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  1. Update : I recieved my fulla 2. There is a Huugeeeeeeeeeeee difference with my bt 990 pro plugged without them and with them. Without fulla2, there is no bass and the sound is a bit distorted, with the fulla 2 i can hear the instruments better and the bass is here. So yes, in my case, a DAC was necessary.
  2. Hey guys, i just recieved my beyerdynamics 990 dt pro. I'm a bit disappointed with the way it sounds on my laptop ( plugged directly without a combo). Furthermore, believe it or not, in find that my iphone 6s original earbuds sound better lol. Is that normal ? Will getting a combo improve the sound ?
  3. Okay thank you for your help ! Unfortunately they are out of stock and will be in in two weeks, ill look to buy them from another buyer
  4. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=11567 its this product ?
  5. I didnt understand the last part. So in your opinion my best option here is to get the Schiit stack to get the full of my headphones ?
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. I didn't know that, the DT990 are recommanded in a lot of forums of music production. Anyway, it is okay to only get an amp and using my mobo DAC knowing the model of my laptop ?
  7. Hello guys. I been reading what you said in this thread but i'm still a bit confused. Because @Dackzy said in older replies that the only reason to get a DAC is if the mobo makes noises, and that the only reason to get an amp would be if my headphones aren't powered up enough. But later He said that an amp and a dac can make the sound of headphones clearer and more detailed. So my question is, do i get a DAC and an amp for my Beyerdynamics 990 dt pro 250 ohms ? I have a dell laptop inspiron 5748 and i'll use my headphones mostly for music production and mixing. Thank you guys ( In the case I need an amp or a combo, i'm considering the fulla 2 or the modi+magni )