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  • CPU
    I7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    Aourus Master
  • RAM
    16 GB Corsair dominator
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    Evga 2080 ti

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  1. Sorry , I should’ve explained a little more build a custom loop inside a pc I already have currently running an aio
  2. So I’ve never done a custom cooling on a pc let alone build a nice pc , but I really want to do it , ive been looking at the hydro x by Corsair the soft tubing since I’m a beginning .. but I am scared to try it ? Should I ? Or would I mess up my pc ?
  3. How set voltage to 1.4? Sorry I’m a noob at pc gaming
  4. Aourus z390 master, evga 2080 ti , i9 9900k , 16 gb3600 ram , and not sure about voltages I’d have to check , thanks for the reply
  5. Sorry , I’m new to OC I want to OC my 9900k to 4.80 or 5 if possible ? I’ve tried through the bios in the gygabyte software but it always resets back to 3.60?
  6. Might’ve been evga precisión but where I don’t remember where exactly
  7. I capped my FPS to 117 not using rivatuner I went in some settings and now I can’t find where and it’s bugging me because I can’t to change it !!? Anyone know where I might’ve changed the FPS cap ? I think it wasn’t a program or anything it just asked if I wanted to limit my FPS on my 2080 ti but I forgot where I did it
  8. And for those asking , my set up is aourus master MOBO , i9 9900k , evga 2080 ti
  9. So , I should get the cheaper one than? Since it’s same ?
  10. It’s 4k that’s why I’m super confused .
  11. Am I tripping or are both of these monitors the same with a diff price ??
  12. So v sync off in game or in nvidia panel ?
  13. Hello , everyone so I bought my first g sync monitor what is going to be the right way to set it up for games ? V sync off in nvidia panel with v sync on in game ? Or v sync on in nvidia panel and off in game ? On my free sync monitor I have both v sync on in both and that seems to get me the best results w the least stutters? So not sure ... /: help
  14. I do have some stutters in some games that’s why , but if nothing can b done I’ll leave as is . Thanks