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  1. I am using Windows 10, an RX 580 video card, and my main monitor (Viewsonic VX2458) is connected through Displayport, with a secondary one (Samsung Syncmaster) through a HDMI to VGA adapter. Whenever I turn off the main monitor, the system acts as if I outright unplugged the monitor and moves everything to the secondary monitor. The same does not happen if I turn off the secondary monitor. Can I prevent this from happening?
  2. I thought all monitors were like that, where they'd come with a cable that on one end it plugs into the PSU instead of a dedicated power cord.
  3. I remember some really old PCs used to have a passthrough for plugging in the monitor. It seems very efficient as you wouldn't need to take up an extra plug with your monitor and I'm wondering what caused them to phase out?
  4. I honestly liked this aspect ratio, I had two main monitors like that (unknowingly, i did not know aspect ratios back then) and I have to say it seems to be a very good aspect ratio, being the best compromise between 4:3 and 16:9. You get more vertical space, but also get the benefits of a wide monitor, and because there's more vertical space to work with I could argue that they have the potential of being a bit more immersive.
  5. I'm looking into buying myself a power bank and I don't really want to overspend, I need one for my phone (Samsung A40) and Nintendo DSi XL, maybe my bluetooth speaker as well. However, I'm not on the go that much, so I'd have to use it for a maximum of one full charge per day (one device at a time), would a 10k mAh be enough for a setup like this? If so, what brands would you guys recommend?
  6. Alright I can't help but think how the hell have these vulnerabilities not been found during all these years Intel was dominating and we're only finding about them NOW, after AMD have found such success with Ryzen? What have people been doing all this time?
  7. Well as long as I can easily move them on the inside of the case it shouldn't be a problem. Nevermind that, I found an MB511 in stock thanks for the advice.
  8. Budget would be somewhere around that yeah but I'm also looking for a case with lots of fans included, something like a Masterbox MB520. What I should have asked is if I would have any airflow issues with that Cooler Master case even though it seems that the front panel vents are large enough for the fans to breathe.
  9. If you want to avoid ghosting just look for panels with a 1ms response time. Tearing can be easily fixed with a g-sync / freesync panel Microstutters mostly happen if you've got an underpowered CPU (such as a dual core pentium), I have a Ryzen 5 2600 (way weaker than an i7 9900k) and haven't seen microstutters yet, however I built my PC with the idea of it being a better all rounder and good price to performance (the 2600s are actually outselling intel right now because of intel's shortages).
  10. Luke has done some tests and there was no difference in performance. And about the surround display thing, I'm not quite sure but given how stingy RTX cards are with VRAM, I'd still wait for a Navi launch as the 8GB on an RTX 2080(non-Ti) are already becoming a limiting factor at 4k Ultra.
  11. There's two points worth discussing here: 1. Using a separate GPU as a physx dedicated card shows no impact on performance whatsoever (that is if you don't use something like a 750 ti for it) 2. I would hold off on buying anything new right now as AMD's Navi is due this year which, if it's good, it might drag down the prices of these overpriced RTX cards (if you wanna stick to Nvidia, alternatively get Navi if it's any good as it's rumoured to offer similar levels of performance to a 2070 but half the price)
  12. I am looking to get a new case because I am currently lacking support for ceiling mounted fans. However, I'm looking specifically for open-front cases, similar to the Zalman S2, but looking for something of a somewhat higher quality.
  13. Nevermind, I fixed it. My monitor's color space was set to RGB mode, and upon setting it to Auto (or YUV) the problem goes away.
  14. I have a 144 Hz monitor which uses HDMI 2.0 as input. Whenever a full screen game is set to a refresh rate below 144, everything turns pink, now I wouldn't have posted this here had there not been a caveat: shitty ports like Dark Souls 1 won't let me choose anything higher than 60 Hz (not even with DSFix) so I'm pretty much stuck with a pink screen, how can I fix this?
  15. Oh yeah definitely, it's a retarded name I'm aware of that, its rating is actually 80+ Bronze.
  16. I did, and there is. https://www.pcgarage.ro/surse/sirtec-high-power/element-smart-750w/
  17. Yeah I get that but those are pretty notorious and I wanna try avoid using them as much as possible.
  18. A friend has this semi-modular PSU with a plug for SATA and one plug for peripherals (aka molex) I was wondering if he could plug a SATA power cable into the peripherals plug and use power from there as SATA. I know at least on corsair supplies SATA and peripherals power are the same plug so I'm thinking they might be interchangeable on this particular power supply as well: Sirtec High Power 750W 85+ Certified.
  19. Well, full sized ATX looks better IMO also given I have a mid tower ATX case and the mATX inside looks rather weird. Also, I'd imagine a full sized ATX has better VRMs, also no, I will never use wi-fi.
  20. I don't want to spend more than say $180 on the motherboard. I have my eye out on this MSI B450 Gaming Carbon but not too sure about its quality.
  21. Looking for some good motherboards for my future Ryzen build, but I'm having trouble deciding on what I should get, what would be some good X370, B450 and B350 boards? (X470 is outside my budget right now)
  22. I'm not an extreme overclocker, any performance will be a vast improvement over this 860k.
  23. What about recording / streaming? I know the 2600 has no issues whatsoever.