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  1. I don't know if I'd do that though, that does give me an idea. I could replace the back door panel with a plexi panel with vents cut into it and stick a big ass 1080mm 9x120mm/3x360mm rad matrix on the mobo tray plus the 360mm that'd go in the top panel, the 240mm in the bottom HDD section and the 140mm at the back. The other option would be an external liquid chiller/cooler like this old school thing. I would lose the top 360mm rad if I went that route though and still have the original issue. I could hog out the front since one of the HDD rails is riveted in rather than screwed in and that'd net me access to a 180/200mm radiator. A 180mm would probably work best since I'd be able to pair it with a Silverstone air penetrator fan. I can always repurpose some of the 5.25" drive bays for 2.5" SSD storage. I think I remember seeing some 5.25 to dual 2.5" drive bays plus double sided tape would let me double up on them. Same is true if I went with 5.25 to 3.5 bay converters then taped some 2.5" SSDs onto them. Ideally I'd want some that are period appropriate, like maybe some old OCZ Vertex or maybe some Intel 320s and then some WDC Velociraptors for game storage. Whatever I end up doing to the case, I have one chance since I definitely don't want to have to buy another Cosmos II, particularly because I paid $60 for the one I already have and I doubt I'll be able to find another one at a computer recycler for a second attempt.
  2. The case I'm using, a Cooler Master Cosmos II, is the limiting factor. I have space for only three radiators. Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the overclocks I dial in. I'm limited by the case I chose. By chose, I mean that I already have the case and rather not buy another one. A combination of Noctua NF-F12 IPPC and NF-A14 IPPC fans should be more than sufficient for high airflow and high pressure to keep the rads cool. The processor in question will be a i7 980X/990X or X5680/5690, all of which are 130W TDP chips at stock. The graphics cards I plan on using will be four radeon HD 7970s, probably something based on the reference design because that they'll be capable of fitting on a single slot after a bracket change. X58 supports 36 lanes so all the cards will be running at x8. Its not a cryptorig, its just a display build that I want to make. The money is irrelevant.
  3. The build that'll be using those dual d5s in the end will have three radiators (a 360mm, a 240mm and a 140mm, a cpu block, a vrm block, a northbridge block, four gpu blocks, and a lot of tubing because its a very big case. I need the extra flow rate to make sure fluids move around quickly enough.
  4. Pretty thorough guide! So I was able to find all of the bits you listed and the rest of the stuff I'd need, minus coolant and tubing. This also help me make sure I don't forget anything and keeps the "shopping list" somewhere that's easy for me to find. Koolance CHC-122 Koolance MVR-100 Koolance MVR-PLT140 3x Fujipoly Ultra Extreme XR-m 17w/mk10x10mm copper heatsinks 2x Koolance HX360XC (Will be reusing for something else afterwards.) 6x Noctua NF-F14 IPPC 3000 (Will be reused for something else afterwards) Koolance CPU-400A Alphacool Dual Bay D5 w/2x D5 pumps or Alphacool Dual Bay D5 w/1x D5 pump + Extra D5 pump (will be reused for something else afterwards.)
  5. I just got home so I'll definitely take a look at it. I cut my teeth on the pretty meh Nvidia 780i chipset provided on the Crosshair II Formula and a Phenom II X4 940 after the stock board and power supply on my first computer went kaput, it was a Gateway DX4200-09. I managed to get 4Ghz on that 940 using a H60 and probably killed the chip and potentially the board as well. I moved onto a Gigabyte 970 board with a FX-6100, also getting that upto 4Ghz on the same H60 but the lack of any sort of cooling for the mosfets made getting anymore out of it impossible. I traded that up, or rather backwards, for a Gigabyte X58 system with a i7 950 and 16GB of ram. That was a fun system to play with. I parted that system out and got my first new system after the FX-6100 as a sort of graduation gift for myself when I got my associates from tech school. I got a Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5, a i5 4690k, 16GB of ram and a GTX 970. My prior graphics cards were a Geforce 210 for the gateway system (cause I knew nothing about computer then), which was replaced with a Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB, a MSI Radeon HD 6670 when I got the FX system then later upgraded to a Gigabyte HD 7770 ghz edition that got carried over to the X58 system. Right now, my active systems include a MSI X58 Big Bang xPower w/X5650 that I got from a trade here, the Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 w/1090T and my current main build which is a Asus Crosshair VII WI-FI w/Ryzen 7 2700X and a Vega FE that was acquired from the same trade as the X58 board. That replaced my previous build that had originally replaced my Phenom X6, a Maximus VIII Hero w/6600K delidded and overclocked to 4.4Ghz. I didn't have it for too long or much time to actually play with it so I did the lazy thing and used the built in OC tool. I've played on both sides of the field and I really don't have a preference for what chip I use. I go for whatever happens to be the best value at the time and considering that 98% of my shopping is with second hand parts nowadays, that leaves a lot of wiggle room for me to get great deals on parts and just buy whatever else I need new with all the money I saved from going used. I do plan on getting a better chip for the X58 board and overclock the bananas out of it and I do have waterblocks for my current system, a monoblock for the Crosshair VII and a full cover block for the Vega FE, I just don't have the money to actually get everything else I need to do a custom loop though I do have one planned. :3
  6. HWmonitor, probably not the most accurrate thing to use but it was fine enough for me. That was with two 80mm enermax magma running at 100% speed. Either way, the cooler the better and this is just for fun. Sure, I'd like to see that. I've heard tale of 8350s and 9590s destroying the vrms on even Crosshair V boards. Weren't those supposed to be top dog boards?
  7. Specifically the R2.0 variant. I know that the VRMs get particularly hot when overclocking, I was pushing 1.55V to my Phenom II X6 1090T and I recall seeing some parts of the motherboard hitting around 70C. I don't remember what component it was specific towards because its been a while since I played with it but I want to push it as far as I can to see what I can get out of my old 1090T. 4.2Ghz on a H110i GTX is pretty solid already but I've seen others, namely Timmy Joe getting 4.4Ghz under relatively extreme using an AIO with the radiator hanging out of the window of his house, cause he lives in Canadia land and its cold up there. I've seen a few entries on 3dmark with 4.3Ghz on 1090T/1100Ts. I feel like adding better cooling to the board might let you coax some extra performance so I wanted to give that a whirl just for fun.| Anyways! What I wanted to know was if anyone knew of some universal blocks that were compatible with the hole spacing for the Sabertooth board I have. About 133.3mm for the vrm/mosfets, 52mm for the NB and SB for hole spacing. [Reposted it cause I put it in the wrong subforum like a dork > w>]
  8. Its mATX and yes because I already have the case its going in. otherwise I'd use the Maximus VIII Hero I already have. I don't trust asrock boards, I've had three of them before and all three have arrived DOA.
  9. The board is about $100 +/-$20 depending on how well I can negotiate, that's not all that much for one of the best boards out there.
  10. Which one has the stronger vrm? I know that the Strix board has an 8+2 but I was only able to find that the Maximus board has a 10 phase, I dunno if its a full 10 phase or an 8+2. I'll be putting a 6700k in it and giving it to a friend so she could have a killer workstation to do video and photo editing plus some gaming.
  11. Troika

    PSU Tier List 2.1 - LEGACY

    I think tomshardware had a "hierarchy" list for cpus and gpus. Take it with a grain of salt in the same way you should view firestrike benchmarks as relative tests.
  12. Troika

    PSU Tier List 2.1 - LEGACY

    I disagree with the placement of EVGA's G2/P2/T2 series units, those are top tier psus.
  13. Lol, it was relevant so its ok.
  14. I'll probably buy a 24GB kit of fast ram and a X5680 first before before doing any kind of exotic cooling.
  15. I put two 780s in SLI and overclocked them, 400w is still less than both of them combined. As you can see from my temps, its not water cooled. > w> I do have a waterblock for it but I don't have the money for a custom loop. I do plan on hacking together a H100i v2 I have and use it to water cool it as soon as I can find someone who can drill metal, hopefully home depot.