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  1. when will the 9900k be released? I heard late october according to UFD Tech.
  2. with watercooling and a custom loop? how hard is it really? I'm more than happy to try, but with Thousands of dollars in their and it BEING MY Fault if an o-ring breaks...
  3. sort of stuck b/c I want a prebuilt and watercooling soooo cyberpowerPC and Xidax Don't use AMD Processors in their builds.
  4. for the CPU I am open-minded on the price, but I am sort of okay with the $799 of the 2950X as of right now...
  5. Title by content creation I mean Twitch, Youtube and Pretty basic video editing I am gaming at 1440p @ 144Hz
  6. Is it possible to sync RGB alighting between the razer RGB mousemat and a corsair keyboard?
  7. I am waiting, of course. Just curious because honestly I prefer pre-built so just trying to make my IbuyPower system now then have it ready to order if the cards are pretty good.
  8. First: WHAT CPU DO I GET W THE 2080 TI Second: 1 OR 2 2080 Tis! JUST SAW SOME INSANE GUY ON HERE POST THAT HE GOT TWO!!!! WHYY???? I currently have a stupid 1060 and I can only really run fortnite on medium settings when at 165 Hz in 1440p. Trying to get ANY GAME (BF5, Tomb Raider) in 1440p 144/165Hz? Is 1 2080 Ti enough so I don't have to rob a bank?
  9. why? I heard Logitech is the best mouse on the block hands down. Plus it's wired so I don't care about the charging features.
  10. Hello! I purchased an MM1000 and a Logitech G502. As I have literally just ordered them both on Amazon, I can cancel my order! I was wondering if the RGB coloring on the mouse will possibly be compatible with the RGB coloring of the mousemat. If not, I can cancel the MM1000 and get a Logitech Powerplay, but I was really looking forward to having wireless charging in the MM1000! -- Mismatched lighting really annoys me, thanks! --
  11. HI! Just wondering what motherboard i will need to use to have the following: - i7 8700k CPU - GTX 2080 or 1180 whatever its real title will be - WIfi capabilities wondering if the asus rampage vi extreme is too overkill thanks