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  • CPU
    i5 7600k @ 4.5GHz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    Team Elite 2x8GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • GPU
    ZOTAC GTX 1060 6GB AMP! Edition
  • Case
    NZXT H440 Black and Orange
  • Storage
    Seagate BarraCuda 1TB 7200 & Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
  • PSU
    EVGA 500W 80+Bronze
  • Display(s)
    Acer Predator Z35
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken X42
  • Keyboard
    Roccat RYOS MK Pro
  • Mouse
    Mionix NAOS 7000
  • Sound
    Sennheiser PC 350 SE
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64
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  1. LeviathanUK

    CPU-Z showing my RAM is default clocked

    For the third time I have enabled XMP and set the speed to 3466.
  2. LeviathanUK

    CPU-Z showing my RAM is default clocked

    I did adjust the speed to 3466 and whenever I go back into the bios it still shows 3466 on the OC tab. Also i have them in the first and third slots "A1 and A2". Should they be in A1 and B1? I know with Intel it's usually 1 and 3.
  3. LeviathanUK

    CPU-Z showing my RAM is default clocked

    What do you mean? @COUPER MILLAR This is my first time using AMD so I'm very new to it. Also I'll add that my CAM software for my Hue+ ( and old kraken) Does display that I'm using 32GB of Ram but it doesn't show my speed: https://gyazo.com/77d881f01c97dbcc8984dcaa2395474b Also my iCUE software for my headset shows this: https://gyazo.com/fc778794e358904d44d85a30285488de
  4. LeviathanUK

    CPU-Z showing my RAM is default clocked

    https://gyazo.com/4288b80061d71ccc1df68818f0def461 This is all task manager shows, which also appears to be wrong since it says it's only 15.4GB total? I'm not sure what much of that means but it doesn't seem right at all! I seen other people's screenshots showing the speed too but mine doesn't.
  5. Hi! I recently upgraded my rig to a 3700x x570 Taichi and 32gb 16x2 3466 Dominator Platinum RGB - I was in the bios and enabled overclocking for the RAM and set the frequency to 3466 and whenever I go into the bios it displays that it is still 3466 but my CPU-Z is showing that my RAM Frequency is at 1066mhz, I know it's halved on there meaning it's showing 2133mhz instead of 3466, I was going to try changing it with Ryzen Master but seen loads of people saying to only overclock in the bios, i'm kind of lost and not sure if CPU-Z is wrong or if it's just not overclocking properly and I may be losing performance since it's a 3700x.
  6. LeviathanUK

    Questions about RAM Channels

    Ah, Thanks! I was contemplating just grabbing 2x16 for future upgradability but As far as I see, this RAM doesn't come in that format, and I don't see me needing 64GB of RAM until it's a standard requirement in the far off future anywho.
  7. I watched the As Fast As Possible about RAM Channels and If it answered my question I missed it (sorry) Okay so. I'm looking at populating the RAM slots on my new build and I wanted 32 gigs of RAM. It's a Dual Channel Board so I'm going for 8x4 But my question is. Is it better for me to buy a single Kit of 8x4? or should I buy two ( of the exact same sticks) 8x2? Is there a difference?
  8. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @TheNight I'm upgrading from a NZXT H440 and this thing is terrible for airflow and space too apparently, I'd be using an AiO too so I assume that means the airflow inside the case wouldn't matter much for the processor
  9. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @SupaKomputa That's a good idea tbh I was planning on doing that and holding off a bit, Wasn't sure if I should hold off and wait to see for a new cpu/mobo generation either
  10. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    That's my biggest fear about upgrading to a 1080ti - I know for a damn fact the next day they'll announce new GPUs for similar pricing and I'll just want to stick my head in the GPU fans
  11. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @SupaKomputa Well fook. I wanna get as much as I can anyway and since Streaming is on the table it looks like the 8700k might win out after all.
  12. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @Cyracus Frames are one of the main reasons I want to upgrade - I spent £900 on my 144hz monitor and I can't get 144fps on any games I currently play with my current setup so it feels like I kinda cut my foot off and stood on it with my other foot to see higher. Fun Fact, I bought the monitor over 6 months ago and didn't turn on the Gsync on and it was left at 60hz until 2 weeks ago. So that laugh might make up for my dumb thread aha. The games are currently Destiny 2, Ark Survival Evolved, Battlefront 2, Forza 7 and PUBG, i realize a few are still poorly optimized though.
  13. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @SupaKomputa Not gonna lie I'm really new to this stuff aha, I'd been using prebuilt PCs until the 10x series came out and my friend bought me the 1060 I'm still using, I seen something about the NVME drives doing something to certain SATA ports and it made me anxious just thinking about dealing with it - but I WAS contemplating buying one to add to the system after I got the other parts taken care of, but tbh the sata SSDs work fast enough for me with my games and booting up so I was just gonna grab a bigger Samsung Sata and a bigger HDD to go with it
  14. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @SupaKomputa Aha, I had considered Ryzen but I'm definitely sticking with team Green =P
  15. LeviathanUK

    Looking for Upgrade advice

    @Tiberiusisgame I added it to the bottom of the post before anyone replied - it totally skipped my mind while writing up the post aha.