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  1. Hello everybody. I have not received 2004 yet, but I read that they brought back some functionalities about bluetooth. Does anybody know if it will be possible to use the PC as a hands free device for an android phone? (dial numbers, use the headset and microphone to make calls) that would be really helpful to me as my home office is in the basement and I have to keep the phone far from me to reliably use it.
  2. Just to put a closure to it. My phone broke and I ended up with a Note 10 Lite. I spent a little more (450), I had to give up stock android, but I was always curious about the S-Pen. So far no luck with phone call recording but I still have hope. Camera's somewhat lackluster but has what I need.
  3. Well, it's in Italian but... https://andreagaleazzi.com/recensione/recensione-xiaomi-mi-a3/ His gripe is that the low resolution added to the pentile matrix makes the low resolution really noticeable. That's really strange, I misunderstood you and thought it was the opposite. I'll have a look at it in a shop so I can get a feel for the interface. I am also sort of perplexed about the front facing camera, Looks fragile. Duly noted.
  4. That's an interesting take. I guess I could wait but I'm suffering a little right now mainly because I have no more room in the phone and the camera has gone bad (dust infiltrations). I've heard the screen is not very good, regardless of the resolution, that may be a deal breaker for me. Well, I am not sure that's a huge limit for me, I am mainly interested in photos anyway. Pro: Excellent battery life (at his heyday) Snappy enough Mostly stock Android Big screen of decent quality Allows for two way call recording without any tampering It was nice that it was waterproof (until it lasted). Cons: Not enough internal memory (16 GB) Loses GPS signal during a call I've had some reliability issues on the hardware side (had to change the screen, under warranty, usb covers are prone to break, camera is now almost unusable due to dust) and on the software side (I was forced to format the thing a couple of times due to battery drain and the such). Still a little of bloatware A little slow at re-catching the cellular signal after losing it. Very hard to root (even If i really didn't have a lot of reasons to do that) Backup was not really reliable I think the GPS thing is an interaction of many things, but the phone plays its role, if what I read around is to be believed. The Samsungs are a little to far from stock Android for my tastes, I don't know the Honor Play line, I'll check it thanks.
  5. Hello everybody! Looks like my beloved Xperia Z3 starts to be slightly outdated and I am looking for something to replace it, possibly at around 400 euros. I'll buy it in Italy so anything available in Europe should do the trick. What I'd like: As stock as possible GPS should not stop working during calls (That's a big gripe with my actual phone) Able to record both side of the conversation with ACR or similar apps (Or, if that's not possible anymore, it would be nice if there was an easy-ish mod path to do that, like easy rooting or whatever) Wide angle camera, decent indoor shots. Decent battery life. I'm not particularly concerned about size
  6. Yes, I use it to create simplified floor plans for advertising purposes.
  7. Hello LTT forum! Recently I bought a Bluetooth dongle for my Windows 10 PC hoping that it could be used as a hands free device for my phone. I had the hazy memory of it being possible. And I was right! At least I was right until like windows 8. With windows 10 this feature has been removed. Is there any good third party app or workaround for this? The only one I found is called Bluesoleil, it is a paid solution. That's not a dealbreaker for me, but the fact that I cannot download a trial version and test it before buying is. Is there anything else out there or another solution to the problem? Thanks everybody
  8. Thanks guys, Both the Realme X and the Reno Z are a tad bigger than I'd like (I am talking about actual dimensions rather than just the screen size) the pixel 3a looks promising but it's a little more expensive than I anticipated (399 euros). However I am waiting to see what the Mi A3 brings to the table (it launches tomorrow here) and maybe will still take the pixel 3a.
  9. I bought the Mi A2 lite for my mother last year, while the only gripes I have with it are the huge notch and the somewhat thick bezels, I'd rather go with something a little more "premium" for my GF. I might look into the non-lite A2.
  10. Oh no, the Z3 battery life was good enough. Thanks for the link I'll look into it.
  11. Hi everyone. I am looking for a new phone for my GF, it's going to replace an old Xperia Z3 (full, not the mini). So, I am looking for something that is roughly the same size (<6"), as stock as possible, good battery life, GPS that does not lose signal when calling. I am looking to spend anywhere between 250 and 350 euros and I am in south Europe (Italy). Oh, and notchless is better for me.
  12. Well, the 4000d (rebel T100) is below 300 euros right now. May not be the best camera, but could it be good for the kid?
  13. The problem is that the person who wants to do the gift won't like gifting a used item. I'll also check with the parents about the kid's attitude.
  14. Hi there. I have to gift a camera to a 12 yo girl (to be more precise I have been asked advice on that). Price range 250 - 300 euros, with manual controls. What would you buy? Thanks.
  15. That was an expensive lottery ticket