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PROD. Pasca

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  • CPU
    I5 7500
  • Motherboard
    ASUS prime Z270 - AR
  • RAM
    8gb ddr4 2133
  • GPU
    GTX 970 ASUS Strix
  • Case
    corsair carbide 100R
  • Storage
    120gb SSD, 1tb WD drive, 500gb Seagate drive
  • PSU
    Corsair CX 600
  • Cooling
    cooler master 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    MSI DS4200
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. Could you have maybe damaged the pcie slot and making something short out. I know nothing about electrical stuff on motherboards so take what i just said with a grain of salt
  2. Im here in 2019 and still have the problem. Lets resurrect this thread. Have any of you found a solution?
  3. i would suggest downloading rivatuner to cap your frame rate. I used to have stuttering problems before i get rivatuner.
  4. Did you take your cpu out for any reason? Ive seen a motherboard do that with a bent pin
  5. I find it easier to find high end intel cpus on the used market. Thats why i have one
  6. Idk what analogue video is but i am useing a hdmi port and a dvi port for my monitors
  7. Every time i play a game or something my main monitor gets darker. Earlier i was watching some you tube and i noticed my right monitor go completely blue but my main one was still playing the video. I minimized the video and everything went blue (the audio for the vid still played). I got up to turn off my pc bumped into my right monitor then everything came back. Does this sound GPU related to you? If not any ideas why it happens. (side note the everything going blue happened during a download/ install of adobe premier). Thanks
  8. yeah i was eyeing that one. It seems good for the value
  9. I am currently searching for a good ultra wide around the 150$ range. Please give me suggestions and links. Thank you
  10. yep but it cant be from IKEA. There are not any IKEA stores within a 3 hour drive from me sadly
  11. First off sorry if im posting this in the wrong place that aside i need a desk bad i am currently using bookshelves as a desk. I do music production so i need something that can have room for a long midi keyboard and room for a ultra wide monitor. I would prefer a desk that is not curved. Please link me your desk or any desk that is good value for money. Bonus points if you can link me one around 100$
  12. Yeah that's what i did im gonna wait and see if new gpu drivers fix it. right now it is in a low locked resolution like it has no drivers
  13. Msi h110m gaming. It doesnt have the newest bios i tryed to update but it just told me files notfound
  14. I upgraded from a 6100 to a i5 7500. I fired it up and it booted from the wrong drive no big deal i go into the bios and my boot drive isnt there. I swap sata ports and it boots to my normal drive but when i get into windows my drivers are gone everything else is fine just my drivers are gone . Does anybody have any ideas on why this happened?