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  1. So, sorry if i'm making too many threads (like 3 in the past 2 weeks) but after deciding what i'm going to buy, i have a couple of questions. After changing my cpu, motherboard and ram, is the system just gonna boot up normally? should i update the bios? Do i install drivers manually or do they update automatically? Do i need to configure anything from the bios beforehand? Anything else i should expect? Thanks in advance
  2. Being an fx8350, it fusing to the heatsink sounds reasonable
  3. As well as it dying i also kinda want to do this. I know it's expensive but i feel it's time to modernize a bit. I'll gain an m.2 slot, usb 3.1, gigabit ethernet, better on board audio, better, more intuitive bios design (for some reason, i literally can't access my current board's bios, and i never could, despite trying everything), newer, faster ram, more sata 6gb/s ports, monitoring software, etc. Also, my country's stupid overpricing means i can easily sell my old wiiu for around $300 (i've seen used ones sell for way more) so i can probably get a gpu once cryptocurrencies finally die out for good
  4. Well, i'm not sure it's the OS since i get black screen after splash screen, but sometimes the splash screen is cropped literally and won't go past that, or sometimes my peripherals won't light or power up (the usb ports don't work) and other stuff. On top of that, it doesn't always POST. Sometimes it just goes black screen instantly with no post or splash screen, sometimes it shows splash screen but doesnt post and freezes, and other weird stuff. I kinda disregarded bad ram as individually, either stick worked fine. About aliexpress, i know and have used them, but as i said a couple of times my packages haven't arrived. Also, regardless of what the package is marked as, the 4 package limit still applies, and their shipping still takes around 30-40 days.
  5. I'm gonna test out the ram just in case, but my hd is fine according to SMART and the system did boot up before with a single stick, regardless of which. Also, reformatting isn't really something i'll ever consider. I have over a terabyte of games and data which i definitely don't want to redownload with my 3mb/s internet connection.
  6. We don't even have ebay here. It's literally non-existent. I wish we did, because i would've bought some other used 1155 mobo and an i7 2600 Last week it wouldn't boot up unless it had a single stick of ram, regardless of which stick or what slot it was in, which was fixed by startup recovery, then a couple of days later it refused to boot even with a single stick, which was fixed by booting into safe mode, which strangely boot up windows normally. It's running to this date but i don't think that'll last long
  7. Yeah it's pretty much that price. The thing is, used motherboards sell at pretty much the same as brand new, current gen ones, and used cpus are also way overpriced. i7 2600 is at around $200, i5 4460 is around $250, i7 3570 isn't even for sale and i5 4440 is at $200 for example, while all of them sell at around $100 on ebay.
  8. That kinda makes sense, but there are a couple of problems here 1- AliExpress shipping can take over a month and sometimes they don't even arrive (it happened to me and my dad with some chargers but i blame our mediocre post service for that) 2- You literally can't get more than 4 items shipped to you per year (They even ask for your id number before buying something to control that) which means i'd already be down to 2 until 2019, so i couldn't buy other things that have their prices way more inflated (power supplies, graphics cards, storage, monitors, peripherals)
  9. Not really. If benchmarks are to be believed, the improvement is up to 2x in certain games. In most, it's about 30% or more, more so in minimum framerates. CPU usage with the same gpu i have is usually less than 100% with the g4560, whereas my i3 almost always becomes the limiting factor
  10. It's a retailer that has a webpage too, but as the store is actually 5 minutes from my house i just go and buy them to avoid shipping times and fees
  11. 4th gen motherboards are $100+ used and cpus are at least twice the price you'd find them on ebay
  12. Uruguay unfortunately. Not the worst but definitely not the best country in south america
  13. All i'm gonna say is that regular amazon shipping here usually costs anything upwards of half of the product's price. Also, pretty much no individual seller ever ships here and we don't even have ebay
  14. Yeah that makes sense. I'm still going with that tho, as i was planning to buy the 2600 from the us but the opportunity just isnt there anymore. Buying it here would cost me $200 USED which is insane. Also my ram is too showing signs of going south soon, which means i couldn't keep it if i chose to keep using that platform (at least not for long)
  15. Used b75m are selling for $100 here, which is the same the b250m costs, and the newer platform gives me a way better upgrade path later on.
  16. Yes, i know that. Unfortunately, as i said, my motherboard recently started showing signs of imminent death, so i'm kind of set on this upgrade as it's all i can manage to get within my budget and even used, older platforms are just as expensive as new ones, sometimes more. I just wanted to know how good of an upgrade it was, and how well it would perform.
  17. So after a good while thinking about it, i've decided that upgrading my cpu (i3 2120) to an i7 2600 and keeping my existing platform (b75m-d3h with 8gb of ddr3 ram on dual channel) wasn't really a good idea considering i've had this pc for about 5 or 6 years and the motherboard is starting to fail me, so i've decided to upgrade the 3 components, while keeping my gtx 750ti. As the title says, i plan to buy a pentium g4560, a gigabyte ga-b250m-ds3h and 2x4gb crucial ballistix sport ddr4 ram @ 2400mhz. How much performance can i expect from this new setup? (gpu is a 750ti in case you missed it). Is it a big improvement over my existing i3 2120 with 8gb of ddr3 for gaming? Just an fyi or """fun""" fact: I'm paying $320 for the 3 components and that's literally the cheapest i could find them in my country.
  18. Well i think either my motherboard is dying or my computer finally got fed up of my stupid face. When i wrote that, the pc would only boot past splash screen with a single stick of ram on even if i changed slots and everything. Eventually i got to automatic system repair and that did it for a couple of days. Then it just refused to boot, until i got to startup recovery and booted into safe mode, which just booted up windows normally, to my surprise. In 2 or 3 days i'm just gonna go ahead and buy a b250, a g4560 (i was planning to buy an i7 2600 but i'd rather just go to a new platform if i need a mobo replacement and it's still a great cpu for the money) and 8gb of ddr4 and i guess the g4560 with its new heatsink and fresh thermal compound is probably gonna be way better in the temp department than this old i3. Just as a "fun" fact (not fun at all), this upgrade (GA-B250M-DS3H, 2x4Gb Crucial Ballistix Sport ddr4 and pentium g4560) will cost me exactly $320.
  19. Well i live in uruguay (wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know what that even is) and i have 2 sticks of 4gb ddr3 g.skill ares ram That doesn't really matter tho since i don't even know if my pc will ever turn on again right now.
  20. I mean, if it REALLY doesn't matter i can just get a deepcool ice edge mini fs which is just $12, but i don't know if it's even better than a stock one.
  21. The cpu i'm planning to buy is an i7 2600, so oc is out of the picture, which means i don't really need a beefy cooler. To be honest you guys convinced me to get tower style, because i think performance is better than aesthetics. The real thing is im trying to spend as little as possible on the cpu cooler to put more into the gpu, and getting something like a hyper 212 evo implies $16 in shipping from the US to here using a courier or $50 shipping from amazon (gotta love my country) or buy it here for the low sum of $60. The only other alternative is buying something like a deepcool gammaxx s40 ($30) locally (there aren't any other reasonably priced options), or hold on with the stock cooler and in some time, go for something like a cooler master liquid lite ($60)
  22. So i've been looking for a new cooler for my system as i plan to get a better cpu and want my temps to be lower than 80C, but most coolers that i can afford like the cooler master hyper 212 evo are tower style, which for some reason look ugly as all f*ck to me. Then i saw others like the cheap deepcool theta 20 or the better cryorig c7 that are top flow style (like the stock coolers) which to me look way better, but i think that kind of cooler would have a lot less performance. Case clearance is not a concern at all, but as my case has a side window, aesthetics definitely are. Which should i choose?
  23. I literally hope every single cryptocurrency crashes and they end up piss poor. I hate miners so damn much. Selfish pricks
  24. The fact that someone is willing to buy 10 gaming cards for mining is the reason us mid range gamers can't have nice things...