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    Motorbikes,computers and gaming in that order
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    Ex army biker and gamer
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    oxygen tech


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    ryzen 1500
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    asus B350
  • RAM
    32gb DDR4 2400hz
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    msi 1050ti
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    corsair (bane)
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    iiyama blackhawk
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    corsair k55
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    Mad catz R.A.T 3
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    win 10

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  1. sub came out worked last week now nothing ah well guess ill wait
  2. what a waste, he could have done so much better than a drunken stream, he turned what could have been a good opportunity to do it first and properly without any NDA intervention and net a decent scope of views but he turned it into click bait and no actual proof he even has the cpu an overlay is not proof, shame he missed a really really great opportunity
  3. No I'm not confusing it's a general thing that the partners are not getting the Vega chips so can not produce the partner cards, also if your planning to release some thing to compete why make it sub par and below spec to actually compete with what's around, looking at all the recent reviews the 64 is not doing great
  4. So Ryzen forced Intel's hand and caused chaos and now we're already seeing better CPUs rolling off the AMD line, Vega appears as Nvidia are at the end of the 10 series, so my question with the limited stock and no one really getting access to the Vega chip to build partner cards is this a radeon double bluff to force new architecture from Nvidia and then radeon bring out the proper cards ?
  5. my old dell XPS 430 can run Black ops 2 depends what your expectations of the quality are
  6. usally just import fee if they catch it usally just tax think on $130.00 i paid £13.00 import tax and then good old royal mail put a £15.00 handling fee on, but out of 10-15 parcels from the states i’ve only ever paid import 3 times, that will be a letter from royal mail or parcel farce, so it is a bit hit or miss if it sneaks through it’s a bonus there are various consiege services that will buy and charge you a small sum and then export it so it’s all paid up and in black and white, i’ll have a dig for the one i got recommended, but even then i’d only use that is it was a specific conutry release i.e samsung odyssey not released in europe
  7. watching each upload of CES (great coverage guys ??) just watched the keecker review i don’t think they thought about the location of that recharging dock, Keecker the danger bot! it’s right by the fire extinguishers pmsl good thinking have faith in our product we have...... and is it not pretty much an uncool R2 projector ?
  8. guys have you done anything to the sound? the last 4 WAN show's have came across super quiet on you tube i do use an iphone 7 and there sound through any receiver is stupidly quiet but the last 4 seem to be quieter than normal
  9. depends if its amazon.com and its from within the EU you wont pay extra, from the states is usally frigging awesome i live in england and buy from there often, my leather waist coat cost me £60 and £28 import fee and for the same quality any where in the UK your talking £180 so some times it can benefit you, speed wise from texas 5 days and from washington 4 days not had major issues yet and ranges from clothing to bike parts, there is a web site that will sort out delivery ill try and find it i was going to use them to get a samsung odyssey
  10. i want it to go to some one that may not be able to afford a decent part or get a group going and get donations, dont wanna hijack someones forum, but alot of school work is computer based my 7yr old now uses one of my computers that and bloody Roblox but some kids cant afford a computer what we would see as junk or pennies on ebay could be put to good use, dont mean throwing a post up and watch the greedy people need it because it is free thought more along the lines of getting help i dont currently have time to organise things
  11. i’m in the UK and often push my old hardware to friends, but most of these are NOT pc gamers is there a way to pay it forward with out tech hardware? i usally do this with bike parts and just have a massive stash with all sorts of bits wondered if there was anyone in the Uk doing it or canada or even the states
  12. thank you for all your responses and input if any thing i have learned way too much about GPU’s, i will proberly got with the 1080 for a few months as i have the kids machine to upgrade and get a 1080ti later in the year and pass the 1080 to her rig, lots of things i didn’t include that i have learnt here, this is an amazing place with amazing people that are willing to share all of there knowledge, thanks everyone again for all the input
  13. right i have around £500-600 GBP it equates to either a 1070ti or a 1080 in the uk, don’t really wanna spend £700 on a GPU what do people think is the 1070ti better than a plain 1080 ? i’ve just came back to the proper gaming, currently running a 1050ti but want the kid to have that in her machine to run roblox ?? CPU is a ryzen 1600 not fussed about that as there cheap enough to pass along later in the year, thanks for any help regards BigMack