plenty more important upgrades for me to aim for than replacing my Fury X at the moment. Like getting better quality memory and moving up to a i7 970. Oh, there's also the inconvenient fact that my board isn't properly compatible with Xeons so I have to go with the more expensive i7 980X and 990X if I want the best chip to socket into this board. That said, now that I have a compatiblw chip in the board, the bios is much easier to live with. The system is very happy at 3.78Ghz and ~1200mhz ram. There's the weird occasional boot issue that somehow my boot drive becomes indetectable when I turn my computer on but that's easily solvable by turning the power supply switch to off and power draining the whole computer before trying to turn it on again. Its quite an odd behavior that's inconvenient but not really bothersome. Other than that, the system works perfectly fine when in use. I even managed to get Mass Effect Andromeda to place nice with it despite my phenom II 1090T just wouldn't play ball despite being similarly powerful as a i7 920 but hey, its progress. I can play it at 1080p high with the scaler set to 900p perfectly fine at 80~90fps, 1440p is a bit too much with lows going down as far as 10fps in some cases.
  7. I highly doubt that there's any microcode updates to fix any of the vulnerabilities found after 2017. X79 and X99, maybe, but I think X58 is old enough to be fully discontinued by Intel at this point. I mean, all the X58 chips will be effectively behind most modern chips because of the lack of modern instruction sets, namely AVX and applications that use it more efficiently than SSE2, 3, or 4/4.1/4.2 or outright requires it (Apex Legends). That said, when it comes to raw grunt, it'll easily match and in some cases surpass a stock Ryzen 5 1600. Interestingly, a clock for clock matched i7 8700k is only 56% faster on average in gaming despite the 73% single core performance disparity. That does shows that modern games are becoming more optimized for larger core count chips. That said, the 8700k is 2017 and the 970 is from 7 year earlier and its a locked chip. Kinda goes to show that gpus have come MUCH farther along in the same amount of time than cpus. So my assumption that a 1070 Ti/1080/Vega 64 would be the best gpu I could pair with this setup. I'll probably go for a 1080 just so I don't have to deal with the radeon drivers. I really do like AMD cards more but the drivers can be a pain to live with sometimes. Vega FE made that painfully obvious. Fury X is easier to live with but that's only because overclocking it is pretty pointless and undervolting it doesn't really do much other than maybe save 20 or so watts of power. Once I'm back on Ryzen, I'll probably go for a high end Navi card for that. Here's to hoping for the return of the X990 class cards, even if dual gpu cards don't comeback with Navi. That said, I don't believe that multi-gpu solutions will be gone forever, eventually, they'll be the only way to get gains at ultra high resolutions in the future when gpu performance gains from IPC and architecture improvements starts to flat line. Just like the old days where if you wanted the best gaming experience possible, you put two or three gpus together to play games at crazy high resolutions on arrays of four, six and eight monitors. I remember when I first got started in tech school, one of the first friends I made had a fucking epic gaming setup. Custom six monitor array for a total of 5760x2160, a full 7.1 1000w surround sound system, and desktop powered by a i7 4960X, 128GB of ram and 4 GTX 780 TI. If memory serves correctly, they were K|ngp|n cards. It was fully watercooled and he even built the case for it himself out of aluminum and acrylic plates. It was a fricken beast but it was by far the best gaming computer I ever saw in person. I think he said he had put like over $7,000 into the parts to get the system going and as far as I know, he still has it. I know he had replaced his quad 780 Ti setup for quad 1080 Ti, also k|ngp|n cards. I know that cause I asked him if I could buy one of those 780 Tis from him but he said no. I think he didn't want to sell them cause they were produced in a limited quantity so that made them kinda rare. I don't know if that was true but they definitely looked a lot better than other gpus at the time and honestly, I still think they do.
  8. I got my two RGB stripped plugged in once I found my box of Corsair RMx cables to grab a molex connector. I just gotta find my remote so I can change the color to blue. Now that I've finally got my full game library installed again, I've started playing some games and I've noticed that my Fury X has become my bottleneck for this rig. Usage is pinned to 100% or flutters between 95% and 100%. That got me thinking, what the most powerful gpu y'all have paired with a 6 core X58 rig for gaming? I'm thinking a 1070 Ti or a 1080 might be the most you could pair without the CPU becoming a hard bottleneck. My target res is 1440p at 144hz, or as close to that as possible, with the highest settings possible to maintain high fps. I haven't gone through all my games but I noticed that Crossout get an average of 130FPS on the high preset and War Thunder gets 85~90FPS on the high preset depending on the map and how intense a given battle is. I've seen sustained dips as low as 70 FPS. None of the games I tried have the cpu pinned at 100% yet so that tells me that it isn't a bottleneck yet. I've heard that going to higher resolutions that cpu bottlenecks are lesser because your GPU gets pushed harder.
  9. So, I've been messing around with the voltages. I dropped bclk down to 191 to get 4.01Ghz at the x21 multiplier, changed vcore all the way upto 1.375v, QPI upto 1.32, IOH to 1.2V and it appears to be stable but the temps are hotter than I'd like. 85C after 4 minutes and the water hasn't equalized yet so the temp would creep higher and higher the longer prime95 ran. I saved the settings but it seems like I won't be able to get much farther with the i7 920 with my H110i GTX. I tried different combinations of lower vcore and higher QPI and I would either crash at the desktop or crash after 10 seconds into prime95. I've been looking up other people who've overclocked i7 920s upto and past 4ghz and they were using 1.375v or more vcore with 1600mhz or faster ram. I may need a better cooler or I just need better quality ram, both of which I don't have the budget for at the moment. I'll have to revisit this later in the future.
  10. Thanks, I'll give those voltages a try tomorrow and I'll try looking for your old guides. I might have to dial back the bclk so I can get the QPI lower, which would lower my maximum clock speed. I may still hit 4ghz at one of those weird numbers that LGA 1366 and LGA 775/771 chips are famous for. I will be needing faster ram to be able to get better speeds or more stability out of certain settings. I do have plans for better ram as well as a build path for the whole rig. The first thing on the list is getting a nvme drive to boot from a pci-e riser card with a secondary sata m.2 drive for high capacity, high speed storage. I use prime95 for an hour to validate for benchmarking n' such but for everyday use, I'll do a 8 hour run on smallFFTs. If it passes that, then I can trust it to be reliable for 24/7 use even though I use my computer continually only for about 6 hours with mixed loads. That said, the heaviest games I play are Ark Survival, Mass Effect Andromeda (both of which are poorly optimized), and large RTS games like Age of Empires 6+ players with 200+ pop cap and Dawn of War Soulstorm with the ultimate Apocalypse mod with titans and 30+ troop and vehicle caps. Those last two can be particularly intense on a cpu. On a Ryzen 7 2700X at 4.2Ghz, I was at 100% usage and 10~15fps in battles with a 6 player battle with the settings I describe for DoW:SS. I'm certainly not expecting that for an i7 920 but I'm hoping to comfortably play 1v1 matches. Once I move up to a i7 970 and eventually an i7 990X, it'll be easier to hit higher OCs without pushing the bclk as hard.
  11. Alright, so I have finished migrating everything over and my main rig is now my X58 rig. I have a working 3.78Ghz OC because I'm able to force the turbo multiplier to remain active 100% of the time in the bios. One of the things I find annoying is that while the MSI Big Bang Xpower board has two raid controllers, one by Marvell and one by Intel, I can't use both so I have to pick between raid on the two sata 3 ports or on the six sata 2 ports. Since I want a single SSD partition, I put my SSDs in raid 0 on the sata 3 ports. Other than that, everything has gone smoothly so far. Now, I want to push my i7 920 more, at least to an even 4.0ghz or 4.2ghz if possible, both of which would require a bclk of 200. I've had trouble getting this to boot into windows at all. I managed to squeak past post but I can't into windows so far. At this point, I need some help. I took pictures of my bios settings for 3.78Ghz. The max temp I observed in the MSI afterburner graph was about 65C The voltages I'm using are straight from Brian's X58 Overclocking video so they may or may not be high for this chip. I don't know because this is my first experience with any serious X58 overclocking, System specs CPU: i7 920 Mobo: MSI X58 Big Bang Xpower (AMI Bios v1.7) Cooler: Corsair H110i GTX (Pump set to performance, fans have a custom curve with them getting pinned to 100% once a temp of 70C has been reached) Ram: 16GB (2x4GB Micron + 4x2GB Samsung) DDR3-1333mhz CL9 GPU: XFX Radeon R9 Fury X SSDs: 2x Intel 545s 256GB in Raid 0 HDDs: 2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB Case Notes: The stock white led AF140 fans have been swapped for ML140, which are unfortunately pinned at 100% due to no pwm headers. The rear fan behind the Fury X rad is a Noctua NF-F14 IPPC 3000rpm set to 75% to make it less obnoxious. The H110i GTX has its stock SP140L fans because they're not that bad.
  12. I went to the going out of business sale at Circuit City, I got a Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess walkthrough book, a 100 count spindle of DVD-r and a box of printer paper for like $15. All the good stuff was gone but I have about 40 DVD-r and half the box of printer paper left. I also have a Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess save on my Wii that's 92% complete thanks to the guide.
  13. I agree with this 1,000,000%. I tried to order a tempered glass media center with a TV mount on Amazon for $100 cause it was a pretty good deal but not only did it arrive broken the first time, the replacement also arrived broken so I ultimately got a refund after a month of frustration. For big, fragile things like that, I'd MUCH rather purchase them in a store to make sure they don't arrive to my house broken. That said, I don't mind buying small monitors (under 32") online because they're robust enough to survive shipping with the foam inserts they're shipped in. Anything bigger, I'll buy at a store or purchase to pickup at a store. And the other odd small bits and pieces like fan splitters, header changers, and anything else like that because I usually find out that I need one after I'm halfway through a build that I don't mind spending an extra few cents or a dollar to just get something in 20 minutes rather than waiting three days to a week for the same item.
  14. Micro Center definitely knows how to compete and they don't seem likely to be closing down anytime soon. They also don't have anywhere as many locations as Fry's does. There's one in the DFW area and one in Houston. They have 25 stores total in the USA and that's it. Fry's has like 4 or 5 locations in the DFW area alone but that also means they have much more expenses because of it. I'm not saying Micro Center will be around forever but they seem to know what they're doing to compete against online retailers.
  15. That said, I prefer microcenter so much more. The weekly and sometimes monthly deals are so much more worth it, the sales team there are much more knowledgeable, or at least seem to be, I even have a contact at the store that lets me know when they get new product in that might interest me or get something that hadn't been stocked in a while that did interest me. On top of that, they have a much bigger selection of computer hardware.