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  1. HiImYann

    P350x and Dark Rock Pro 4

    I think I’ll keep the Phanteks P350x but instead I’ll pick the Dark rock 4. Or is the Pro model really that good ? im planning on overclocking my Ryzen 2700x
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking into buying and new PC and I was wondering if the Dark Rock Pro 4 would fit in the Phanteks P350x. If no can you suggest me some good budget cases ? Thanks
  3. HiImYann

    1500.- Ryzen Build

    Ok thanks a lot
  4. HiImYann

    1500.- Ryzen Build

    Are you sure the aircooler will fit and won’t limited me in overclocking? many isn’t the power supply expensive ? (It costs 100 CHF)
  5. HiImYann

    1500.- Ryzen Build

    I couldn’t had a 2To hard drive on my phone but there it is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mCq7dX
  6. HiImYann

    1500.- Ryzen Build

    Hey guys so I’m planning to buy a new computer, I have around 1500 Swiss francs (prices from digitec.ch). These are the parts I choose, but i’m not sure of the value and compatibility Ryzen 2700X Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming GTX 1060 (Gigabyte Windforce) 970 Evo 250Go Seagate BarraCuda 2 To Corsair H110i or H100 v2 Trident Z RGB 3200 MHz Meshify C Black Seasonic M12II-620 Evo First I chosed Ryzen because I’ll do a lot of photography, video editing (After Effects) and some gaming, but Zen 2 is coming soon, is the wait worth it ? I’m also planning to overclock both my CPU and GPU. As for the cooler I don’t really know, can the H110i fit in the Meshify C, or is the H100 v2 a better option? I want the best thermal performance without having to delide my CPU (This is my first build). For the RAM I heart that Trident Z is more optimised for Ryzen and I really want the best performances. This build comes around 1500.- (without windows and peripherals), is it good tho? I don’t have a lot of experience especially in cooling and airflow. The Meshify C is a small case so I was wondering if Corsair AIO will fit. If you find better option around 1500.- for what I do, I’ll take all suggestions. Thanks a lot!
  7. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    And last question, should I go with the X-T2 + kit lens or X-T20 + Kit lens + 35 f1.4 (or f2?)
  8. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    And also is it better to go with the X-T2 kit lens or the A7ii 50 1.8 ?
  9. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    Are you sure the A7ii is still a good choice even used today ? I could pick a 50 1/8, a 85 1/8 and a 50 1/4 with this body, is it worth it ?
  10. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    But don't you think fuji can come with a new X-Trans sensor ?
  11. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    So now i have a new question, is the wait worth it for the X-T3 ?
  12. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    Honestly i already have a 200.- discount offered by Digitec, maybe when the T3 will be released the price of the T2 will be a little lower but I don't think the difference is worth the wait. I can buy the X-T2 body new for 1049 CHF
  13. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    But is it risky to go for the X-T2 now or will the X-T3 be that much better ?
  14. HiImYann

    Which one ?

    Hello guys ! So in the next couple of weeks I'm going to buy my first body and lens but I still don't know what to buy. I'm looking for one body and one lens at the moment (maybe 2 but only if the budget allows it). I'd love to do portraiture and landscapte photography My budget is max 1500CHF, I know it's really a lot of money for my first camera but if you can find cheaper why not. Where I live I can find the Fujfilm X-T2 (Going with the T2 because the budget allows it) with the kit lens or the 35mm f/2 for under 1500CHF but I don't whats better, the 35 for portrait photography but it's not wide enough for landscapes so this is why I think the kit lens can be a good choice, It has a good range, it's just not so great for portraiture. I still could stitch some images taken with the 35 to create a wider photography but I don't know if it's possible, and if it is can you link me a tutorial to how to do it ? Exepct Fuji there's also Sony that I really like but their bodies are really expensive and the lenses too, if you could list me a body and a lens for Sony that's under 1500 i'll be very happy. I want to do portraits, landscapes and when I travel maybe shoot what's around me. So should I go with Fuji or Sony ? If I go with Sony I could still upgrade to a Full Frame later. And if I go with fuji, the X-T2 with the kit lens or the 35 f/2 ? Thanks for you time, Yann.
  15. HiImYann

    My first buy ever

    So maybe should I go with the X-t20 + 35 f/2 ? Or is nikon really that good even If i don’t really like them ?