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    Currently Studying: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic Engineering


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    Intel Core i5-7200U
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  1. How you you change the x axis data rage to 0 to 2, from all the decimals?
  2. I keep getting this weird and annoying nonfiction from Gmail on the Android Gmail app about twice a day. I have my university Outlook email linked up using the Gmail app. So what's going on?
  3. The Australian news media companies have realised that there medium through which they show there news media is dying due to free online news sources, since nobody uses newspapers anymore, and watching very little TV for news. So they are poking a stick at Google to try to disrupe on how moden free news is deiverd, and try a buck of it. It's just plain greed from a dying industry, that is replaced by the internet.
  4. How do I solve for the resistance for R2?
  5. My current phone is 960x540. It's understandable that resolution would caped to 480p. But my other past phones where 1920x1080, and it was still caped to 480p
  6. I've been have problem across multiple Android phone since 2015. The YouTube app only allows for resolutions of 480p or less. Is there anyway to watch videos in higher resolution?
  7. Do you keep or remove laptop stickers? E.g. Intel and Nvidia laptop stickers.
  8. Take the inverse matrix of it?
  9. Can someone help me with this question, I have no idea what I'm doing?
  10. Rheostat.

    C Sound

    I'm not too sure on how to read a sound mp3 file and play it when code is run in the ubuntu terminal with C?
  11. It just would be nice for the developers to add these features though, especially for visually perfect algebraic method displays would be a nice to have.
  12. Why are pc and phone calculators installed by default are so basic? It is not that hard to cram more complex features in software calculators like, lots more advanced scientific functions and visually perfect algebraic method (V.P.A.M.) screens.
  13. Rheostat.

    C Help

    I have no idea how to do this code. Creates a string which represents the partially guessed word. Inputs are the actual hidden word and the guesses made so far, and the 'output' (which is actually the first input) is a character string that will be displayed to the user. Characters that have already been guessed (and non-letter characters) will be displayed, whereas all other characters will be replaced by an underscore character ('_'). A space should be put between each character. So for example if the hidden word is "hello" and the user hasn't guessed anythin