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  1. R7 260x any good?

    I'm on a pretty tight budget, but I still want to upgrade from my R7 250 (yes, non-X), so far it's held up quite nicely after 3 years, the most demanding game currently being The Crew. Is upgrading to a 260x a good idea? Will it still last about 3 years? I found it for a really good deal on second hand so I really want to get it.
  2. AMD's Virtual Super Resolution

    Thanks a lot! I was mainly shooting for 1200p, but I'm sure R9 270x will be more than enough for 1600p on older games, besides I don't mind dropping the settings to medium, which is gonna help the card a lot in higher resolutions
  3. AMD's Virtual Super Resolution

    Thanks, that would be great!
  4. AMD's Virtual Super Resolution

    What I'm getting from the AMD site is that you can use VSR if you have a 1920 x 1200 monitor, and I don't, and I want to know if I can use VSR with a 1680x1050 monitor even if it's not mentioned
  5. I plan to upgrade my card to something more modern, like R9 270x and the AMD site states that they only support certain resolutions for use with VSR, and one of those is 1920 x 1200, which is the next step up from my 1680 x 1050 monitor, and I was wondering if I could run VSR with a 1680 x 1050 monitor
  6. Odd Memory Clocks

    The memory does not downclock ever as far as I'm aware, so no, it doesn't downclock as it should, because it's not the core clock, it's the memory clock
  7. Odd Memory Clocks

    I have a Radeon R7 250, and ever since a power surge I've been having this odd issue where my memory clock on idle will downclock itself whenever I mess around with even the slightest option (+/- 1MHz core / memory clock) which causes my secondary monitor to flicker like crazy. Under load it's ok, it runs at the full clock, but it's when it's idle that it's causing the issues. It's not the drivers, I've had it through 4-5 versions now.
  8. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    I didn't, because I never thought of this as an issue, I did re-install drivers recently but I didn't bother to check because this behaviour seems completely normal.
  9. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    Same thing is happening to me, it's not as bad, but I'm also getting "3D mode" clocks and about 20-30% usage when messing around in radeon settings.
  10. 7850 Max Fan Speed During Boot Up

    Same thing is happening to me with my R7 250, I wouldn't worry about it. There is no reason for the fans to spin up max during boot yes, but it's not bothersome in any way, you're not playing games or anything during boot so it shouldn't matter.
  11. Dropping in settings is not a big deal anyway, in modern games most of the time you won't even notice the difference unless it's side-by-side comparison, I found that for me Medium is the sweet spot.
  12. Weird Behaviour on OC

    I have an r7 250, which I successfully overclocked to 1150 core clock and 1250(?) memory clock, all was stable and good until a power outage, after which I began seeing weird flickering on my secondary monitor, and I thought the whole video card was fucked, however I found out that the power surge is what caused the overclocks to do that to the monitor. The secondary monitor is plugged in the VGA port, and the main one in the HDMI port, the main one having no issues like that whatsoever. The weirder thing is that it does this flickering even when underclocking, basically whenever i mess with the default values whether it be increasing or decreasing. I've heard this could be caused by fucked VRMs on the graphics card, but I'm not sure really. It works fine with +20% power in furmark (+20% in furmark is the only increase in power that allows the gpu to fully ramp up to the base 1050 speed, otherwise it power throttles down to 1000, and it only happens in furmark). There is no artifacting going on anywhere while the flicker is happening on the secondary monitor, so what can I do to fix this? A workaround that I thought of would be to load an OC profile before playing a game then just turning off the monitor and deal with it that way. Yes, last time I checked (which was before the power outage) these overclocks WERE stable Regardless I would like to know exactly what happened. Fucked VRMs or is someting else fucked? Maybe just the VGA port itself? I can't test the DVI port, I don't have any DVI-D monitors or any DVI-D to VGA adapters for that matter, I only have DVI-I ones. Looking back at the video, I also noticed that messing around with the clocks (both core and memory) for some reason it underclocks the memory to 150. Here's what it looks like on video
  13. Melting fan cap with solder iron

    It's starting to make rattle noises, but only starting at 25% fan speed, then taking a break until 40-45%, even though I'll never hear it since it kinda never reaches that high RPM anymore ever since I changed the thermal paste on it, I still want the rattle gone.
  14. I want to lube the fan of my card's cooler, but the cap on the fan is cast, meaning I can't just pop it off to reach the bearing and oil it up, what can I do to prevent locking up the fan with molten plastic? I want to use the solder iron to melt it off and put some oil in this bitch.
  15. When GPUs artifact

    I've checked, nothing is swollen.