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  2. sir I plugged it in where I originally plugged it in and nothing happens... the usb does not show up but there is a sound coming from windows that usb is plugged in but it does not show in the my computer..
  3. will do that sir thanks for the reply
  4. It still functions when it is plugged in. Is it really dead? (( huhuhu
  5. yeah that's what I forgot to do at the start because the drive wasn't detected. No other option? ((
  6. Okay guys I have bought a 32GB Toshiba USB Drive (TransMemory-Mini™-Black) recently... then I installed a OS successfully.. after several days I put a file in the usb and plugged it in a PC I feel the PC that I have plugged it in has a virus because it wasn't able to detect my USB then I forgot to safely disconnect it when I got it and I tried it in another PC without a virus then it showed up as 8MB only... I formatted it many times and it still showed as 8MB.... I tried the CMD trick to it but it won't work why is that?? I am using Windows 8.1 btw, will the os matter? I really appreciate if you were able to help me, I just bought this drive several days ago but now what happend? (( PLEASE HELP ME (( I'll post some screenshots... After I formatted it... ( I can't change the Capacity to 32GB... only 8.00 MB is available... Then I searched in the internet some solutions but this happened... HELP ME PLEASE!! huhuhu (
  7. thanks for the reply guys! got the i5-4670k already...
  8. thanks for the reply!