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  1. stlwrx

    120mm Reservoir Fan Mount??

    cool - thanks, man! They are sold out but PPCS has them in stock.
  2. Hi All, I have the below reservoir and I don't like how it's currently mounted at the moment. The reservoir comes with brackets (C-Clamp style) for mounting but they require holes in the case already and the Lian Li O11 Dynamic has no such holes. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good 120mm fan mount for the below reservoir? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-res-x3-150
  3. stlwrx

    Which RTX 2080 card better?

    no clue - never had either card. Maybe look up some reviews on YouTube.
  4. stlwrx

    Which RTX 2080 card better?

    they should perform almost identical - maybe a few C difference here or there with temps and fan curves.
  5. stlwrx

    Which RTX 2080 card better?

    In my personal opinion there is no saying this card is faster than this card when you;re willing to do a manual OC. Some cards come with higher boost clocks which is why they may be referenced as an OC edition like in your second link. When it comes to a manual OC it all comes down to the silicone quality and how well you did in the silicone lottery. I don't think you would see much of anything going from the card you have to the new one. They both have max boost clocks of 1860 MHz.
  6. stlwrx

    Suggestion for custom loop

    I just went with this kit - https://www.microcenter.com/product/486740/ek-kit-x240-240mm-water-cooling-kit- and added a GPU block and a second EK 360SE radiator in the loop. It works great cooling my i9-9900k and 2080. I'm Oc'd to 5.0 GHz all cores and idle temps are ~23 c and load temps are between 45-60c depending on what I'm doing. Im on a 50% fan curve and have my pump run at a constant 50%.
  7. https://www.gigatron.rs/maticne_ploce/gigabyte_z370_aorus_ultra_gaming_2.0-160015
  8. Don't skimp out on a mobo, especially if you will be doing some OC on it. The quality of the VRMs and power delivery is everything when it comes to OC'ing - this is even more relevant since you're paring it with such a high-end CPU like the 8700k/9700k. There are lots of reviews out there, including one from Gamers Nexus, touting the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER as one of the best OC boards you can buy. I run this same board paired with a i9-9900k and i was able to achieve a 5.0Ghz OC on all cores with a only a 1.298 VCore.
  9. Pretty solid score I think. Got pretty lucky with my chip, 5.0 Ghz all cores at 1.290 Vcore. I added a snippet from HWInfo as CPU-Z is not a reliable source for voltage readings. The best reading is VR VOUT from HWInfo. This is on a custom water loop with 360 rad and 240 rad. Specs below: i9-9900k 16Gb 3466 Ram Z390 Aorus Master RTX 2080
  10. I should also add that fluid temp from an external sensor in my reservoir is reading 25c
  11. EK Cryofuel Solid Cloud White PreMix
  12. I had a question about the current temps I'm seeing in my water loop in regards to my CPU and GPU. Before I had this custom loop I had a corsair h115i Premium (280mm) going to CPU and the combination of the Kraken G12 bracket and a Kraken x52 (240mm) going to my GPU (1080ti). Temps at idle was 22c for GPU and 28c for CPU - ~55c for CPU under load and ~38c for GPU under load. Those are very good temps. I expected to beat those temps when I went to my new custom loop - specs below - however - CPU idle temps and load temps are the same for the most part but GPU temps are now idle at ~30c and load ~55c. How did I gain 20c almost on my GPU at load? Loop order is - Res > Pump > rad (360mm inake) > gpu > cpu > rad(240mm exhaust) > res 240ek extreme rad as exhaust up top ek360 slim ran on the side as intake the only thing that changed is I upgraded to a 2080ti from the 1080ti. CPU is an i9-9900k OC'd to 5.0 Ghz al cores at 1.295 vcore. Thoughts?
  13. stlwrx

    Best AIO rad layout

    I could move my loop up just an inch and I could fit 3, 120 mm fans as exhaust on the bottom. Then the two rads as intake. What about that? Would also add some cool lighting to the bottom.
  14. All, Currently I have my cpu and gpu in a loop with two 360 rads in my Lian Li O11 Dynamic case. The side rad is intake and the top rad is exhaust. There is no room in the bottom for fans due to my loop. There is however room in the rear for an 80mm fan. Could I run both rads as intake with the rear 80mm as exhaust? My thinking is this would allow for very little dust since both intakes are filtered and would allow for cooler air. Specs are i9-9900k, 1080ti, z390 Auros Master.
  15. 1.4 is for sure not enough to "cook" a CPU - especially such a modern and new one as the 9the gen CPUs. Many people with the 9700k running at that voltage or higher. Just sounds like the OC is not stable. Does your board have a postcode reader on it that would display a boot error? Do you have another mobo you could test the CPU in - such as a friend?