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  1. ChernobilChuck

    Which 240Hz monitor? 28 Different Options!

    G-sync and freesync are irrelevant from a competitive pov because they have some input lag, in my opinion a bigger display could be better for fps since you can spot enemies easier if they are bigger, so i would go for one of the 27inch ones, the benq one is pretty good, acers should be good too.
  2. ChernobilChuck

    What are best FPS limiter software ?

    Thats true, but the way op phrased i thought he thinks he needs to have maximum 75fps when his monitor can do a maximum of 75hz.
  3. ChernobilChuck

    What are best FPS limiter software ?

    There is no reason to limit your fps, even if your monitor can only do 75hz the more fps you have is the better, this video explains it very well and it's less than 5 minutes V-sync does introduce input lag, it's also mentioned in the video at 2:30.
  4. ChernobilChuck

    Copy Paste not working correctly

    OP, You are my hero! OP's fix worked but i did this anyway because i have an asus board with sonic studio and i was wondering the other day what was that "Nahimic service" running in the background when my CPU was more utilized than i think it should have been.
  5. ChernobilChuck

    i7 8086k running @ 4.3ghz

    Ah, thanks, i just assumed because couldn't find it and the 9900k is 4.7 on allcores thats why i made my assumption Thanks, i just assumed higher because of the 9900k, but i will probably overclock it later down the road, i don't need the extra at the moment i just wanted to configure it now so i won't have to worry about it until i will need more out of it.
  6. HI everyone, So my new cpu is only running at 4.3ghz at load, which is odd because the default turbo should be higher, any ideas? mobo is asus z370-f in bios i only enabled xmp, and tried turning off multi core enchantment after seeing it wasn't going further than 4.3ghz cpu is running at 50C while gaming(dark rock pro 4) gpu is a 2080 and i game at 1080p, sometimes it went over 90% but sometimes under 60% depends on the game fps was set to unlimited ingame I would like it to go higher but without overclokcing(for now) just the so it reaches default turbo(5ghz on 1core, not sure about the allcore but it should be around 4.7 i think) my assumption is something in the bios, but even after checking i couldn't find anything which would cause this. Thanks thanks Have a nice day
  7. ChernobilChuck

    Which Headset To Buy For Gaming?

    Everyone saying cloud 2 but isn't the cloud alpha better for the same price? (msrp is the same and current price in europe where i live is the same)
  8. His cpu is the K version but it runs at 3.9ghz, same as yours, 970 is equal to the 1060 in performance, so you can get this performance out of your pc, probably some software issue which you have to figure out.
  9. Than it's going to be an app in the background or virus, but for sure something is using your cpu in the background, my older, slower i5 performs better than yours so something is definitely wrong,
  10. So, your gpu is fine and you should keep it. Your cpu is fine but for some reason in underperforms(can't talk about ACO, but gta and forza shouldn't stutter), Possible fixes: Task manager to see what else uses cpu while you are gaming and closing those, Checking the temperature and clock speed while you are gaming, if the clock speed is under 3,8 or 3,9ghz then the problem is most likely the cooling, If nothing is running in the background, the temps are fine, clock speed is fine, then you should try reinstalling windows.
  11. i ran fh3 on medium at 1080p, had no issues at all with 80fps, so what i edited in the earlier comment, something is using your cpu in the background for sure.
  12. What im saying is if you limit the fps to what your 1050 would do there is no way it would stutter more than with the 1050, it would be the same. EDIT: i have an i5 4590 which is somewhat slower than your 4690 and i have a 1060 aswell, while i do have stutter is some games for example forza horizon starts to stutter at around 110fps when the cpu hits 100% i don't have this issue any other time, i think there is some app in the background which uses your cpu while you are gaming, you should find that app and close it and the game shoudl run much smoother
  13. Yes thats not how it works but there is a chace that the game would actually feel better with a 1050, but he still should NOT swap the cards, if the 1050 renders less fps than his cpu than he will get lower fps but may solve stuttering which is caused by the cpu going 100%
  14. Thats just now how bottleneck works, your gpu can a render a specific amount of frames per second and the cpu too and basically the lower amount will be your fps, so if you have a worse gpu you will get either the same fps or if the gpu renders less fps than the cpu than less fps. it can be because the cpu is on 100% one way to deal with it is set the maximum fps so that your cpu won't have to work on 100% and shouldn't cause stutter. Also i would like to mention, your cpu and gpu combo isn't bad im pretty sure, it's juts a few cpu intesive games that might not run well. EDIT: also you can improve performance if you close background applications
  15. ChernobilChuck

    Toms hardware's twitter is trying to trick users

    To be fair because of the screen difference it's more like 60fps vs 79fps but i don't remeber seeing this stupid graph in a very long time, and why would they even do that? it's just stupid, maybe if razer did it on their twitter but a supposedly independant reviewer?