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  1. I found an allen wrench that worked. Thank you so much for the help!
  2. Do you think I can just go to a hardware store and bring one of the fittings with me to get one that fits?
  3. This is the only allen key that came with the whole thing, but it does not seem to fit.
  4. Two allen keys came with my entire order - the one to tighten/loosen the caps for the gpu block, and the one to tighten the screws for installing the gpu and backplate.
  5. I have recently purchased a ekwb water loop and started to assemble it and came to a standstill with the Ek-acf fittings. They are basic compression fittings and I have a total of 8 of them, with 5 of them stuck. They came in the package already assembled and I can not take 5 of 8 of them apart. The three that did come apart I just screwed them into the blocks and unscrewed the black ring, but for the ones that are stuck they seem to not want to separate from the inside.