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  1. Here’s my very strong recommendation for almost anyone traveling to LTX next year who lives in the states: fly to Seattle, rent a car, and take the gorgeous 2.5-3 hour drive up. Here’s why: It will be leaps and bounds cheaper than flying direct (it looks like it’s fairly easy to get a flight from Dallas to Seattle for under $200) Probably faster overall If you were going to rent a car anyway that’s a moot point Really is a beautiful drive Added bonus going to Seattle means you’re close to a TON of gaming stuff you can check out (take a tour of valve, Nintendo, bungie, Microsoft, unity, and more!) But more importantly than all else: you don’t have to go through airport customs which is an absolute nightmare and takes so long, it almost made me miss my connecting flight both directions (to and from). You just have to cross the border which takes 20-30 mins tops. On top of that, strongly consider getting an AirBnB instead of a hotel to save money. Hotels in downtown Vancouver are absurd (upwards of $400-$600 for decent). My four day stay in Canada cost me $38 (total!!! Not per night) for a place 30 mins from downtown.
  2. Can't speak for everyone else here, but my diet and exercise regime could use a real kick into gear. Who doesn't want to feel their best meeting tons of new people? On top of that we'll be walking around for hours and then crushing it all night in the convention center. Being in prime physical condition couldn't hurt. So I'm issuing a challenge to all the LTX Convention Goers who want to get into shape: we have 149 days until the convention, that's a good chunk of time to shed some extra pounds or build some healthy new habits. Whatever your goal, as long as it contributes towards being healthier/fitter, it slots here. Whatever that means for you. I'm shooting to lose 40lbs before the convention and start cooking more and eating out less (I'm hoping my 2XL expo shirt doesn't fit at all). If you're in, describe your goal and commit to posting at least once a week to track your progress and report in with the team here. If there's enough interest, I'll start cobbling together some google sheets to track our progress as a group week by week. Only commit if you're willing to really "go for it." Like, unironically wearing socks and sandals "go for it." Best of luck to everyone, super amped for LTX 2019!
  3. Thank you so much! Looks great, the only thing that gives me pause is that there's only 4x sata ports. Might limit expansion/number of drives?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to throw together a plex media streaming build. I have 4x 4tb 3.5 HDDs, and at most I'd be streaming 2 uncompressed blu-rays at once. I also wouldn't mind having something that can encode pretty quickly. Any recommendations/builds? (Also, would you guys recommend doing Windows or like a FreeNAS software? Just wondering)
  5. I don't post often on these forums, but I have to say I feel compelled to throw another supporting voice behind Linus: Through a process of "tech-osmosis," I have learned so much from Linus' videos, I honestly don't know how I kept up to date with accurate information before I started watching. That alone is unbelievably valuable. For me, it makes the argument over from the outset. I literally could not pay someone to teach me as much as Linus has, making any other factors irrelevant. But let's assume he's taking these massive windfalls from various tech corporations and everything he's ever said is tainted by malicious corruption. Is his opinion really ever that far off base? I honestly cannot recall a single review where Linus is glorifying/criticizing something so beyond the general opinion/consensus on a product. Can you? The only exception I can recall where his opinion varied vastly from other critics would be the Apple Watch review. But in that instance, the baseline opinion was from tech reviewers taking money from Apple or afraid of being put on the Apple "blacklist." Or, for God's sake, how many times has he taken shots at the people paying him? He straight up makes fun of the corporate board of Best Buy for thirty seconds in a 7 minute video. This is all insane to me. I hope Linus doesn't get deterred by a few naysayers. Criticism is fine, but a witch hunt is another thing.
  6. Oh sorry! Last thing, I'm also assuming I don't really need a super powerful CPU to power this?
  7. Perfect, that's what I thought. You are the man. I wish I could give you best answer twice. Thank you so much.
  8. Hmmm! That's pretty interesting! What do you think about possibly a matrox card? http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/display_wall/mura_mpx_series/ Apparently they make GPUs for wall setups. Although... my guess is considering they don't have any prices listed, they're probably gouging customers who don't know any better.
  9. Thanks so much man, I really appreciate all the help. Really means a lot to me. So I just need a card with two display ports, rig up two of these, and I should be able to piece out a single image over six monitors? Don't know if I wanna over-power the thing. Seems like this might be overkill.
  10. You guys are great! Thanks so much for the help. Do you have a card you'd recommend for this? Can you daisy-chain displays? Sorry for all the questions, don't want to tell him info that isn't correct.
  11. Awesome. What is the methodology to do this? Displaying one image over multiple units? I have no idea how you separate the image into parts.
  12. Hey guys, so I'm looking to help my friend build a PC for his new small business office. He wants a PC that can power six monitors on a wall all displaying a singular image like this: http://i.imgur.com/buo7t5W.jpg I have no idea how this could be done, so I don't want to make something and have it not be possible. So here's some questions: 1. Is such a display like this possible? Displaying one image across multiple monitors? 2. If so, can it display powerpoints/videos in the same format (separating one image across multiple monitors)? 3. How powerful of a PC does this need to be to run these displays (he won't be playing any games, or anything like that, like I said, it just needs to run powerpoint/video at the most)? 4. What monitors would be best for this? Is there a brand with a super thin bezel (refresh-rate, even bezel is not paramount, just the thinnest bezel possible)?
  13. Ya! I'd love to hear your results! I'm still undecided if upgrading is worth it or not, but it's really interesting hearing everyone's ideas.
  14. I completely understand maximizing the capability of what you're paying for, but I'm looking for some hardline comparisons that show how useful overclocking actually is. Just wondering if dropping $80+ on a decent cooling system is worth it. Am I going to get $80 worth of performance increase.
  15. Sorry to put you on the spot here, but I'd love to know if anyone knows an answer to this. Does overclocking your PC actually make windows/daily use faster? I'm assuming stuff like zipping/unzipping of course, but I truly have a limited knowledge as to how the operating itself would handle a higher clock rate on a CPU.